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  1. Advantages of Buying a Property Online in Turkey
  2. How to Buy Property Online in Turkey?

TeleProperty is our brand-new system that makes it possible for you to buy property in Turkey online by using visual communication channels, such as Facetime, Skype, Whatsapp Video Call, etc.

It may sound a bit strange to buy a property in a foreign country over the phone for most people. However, if you are working with a professional real estate company, it will turn out to be an advantage.

Antalya Homes offers buyers a smooth and transparent process for buying investment properties online. As we are the inventors of TeleProperty, we have completed property sales by phone with zero failure 2-3 times every month since 2008. Visit our customer reviews page.

Advantages of Buying a Property Online in Turkey

Correct Property Match

When there is an undeniable match between the buyer’s expectations and the home features, the buyer does not want to miss this opportunity. In this case, the buyer can reserve it by sending a deposit or buy it over the phone through our guidance.

Perfect Price

Sometimes sellers sell the property below its market price. It is called a "Grab it now!" price. If you wait to travel, you miss this profitable offer.

Securing the Price

Prices in the Turkish real estate market are regularly updated on a sector or project basis. When the buyers become aware of an upcoming price increase, they can complete their online property purchase over the phone without waiting to travel and visiting the project in person.

Especially for under-construction projects, prices increase every 3 months in later stages of construction.

Limited Availability

If the target property is in a large project but the availability of the properties with demanded features is coming to an end soon, buying over the phone is preferable.

For instance, Harry from the UK wants to buy a two-bedroom apartment with a pool view in a project he likes very much in Antalya as a holiday home. But, there are only two apartments left with these features in the project, where the apartments are sold very fast. Harry buys the Turkish property online over the phone. Then, we post his title deed to his address in his country.

Too Busy for Travel

TeleProperty is an alternative way when people want to invest their savings as soon as possible and cannot travel at that time.

How to Buy Property Online in Turkey?

Property Info

We send you (the buyer) all property information, such as title deed, floor plans, price and availability lists, property location, legal permissions of the property, etc.

Online Viewing Tour

We prefer making a video call through Facetime, Whatsapp, or Skype with the buyer to show the property online. At this chat, you can ask the real estate agent to show you all the details of the property as if you were visiting it yourself. You can even talk to the seller and ask questions online.


After you confirm all features and the property itself, we negotiate with the seller for the final price and other terms of delivery on behalf of the buyer. The payment plan is made clear.

Sales Contract

We prepare the contract clarifying all agreed terms and payments. The seller signs the contract first. There are 2 ways:
1. We scan and e-mail it to you. We keep the originals at our office to deliver to you when you give us a visit.
2. We send both copies by post to your address. You sign both copies and send the seller’s copy back by post.


After the sales contract is signed by the seller, you can send the payment to the seller’s bank account.

Title Deed Conveyance

You can come to get the title deed yourself, or you send us a power of attorney to get the title deed on your behalf.

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