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Property for Sale in Kaş, Antalya | Real Estate in Kaş

Property for Sale in Kaş, Antalya | Real Estate in Kaş

Kaş is a tourist town on the Mediterranean coast, at the westernmost point of Antalya. Located between Fethiye and Demre with a coastline of 70 km to the sea Kaş is an amazing holiday center mostly famous for its alternative tourism options such as diving, safari, paragliding, and nature tours.

The ancient name of the Teke Peninsula, located between the Antalya and Fethiye gulfs, is Lycia. Kaş was built in the southern part of this region, on the ancient port city Antiphellos. The Lycian civilization is scattered all over the peninsula with its structure consisting of many cities. Kaş is located in the ancient Lycan city of Phellos, which the remnants of the city can be seen 10 km from the center of the town.

Natural Beauties of Kaş

Property for Sale in Kaş, Antalya | Real Estate in KaşThere are many reasons why local and foreign tourists flock to Kaş every year and prefer this region for investment and living. Unlike similar holiday regions in the area, Kas offers different lifestyles for four seasons. It is possible to swim in the sea from April to the end of October in Kaş. September and October are the ideal months to swim since the waters get warmer during autumn.

Turquoise has a ridiculously beautiful hue, mostly known in postcards or Facebook posts. There are many magnificent bays with that amazing color. You can see these coves while driving to the city center. These perfect bays are one of the most important reasons that push people to settle in the region. Every year, many domestic and foreign visitors prefer villas in Kaş for sale with sea views and infinity pools to live in.

Kas is a place that offers options beyond just sea and beach pleasure. In addition to being one of the first places that come to mind when diving is mentioned, it is also known for its various daily tours, and safaris. The Lycian Way, divided into three stages (Fethiye-Kalkan, Kalkan-Finike, Finike-Antalya) on which an average of 3.000 people walk per year, starts from Fethiye and ends near Antalya. The 535 km long route is on the list of Turkey's first long and the world's top 10 long-distance walking routes.

One other thing to do in Kaş is daily boat tours. On this route, you can see the famous Kaleköy and various coves outside the sunken city or simply dive in there. Kaş is one of Turkey's leading diving spots for scuba diving. The far-sighted distance created by its pristine sea, the rich underwater flora and fauna arising from the rocky bottom structure, the attraction of Kaş as a holiday town are some of the reasons why it stands out. When you dive around Kaş, the probability of encountering a Caretta Caretta is very high. Mother turtles use the Patara beach to lay their eggs, so the entrance to the beach is controlled.

When the rich cultural treasure and social opportunities are combined with the clean beaches, a magnificent place to live emerges. Apartments, villas, and land in Kaş started to see more demand, especially thanks to many domestic and foreign tourists who had to work from home after Covid-19, and foreigners who came to enjoy their retirement.

Real Estate for Sale in Kaş | Brand New Investment Opportunities

There are many different investment options on the property for sale in Kaş, Antalya. You can buy an apartment in Kaş with amazing sea views, land with permits for construction, or invest in a commercial property in Kaş, Antalya.

The main feature that makes Kaş the most attractive for investors is the housing prices. The region, which has a real estate market different from the conventional investment approach, offers the opportunity to have much larger and better-equipped villas, apartments, and plots in terms of housing prices compared to big centers such as Istanbul and Antalya. The fact that the region has just begun to attract the attention of buyers and investors and the increasing interest every year provides a serious increase in investment return rates.

There are three main living areas to reside in Kaş;

1. Kaş Town Center: If you are thinking of investing in a region, the best way to do it is undoubtedly to invest in the city center. This region, which is full of hotels and hostels opened by former holidaymakers who came to the area as tourists and decided to spend the rest of their life here. Kaş attracts millions of domestic and foreign tourists with its magnificent sea views, peaceful natural life, and active nightlife. Therefore, property for sale in Antalya, Kaş offers fast return on investment rates with many commercial properties, lands, and apartments in the region.

2. Çukurbağ Peninsula: Known as the Peninsula for short, this region is right next to the center of Kaş, but at a distance where it is not practical to commute on foot in summer. The area is filled with apartments and lands, making it a great investment opportunity because of the rising demand.

3. Villages (İslamlar, Gelemiş, etc...): The surrounding villages, which are a great choice for those who want to be close to Kaş and away from the crowds of the center, can be very good for those who want to stay in a village environment, especially those who want to escape from the busyness of the city and relax. The apartments and villas in neighborhoods and villages located in high areas offer to live with sea views intertwined with nature.

Kaş's magnificent nature, peaceful and active social life and world-famous turquoise beaches attract thousands of local and foreign tourists every year. Interestingly, many people who decide to settle in the region have visited one or more times for holiday purposes. Another plus of Kaş and one of its attractive features for foreigners who want to settle in Turkey is that the villas, apartments, or investing a commercial property in Kaş are suitable for citizenship applications.

In 2018 the Turkish government created a new system to become a Turkish citizen. Those who have bought a property worth 250.000 USD are eligible to apply for Turkish Citizenship rather than waiting and residing in the country for 5 years. This system especially works better in Kaş because most of the villas are brand new and eligible to apply for citizenship.

As Antalya Homes, we offer thorough services to make your property purchasing and citizenship applications go smooth and easy. With years of experience, our zero failure, and 100% customer happiness policies, we aim to bring you to your dream home. To learn more about citizenship in Turkey you can follow the related page from here.

If you want to buy a property in Kaş, make sure to check our detailed listings from here to find your dream home with detailed prices, availability, and payment plans on our website. You can also contact us, or visit our offices. We are waiting for you!

Property for Sale in Kaş, Antalya | Real Estate in Kaş
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