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Antalya Homes ® is the leading real estate company in the Turkish Riviera. We set estate agency standards since our establishment in 2004. You find thousands of properties for sale in the best locations on the Mediterranean Coast. Our professional team collects suitable real estate listings with pre-due diligence. We guarantee title deed delivery with zero failure and the best price. We offer professional and high-quality real estate services in over 30+ languages.

Antalya Homes is the founder brand of TEKCE Real Estate. Our offices are located in Antalya (Lara - Konyaaltı - Döşemealtı - Belek - Alanya), Istanbul (Cevizlibağ - Göztepe), Muğla (Bodrum - Fethiye), Mersin, Ankara, Bursa, Trabzon, Yalova and İzmir. As a global estate agency we operate in Spain (Málaga - Alicante), Sweden (Stockholm), Cyprus (Girne), and United Arab Emirates (Dubai). You can visit one of our 20 offices for coffee and experience the professional sales process.


Best Real Estate Agency Services in the Turkish Riviera Region

The skilled management team and a proven track record of Antalya Homes promise 100% happiness for our clients. Purchasing a property is not just buying bricks and mortar. It is starting a new life. Our before and after-sales services are the key points of happiness. Starting from the moment dreaming about a property until receiving the title deed, Antalya Homes is with you at each step. We believe that our customers are our future neighbors and friends.

Antalya Homes offers a comprehensive range of services to cater to the diverse needs of our clients. Unique services made Antalya Homes a flag carrier among the real estate companies in Turkey. These services include:

Multilingual Support

Our website is in 9 languages. Our team speaks over 30 languages as a global property agency. We ensure clear communication with clients from various geographies.

Buying Process Assistance

We help clients with every step of the buying process, from opening bank accounts to obtaining tax numbers.

Residency and Citizenship Assistance

We guide gaining residency permits and citizenship through investment.

After-Sales Services

Our support continues after the sale with services like utilities, securing insurance, and furnishing properties.

Why Choose Antalya Homes?

Antalya Homes is a well-established corporate company. All team members are educated at Tekce Academy as an onboarding step. We are a dedicated and well-prepared agency for smooth real estate transactions. Our values are business foundations.

Goodness: Good-hearted people, good company!

Integrity: We never lie to make sales!

Excellence: We do our best with our local expert agents!

Sustainability: We operate since 2004!

Innovation: We renew and upgrade our property services constantly!

We are a well-known estate agency in the property sector with our high-quality local team and corporate stance. When we get a portfolio to sell, it is already naturally ensured that the whole process will be smooth without any mistakes. We have been in the business since 2004. We have accomplished ten thousands of property sales with ZERO FAILURE. In this long journey, we have solved hundreds of conflicts and disputes occurring between the buyer and seller sides. We know who is who and who we can trust as local experts. The sellers respect our reputation, high number of closed deals, and marketing power in the sector. It also allows us to get the best prices from the property developers.

Our extensive network, expert team, and comprehensive services ensure a top-notch experience for every client. Testimonials and a high referral rate of our customers give us an idea of how we are appreciated. Choosing Antalya Homes means choosing a trusted partner dedicated to making your property dreams come true in the beautiful Turkish Riviera. With our expertise, you can be confident that your investment is in safe and capable hands. Your journey with the leading real estate company in Turkey starts here.

Antalya Homes' Growth Story: Local to Global

Antalya Homes was established in 2004 as a family-run small property agency in Lara, Antalya. These years Turkey had a property boom because of potential European Union membership status. Antalya is the 10.th most visited city in the world. There are direct flights from 400 different European, Slavic, and Middle East cities. Antalya region is the first property destination in Turkey for holiday homes and investors. Our company grew fast and adapted to the market needs. Our website served in 9 languages; we launched the first ever property websites in French, Arabic, Persian, and Dutch about Turkish property. Our marketing and search engine optimization efforts in multiple languages helped the company to reach international property buyers.

In a couple of years, the customers demand property from other cities. We have expanded to Istanbul, Trabzon, and Bursa at the early years.

When we expanded our offices to other cities, it was confusing to use Antalya Homes as a brand. We created new brands like Istanbul Homes, Bursa Homes, and Spain Homes but as you open many offices, it was not easy to handle a new brand for each city. Therefore we rebranded the company under the TEKCE brand. It marked the success of Antalya Homes as being one of the most preferred by clients from all over the world. Our company structure is diversified in language, country, and service axes, enabling it to grow organically with a flexible approach.

Today, Antalya Homes generates %5 of property sales to foreigners in Antalya. TEKCE manages all group businesses internally and has a global presence with offices in Spain, Turkey, North Cyprus, Sweden, and the UAE. This global network provides our clients with valuable insights, extensive contacts, and reliable advice. Antalya Homes is a member of the best real estate companies in Turkey, created by TEKCE. We are now operating in 5 different countries with 20 offices as TEKCE. A small city estate agency turns into a global property company!

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