Expenses When Buying Property in Turkey

Table of Contents
  1. The Cost of Buying a Home in Turkey
  2. Appraisal Fee
  3. Title Deed (Tapu) Conveyance Fees
  4. Real Estate Agent Fee
  5. Property Tax (Emlak Vergisi)
  6. DASK (Natural Disaster Insurance)
  7. Getting Electricity and Water Connections
  8. Telephone and Internet
  9. Maintenance Fee (Aidat in Turkish)
  10. Lawyer Expenses
Purchase Expenses

The additional cost of buying a property in Turkey is lower than the worldwide average. The purchase expenses directly depend on the property price. You may shortly calculate the costs are about 4,5% of the declared price.

It is good to know the difference between the DECLARED price and the SALES price. This is very common in Turkey that; the property sellers declare the official value of the sales much lower than the real sales price. This way, the seller and buyer pay lower costs and have a mutual benefit. %90 of the sales declare around the half price of the actual property sales price. The taxes are calculated on the declaration value of the property. Hopefully, this issue will be resolved by the government in the future.

Below you can find the average property purchase costs in Turkey.

* NOTE: This web page is updated annually. The last updated version was created on June 28, 2024.

The Cost of Buying a Home in Turkey

Appraisal Fee

Foreign property buyers in Turkey may obtain a real estate appraisal report (valuation report) from a certified appraiser. An appraisal report is mandatory only if the property will be used for a residence permit application or the buyer aims to obtain Turkish citizenship. The real estate valuation cost depends on the property type and location. Price ranges excluding VAT are as follows:

• TL 5.500 - TL 11.729 for residential properties of 1 - 5.000 sqm
• TL 5.983 - TL 19.495 for commercial properties of 1 - 10.000 sqm
• TL 5.856 - TL 6.744 for lands of 1 - 100.000 sqm
• TL 7.493 - TL 11.924 for plots of 1 - 25.000 sqm

Title Deed (Tapu) Conveyance Fees

The title deed, or the Turkish tapu, is registered by the Land Registry and Cadastre. During the title deed transfer, both the buyer and seller parties, or their power of attorney, must be present at the title deed office.

• A property purchase tax of 4% of the declared price is charged. The legal liability is 2% for the buyer and 2% for the seller.
*Generally, it is a sales condition in Turkey that the buyer pays all 4%. You might demand at the negotiation stage that you like to pay equally as the law says before the sales agreement signature.
• TL 6.500 power of attorney fee at the notary (if either of the parties gets legal representation)
• TL 1.500 sworn translation fee if either party is not speaking Turkish.
• TL 1.000 passport translation fee per buyer.
• TL 5.000 - TL 6.000 of circulating capital fee and cadastre fee (Döner Sermaye Harcı + Tapu Kadastro Harcı) is claimed at the deed office

Real Estate Agent Fee

According to the regulations in Turkey, the real estate agency fee is 3-6% of the sales price + VAT. However, sellers often undertake some or all of this fee. Therefore, you may pay less or no commission fee while buying property with us.

Property Tax (Emlak Vergisi)

Property tax is paid every year in Turkey, usually in two installments. The annual property tax is calculated according to the declared value of the property. The property tax in Turkey is the same for foreigners as for Turkish citizens.

• Residential properties: 0.2% in metropolitan areas and 0.1% in non-metropolitan areas
• Commercial properties: 0.4% in metropolitan areas and 0.2% in non-metropolitan areas
• Plots: 0.6% in metropolitan areas and 0.3% in non-metropolitan areas
• Lands: 0.2% in metropolitan areas and 0.1% in non-metropolitan areas

DASK (Natural Disaster Insurance)

All property owners in Turkey must obtain natural disaster insurance (DASK) that covers cases such as fire or earthquake. DASK must be renewed every year. Its cost is calculated according to the square footage of the property.

The DASK insurance costs TL 295 - TL 1.145, determined by the property’s square meter.

Getting Electricity and Water Connections

The cost of setting up utilities in Turkey depends on the property’s location and history of ownership.

Owners of a new property pay both the subscription fee and deposit. Buyers of a previously owned property only pay the deposit. Also, deposit fees are refunded after the subscription is canceled/transferred.

Starting an electricity and water subscription costs around TL 6.000 - TL 7.000. Taking over previous subscriptions costs around TL 3.000.

Telephone and Internet

All citizens and foreigners with residence permits can obtain telephone and internet connections. The average monthly cost is TL 250 - TL 550, depending on the operator. An additional setup fee may apply.

Maintenance Fee (Aidat in Turkish)

The maintenance fee is paid for the communal amenities and facilities in a residential complex. The fixed cost includes the sauna, swimming pool, and lift, as well as cleaning and security services. The maintenance fee amount is determined by the site management. Read a detailed article about the maintenance fee in Turkey.

Lawyer Expenses

Hiring a lawyer is not an obligation when buying a property in Turkey. However, a lawyer who speaks your language may be helpful for guidance and documentation. Lawyers generally demand 1% of the sales price for the agreement. At Antalya Homes ®, our experienced in-house lawyers provide free-of-charge legal services. These include a power of attorney assistance.

As Antalya Homes ®, we guide you at every step of your property-buying journey. Our experts will break down the cost of buying the specific house of your choice.

If you have other questions, you can check our WikiProperty page for frequently asked questions about buying and selling a home in Turkey.


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