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Land for Sale in Kaş, Antalya | Plots in Kaş

Antalya Homes ® offers real estate in Turkey with a wide range of properties. For more information, you can check our daily updated website.

Kas, Where The Stars are The Closest to The Earth

Kas has been an important residential area throughout history. After the tourism sector has boomed in the 1990s, Kas has become one of the most holiday resorts in Antalya and even in Turkey. Now, Kas is a substantial region where sports such as canoeing, scuba diving, coasteering, paragliding, canyoning, mountain biking are more intense, besides its always sunny sub-temperate weather and wonderful beaches. Also, Kas strikes everyone’s fancy with its awesome view houses and great camping areas. Thanks to its close proximity to Meis Island, Kas also offers the pleasure of island with daily ferry services. Besides all of these, Kas which is rich in cultural heritages becomes one of the most popular holiday resorts for tourists with its ancient cities such as Patara, Kekova, Xanthos, Simena, Demre.

Kas, which hosts thousands of tourists every year with its wonderful climate and beaches, has started to be preferred for living day by day. Due to the ever-increasing population, the need for accommodation in Kaş is also increasing. If you have decided to live in Kas, you can check property in Kas, Antalya for sale page on our website. Only if you want to invest, you can check houses for sale in Kas, Antalya or maybe you want to buy an apartment in Kas, Antalya.

Why Should I Buy a Land for Sale in Kas, Antalya?

Land for Sale in Kaş, Antalya | Plots in KaşKaş has ceased to be a developing district day by day and has started to reach the level of development at least as much as a city. The ever-increasing population brings with needs. Therefore, land in Kaş, which has become the center of many projects due to the rising need for accommodation, brings high income to its owners. All of these offer investment opportunities to buy land in Kas, Antalya Turkey. What are the advantages of buying land;

High-Profit Potential in Long Term: The profit margin in land investment varies from region to region. However, in long term still, it is the best option, especially in developing places with high development potential such as Kas.

Free of Cost: When houses or commercial properties are bought for investment, costs such as taxes, fees, and renovation keep bother you. In fact, the costs continue to increase as the properties wear out as time passes. However, when you invest in land, you do not have to grapple with any of these costs. You only have to wait for your profit.

No Need to Real Estate Tax: According to the real estate tax law in Turkey, you don’t have to pay taxes for your land. After you buy the land, there won’t be any expenses until you take action on it. At the same time, the Turkish Government provides great facilities for foreign investors and buyers. For more information, you can take a look at our Buying in Turkey web page.

Land Types in Kas Antalya

There are 5 land types in Kas Antalya that you can purchase according to your purpose;

Recreational Lands: This type of land is used for the enjoyment of the people who use it. These lands are suitable for parks, sports fields, children’s playgrounds, swimming pools, restaurants, tea gardens, wedding salons, etc.

Transport Lands: This type of land is designed for the structures that help public transportation. Those include things like roads, airports, train and tram stations, etc.

Agricultural Lands: This type of land is designed for agriculture and livestock. Farms for sale in Kas, Antalya, Turkey have no zoning permit, however, you can take action on it in case of taking a zoning permit. Farms, ranches, and pastures are suitable facilities for these lands.

Residential Lands: This type of land are designed to meet the accommodation need of people. Villas, hotels, buildings, complexes, etc are suitable to build on this land. Unlike other land types, no building can be built on these lands other than for accommodation purposes. For instance, facilities such as farms or ranches cannot be established on these lands even with zoning permission.

Commercial Lands: If you want to establish your own business, this type of land is suitable for you. Only commercial property such as shops, shopping centers, offices, warehouses, etc can be built on these lands. Building houses for purpose of accommodation on these lands is forbidden by law since it is not safe for human life.

As a result, before everything you should work with a trustworthy real estate company to buy commercial real estate in Kas, Antalya, or farm land for sale in Kas, Antalya. Thus, we are here for you. For more information, please get in contact with our expert team!

Land for Sale in Kaş, Antalya | Plots in Kaş
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