How Can Buy Property in Turkey for Pakistani Passport Holder

Many questions arise when buying real estate, principally when it is concerned with buying abroad. The main question for Pakistani passport holders is: how can I purchase property from Pakistan? The answer is simple because the process is the same for all foreign buyers.

Can Pakistani Buy Property in TurkeyThe first step is to find a real estate agency that is competent in selling real estate to foreigners. The process is easy only if it is carried out by experts in the field. A foreigner might find the process difficult to complete because of the language barrier.

Antalya Homes ® is a leading real estate company in Turkey that has delivered a multitude of properties to citizens from all around the world. With its experience in the real estate sector and its multilingual team, the company continues to realize sales with the company policy Zero Failure since 2004.

After choosing the property you want to buy (residential, commercial, land, etc.) in the location of your choice and according to your budget, the documents you have to provide for the property transfer are:

  • Real estate appraisal report (3 months validity)
  • The current title deed of the real estate
  • The passport or identity document (along with translation if it is necessary)
  • DASK (Compulsory Earthquake Insurance Policy)
  • Power of attorney if representation is involved
  • If any party does not speak Turkish a sworn interpreter is necessary

You can find further information about the property transfer in our article named: How Foreigners Transfer Property in Turkey?

Can I Purchase Property in Turkey from Pakistan?

Our company is always next to you during the process, you don’t have to be worried, we will guide you easily and rapidly until the end. If you cannot come to Turkey from Pakistan because you don’t have time to travel or for any other reason, Antalya Homes® offers a new system called Teleproperty. Just with a power of attorney, you can be a property owner remotely. It is an excellent method in order to save time and money!

A few years ago, according to the Reciprocity Law, 50 countries could not buy real estate in Turkey. Along with the circular published in the Official Gazette in 2012, practically all foreigners from different nationalities can own real estate in Turkey. Only five countries are still not eligible to buy real estate in Turkey: Armenia, Cuba, North Korea, South Cyprus, and Syria. For more information, you can read our article: Is There Any Obligation or Restriction to Buy Property for Foreigners?

Turkey is a coveted market for real estate investors. You can observe the detailed statistics of sales to foreigners in 2021, click here. As you can see, even during the pandemic, sales were not affected. After New Zealand, Turkey is the country that has achieved great real estate sales success. In addition, property sales will grow according to the demand in the following years. There are hundreds of countries such as Bangladesh, China, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Nigeria, Pakistan, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, and Spain suited for buying real estate in Turkey.

Moreover, the warm relations between Pakistan and Turkey as well as the positive evolution of Turkey’s real estate market predict an increase in property sales to Pakistani citizens in the future. As a Pakistani, you can buy property in Turkey and obtain Turkish citizenship without difficulty. In order to have more information about Turkish citizenship, you can visit our page: How to Become a Turkish Citizen as Pakistani?

Finally, as a Pakistani, you will not have any other conditions different from other citizens when buying real estate in Turkey. The process is the same but effortless with the guidance of a competent real estate agent who knows how to deal with any issues that may arise from communication or any other obstacle. Therefore, Antalya Homes ® team is composed of multilingual real estate agents speaking your language and professionals.

For detailed information please do not hesitate to contact us or visit one of our nearest offices.

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Created: 09.11.2021, 14.00Updated: 10.12.2022, 14.38
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