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Work with UsSince 2004, Tekçe Overseas Gayrimenkul AŞ is the company behind Turkey’s leading real estate brands: Antalya Homes ®, Istanbul Homes ®, Trabzon Homes ®, and Bursa Homes ®.

We are an international trading company that has delivered Title Deeds (Tapu) to thousands of happy customers from 84 different countries since our establishment. We serve our customers from offices across Turkey in Lara (Antalya), Konyaaltı (Antalya), Alanya (Antalya), Belek (Antalya), Döşemealtı (Antalya), Ankara, Bursa, Bodrum (Muğla), Fethiye (Muğla), Cevizlibağ (Istanbul), Göztepe (Istanbul), Mersin, Trabzon, and Yalova.

What is Our Difference?

We have a professional team with years of local expertise. We combine technology, innovation, and market knowledge with our business instead of using the traditional approach. Our 100% customer happiness principle, Zero Failure policy, and high-quality service make us different from local real estate companies.

As Tekce Overseas, we believe that the sales process is much more than a transaction between two parties. We make an effort as a team throughout the period from the first contact of our customers to after-sales services.

Job Descriptions


Duties and Responsibilities • Introducing the company to the third parties in his/her area
• Responding the inquiries from construction companies and individual property sellers about the company
• Be responsible for the work of the team in accordance with the office rules
• Manage the office with the profitability goal and follow up on the sales and control the expenses for this purpose.
• Lead Real Estate Agents to develop sales activities and realize sales
• Create a work environment where the team will work with high motivation and high performance
• Participate in presentations and sales closing meetings with customers, organize viewing tours, select the portfolio to be visited; decide responsible Real Estate Agent for the viewing tour which is coming from other offices’ or partners’ deals.
• Reconciliation, follow-up of money collection, the transmission of invoices with the construction companies and the individual property sellers.
• Measure office performance with the help of the Operation Manager and give feedback to the team in quarterly terms.
• Protect the passwords of all service tools, such as all websites, adverts, Skype, etc.; which are assigned to his/her own responsibility and to protect their privacy without sharing this information with others.
• Follow-up the competitors and analyze their activities.
• Be responsible for recruiting new members and terminating work contracts for the team.
• Execute all administrative and technical works in the office.
• Fulfill other duties the Chairman may give according to availability.

Required Background • Good command of English
• Good communication, coordination, and execution skills.
• Bachelor’s degree
• Attention to detail
• Strong customer service orientation
• Creative thinker and problem solver
• Team player
• Ability to prioritize and multitask
• Good organizational and time-management skills


Duties and Responsibilities • Accompanying buyers during the viewing tour,
• Advising them on the suitability and value of the property they are visiting,
• Presenting purchase offers to potential buyers,
• Identifying customers’ needs and financials abilities to propose suitable solutions,
• Providing advice to customers on market conditions, negotiation processes, prices, mortgages, legal requirements, and related matters,
• Preparing necessary paperwork (contracts etc),
• Having information about real estate markets,
• Creating lists for real estate sales properties that include information such as location, features, images, etc.
• Reviewing purchase contracts to ensure terms are met,
• Ensuring fair and honest dealing.

Required Background • Experience in the real estate industry is not required but preferred,
• Basic Turkish knowledge,
• Fluent knowledge in one of these languages: English, Arabic, French, German or Persian.
• Strong interpersonal skills,
• Pro-active and a team player,
• Goal orientated and ambitious,
• Be interested in a long-term career with us,
• Basic knowledge of using the Internet, Windows and MS Office,
• Flexible in your working hours,
• Possess a valid driver license,
• Between the ages of 22 and 35.


Duties and Responsibilities • Establishing primary contact with customers,
• Managing inbound and outbound customer calls in a timely manner,
• Identifying customers’ needs and wants, give your best to clarify information,
• Handling complaints, providing appropriate solutions and alternatives,
• Using telephones/emails/social media to reach out to customers and verify account information,
• Advising on company information,
• Using CRM to distribute, log and track inquiries, as well as, to check the status of items that require follow-up or involvement of the sales agents,
• Analysis and monitoring,
• Generating new customer accounts as leads through CRM,
• Handling live chat on our websites.

Required Background • Excellent command of the English language and one of these: Swedish, Dutch, French, German, or Persian.
• Foreign language fluency (for one of the languages above),
• Familiarity with CRM technology,
• Strong phone and verbal communication skills
• Good communication, coordination, and execution skills.
• Serious work, a strong sense of responsibility, and the courage to accept challenges,
• Work efficiently with a commitment to high standards,
• Strong customer service orientation,
• Awareness of the current real estate market trends and changes,
• Ability to multi-task, prioritize and manage time effectively,
• Excellent listener,
• Team player,
• Between the ages of 22 and 35.


Duties and Responsibilities • Advising sellers on the suitability and value of the property they visit,
• Presenting offers and campaigns to potential sellers and ensuring diversity in the portfolio,
• Advising vendors on market conditions, negotiation processes, prices, mortgages, legal obligations, and related matters,
• Preparation of necessary documents (contracts, etc.),
• To have knowledge about real estate markets,
• Reviewing purchase agreements to ensure requirements are met,
• To provide a fair and honest agreement, to bring the real estate to be sold to our company within the framework of our best price guarantee principle.

Required Background • Experience in the real estate industry is not required but preferred.
• Good command of the English language,
• Strong communication and human relation skills,
• Proactive and inclined to teamwork,
• Result-oriented, highly motivated and professional perspective,
• Aiming for a long-term career plan,
• Able to use Internet, Windows and MS Office programs,
• Will work in the field / office, compatible with flexible working hours,
• Believing that education is continuous, giving importance to personal development,
• Presentable,
• Having a Class B driving license and been able to drive actively,
• We are looking for teammates between the ages of 25 and 40.


Duties and Responsibilities • Protecting and improving the website
• Developing features to enhance the user experience
• Striking a balance between functional and aesthetic design
• Ensuring web design is optimized for smartphones
• Building reusable code for future use
• Optimizing web pages for maximum speed and scalability
• Utilizing a variety of markup languages to write web pages

Required Background • Knowledge and understanding of the principles of SCRUM, Client-Side Rendering, and Asynchronous call methods,
• Fluent in English & ability to read the documentation,
• Confident in functional programming,
• Understanding of SEO principles,
• Ability to understand someone else's code, if necessary, supplement or correct,
• Excellent verbal communication skills,
• Ability to work cooperatively and collaboratively
• Excellent attention to detail,
• Code debugging and problem-solving skills,
• Highly Effective time management and multitasking skills.


Duties and Responsibilities • Producing and publishing new content in a creative way,
• Translating website content from English to own language,
• Planning, creating, editing, and publishing information on websites,
• Performing daily posting on websites with the latest updates to provide sustainability to all online visitors,
• Writing property details, articles, news, and blog posts according to the 5W1H rule to promote our properties and services,
• Proofreading, re-structuring, and editing articles by content topics,
• Organizing, modify and update existing content,
• Verifying contents and information,
• Generating new content ideas around the real estate market and properties-related topics by researching new trends, news, and developments,
• Announcing and sharing new properties, news, and blogs on social media to increase the website visibility and awareness,
• Uploading, Editing, Proofreading internal and external translations of our websites,
• Complying with copyright and privacy regulations.

Required Background • Fluent knowledge in English,
• In addition to English, one of these languages is preferred: German, Swedish, Dutch, Persian or Arabic,
• Bachelor’s degree,
• Strong writing/editing/proofreading and grammatical skills,
• Ability to identify errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, composition, and format,
• Attention to detail,
• Creative thinker and problem solver,
• Team player,
• Ability to prioritize and multitask,
• Good organizational and time-management skills,
• Between the ages of 22 and 30.

100% Customer Happiness Principle

Successful companies know that buying and selling real estate is much larger than a contract. At Antalya Homes ® we know that real estate agents not only sell the property to customers but also aim to provide the opportunities to live a happy life, by working to make the customer's dreams to reality.

Technology & Innovation

We bring out a new approach to the real estate market with PropTech. We have fully implemented our workflow to the CRM platform. From customers to meetings we handle our day-to-day work with CRM. Our website is has become one of the most visited real estate websites in Turkey with its user-friendly and innovative design. And now, thanks to our digital infrastructure, we can offer our property buying service from afar, thanks to our new system, TeleProperty.

Global Company

Starting in June 2020, we established “Tekce Overseas Gayrimenkul AŞ” with a vision of being the leader in property selling not only in Turkey but all over the world. We started our business overseas by opening our first overseas office in Spain-Málaga with the “Spain Homes ®” brand.

Our vision and mission are as follows;

Our Vision; “Be the leading global real estate company in all countries of the world in overseas property sales.”
Our Mission; “Our mission is to guide people who want to buy a property abroad in a professional way.

Good Salary

Employee satisfaction ensures customer satisfaction. This ensures the success of the company. We care about the comfort and convenience of our employees and we repay our employee’s efforts through satisfying salaries.

Tekce Academy

With an enthusiasm for the personal and professional development of our current and future employees, we established “TEKCE Academy” in 2019 in İstanbul. During a 6-week training program, our new team members learn all the skills required to make a career in real estate success.

Multicultural Structure, Team

To help property buyers everywhere, Tekce brands have a multicultural structure with a team of more than 120 people from 17 different countries. English is our main language used in the workplace. Our team speaks 21 different languages including English, Turkish, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, German, French, Arabic, Persian, Chinese, etc...

Exclusive Working Environment

We offer pleasant, dynamic, and modern working environments for our new team members. We run our business through CRM software, which is customized for our company and workflow.

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