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Villas for Sale in Turkey | Houses in Turkey

Antalya Homes ® offers property in Turkey with thousands of real estate listings. You can check our daily updated website to find Turkish houses for sale that suits your wishes and requirements.

Turkey is a peninsula country. Most of it is in Asia Minor and the rest is in Thrace. The country has hosted lots of civilizations throughout history; thus, it consists of countless historical textures. Turkey also attracts thousands of tourists every year thanks to its Aegean and Mediterranean coasts.

Three different climates can be felt in Turkey in general. The Continental climate is predominant in the interior part of the country and the Mediterranean climate is predominant in the Aegean-Mediterranean coastline while the Oceanic climate is dominant in the Black Sea region. Therefore, you can enjoy the crystal waters of the Mediterranean Sea, countless blue flag beaches, and tranquil life throughout the day on the Turkish Riviera.

Turkey is the connection point between Asia-Europe and has hosted important empires such as Byzantine, Roman, Seljuk, and Ottoman. The country is also home to two of the Seven Wonders of the World; the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus and the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus.

Turkey hosts an average of 30 million tourists every year thanks to all these natural beauties and historical textures. However, everyone, who visits Turkey may have different reasons. Some prefer Turkey for vacation, some for sightseeing, and some for living. The number of people, who find their dream home in Turkey is increasing day by day.

Why Should You Prefer Turkish Houses for Sale?

The idea of buying Turkish villas attracts more and more people every day. Turkey meets the wishes and needs of everyone with the countless amenities it hosted. So why should you buy a house in Turkey?

Affordable Prices When Compared to European Countries

Real estate prices in Turkey are much more affordable than in European countries. For instance, it is possible to find apartments at affordable prices in metropolitan cities such as Antalya or Istanbul. You can enjoy the opportunities that Turkey offers by having apartments for sale in Turkey.

In addition, the house prices in Turkey are quite variable. You can find the most suitable one among houses for sale in Turkey for your wishes and requirements at affordable prices. At the same time, you can enjoy a holiday lifestyle 300 days a year by purchasing cheap houses for sale in Turkey.

Easy and Fast Purchase Process

The real estate purchase process in Turkey is quite fast and easy. The whole process can be completed in one week after you decide on the Turkey villas you want to buy and transfer your money to Turkey.

Antalya Homes helps you reach your dream home easily and quickly by guiding you throughout the whole process. You can check Turkey homes for sale listings on our website to buy a house in Turkey.

Low Living Costs

Turkey promises a luxurious life with low living costs. Turkey offers the opportunity to reach your dream life at low costs when compared to European countries. At the same time, you can enjoy all the beauties of Turkey by transferring your pension from your home country to Turkey.

Social Amenities and On-Site Facilities

Turkey has all the facilities in its metropolitan cities such as Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara as well as in rural holiday resorts. You can easily access social and daily amenities to meet your needs even in a region surrounded by forest or in a quiet seaside town.

On the other hand, flats and villas for sale in Turkey are within complexes with rich features in general. Therefore, you can reach facilities such as a fitness center, swimming pool, barbeque area, sauna, Turkish bath, spa, cinema room, etc. within a few minutes from your home.

High Investment Potential

Turkey is one of the countries with the highest return on investment potential in Europe. The country attracts the attention of many local and foreign investors with its %150 return on investment potential in the real estate sector. Therefore, investors want to invest in homes for sale in Turkey.

Investment potential is not limited to flats or houses in Turkey. You can either run your own business or gain high profits in long term by having land for sale in Turkey or purchasing a business in Turkey for sale.

Residence Permit and Turkish Citizenship

You can get a residence permit by buying Turkey houses for sale. You can also apply for Turkish citizenship after living in Turkey for a while. In addition, you can apply for Turkish citizenship by purchasing a minimum of 400,000 USD real estate in Turkey.

You can apply for a Turquoise Card if your country does not allow dual citizenship. Thus, you can benefit from lots of rights such as health, education, residence, etc. in Turkey without losing your citizenship.

Where Can You Buy a House in Turkey?


Istanbul is one of the few metropolitan cities in the world. The city attracts many people from everywhere with its prime location between Europe and Asia continents, lots of amenities it has and unique climate. Turkey villas in Istanbul offer a vivid city life and relaxing holiday life together.

Istanbul stands out with its natural and historical beauties and has a multicultural structure. The city hosts different cultures from all over the world and has the best options among villas for sale in Turkey. Therefore, the first choice of people, who want a new home is a house for sale in Turkey Istanbul.


Antalya is the capital of the tourism industry in Turkey and hosts thousands of tourists every year. The city stands out with its mild climate and natural beauties and offers the pleasure of vacation 300 days a year to its residents. Antalya is one of the best locations for villas in Turkey for sale with home options from detached villas to bungalows.

Homes for sale in Antalya Turkey offer not only a vivid city life but also a tranquil holiday life. You can find the most suitable home for your wishes and needs in Antalya and benefit from all of the opportunities of it by checking our website.

Holiday resorts such as Alanya and Belek have to be mentioned while talking about Antalya. Alanya attracts people with its long and famous beaches. On the other hand, Belek is the golf center of Turkey with its world-famous golf courses. You can contact us to buy a Belek and Alanya Turkey house for sale.


Ankara is the capital city of Turkey. Therefore, the city is home to many government institutions, educational institutions, and countless amenities. At the same time, house prices in Ankara are more affordable than the houses in other coastal cities. Ankara Turkey houses for sale offer a quiet and luxurious life just like villas for sale in Turkey.


Muğla is one of the humble cities on the Aegean coast and stands out as a holiday region in general. Muğla offers a luxurious and peaceful life with its holiday resorts such as Bodrum, Fethiye, and Milas. The city is home to people from all over the world with its natural beauties such as Calis Beach, Ölüdeniz, and the Bodrum peninsula.

Luxury villas in Muğla promise a luxurious and tranquil life thanks to their panoramic sea views and environment surrounded by nature. Also, it is possible to find footprints from everywhere in the world since the city has a multicultural structure. You can contact us immediately to buy a house in Muğla.

Antalya Homes is happy to assist you with its professional and expert team if you decide to buy Turkey villas for sale. You can easily reach your dream life by owning one of the Turkish homes for sale with our Zero Failure and Best Price policies.

Villas for Sale in Turkey | Houses in Turkey
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  • Antalya LaraAntalya Lara
    Antalya LaraÇağlayan Mahallesi, Barınaklar Bulvarı no: 5, Daire:3, 07235, Muratpaşa, Antalya/Turkey
    +90 242 324 54 94info@tekce.com
    Google Map
  • Antalya KonyaaltıAntalya Konyaaltı
    Antalya KonyaaltıGürsu Mahallesi, Atatürk Bulvarı no: 183, Mustafa Altunbaş İş Merkezi, Kat:4, Daire:8, 07070, Konyaaltı, Antalya/Turkey
    +90 242 324 54 94info@tekce.com
    Google Map
  • Antalya AlanyaAntalya Alanya
    Antalya AlanyaKızlarpınarı Mahallesi, Kızlarpınarı Caddesi no: 45/B, 07460, Alanya, Antalya/Turkey
    +90 242 324 54 94info@tekce.com
    Google Map
  • Antalya BelekAntalya Belek
    Antalya BelekBelek Mahallesi, Köprü Caddesi no: 17/104, Serik, Antalya/Turkey
    +90 242 324 54 94info@tekce.com
    Google Map
  • Cyprus, GirneCyprus, Girne
    Cyprus, GirneBeşparmaklar Caddesi no: 144, Çatalköy, Girne 9370, North Cyprus/Cyprus
    +90 850 811 23 23info@tekce.com
    Google Map
  • YalovaYalova
    YalovaSüleyman Bey Mahallesi İstiklal Cad. no: 2, Elif Apt. A/67 77200 Merkez, Yalova/Turkey
    +90 850 811 23 23info@tekce.com
    Google Map
  • MersinMersin
    Mersin, Mersin/Turkey
    +90 850 811 07 00info@tekce.com
    Google Map
  • FethiyeFethiye
    FethiyeBabataşı Mahallesi Adnan Menderes Bulvarı No:97 Fethiye, Muğla/Turkey
    +90 850 811 23 23info@tekce.com
    Google Map
  • Antalya DöşemealtıAntalya Döşemealtı
    Antalya DöşemealtıDöşemealtı, Antalya/Turkey
    +90 242 324 54 94info@tekce.com
    Google Map
  • Istanbul CevizlibağIstanbul Cevizlibağ
    Istanbul CevizlibağMaltepe Mahallesi Yedikule Çırpıcı Yolu Sokak no:2 Avrupa Ofis Blok ofis: 12, 34010, Cevizlibağ, Zeytinburnu, Istanbul/Turkey
    +90 212 255 33 55info@tekce.com
    Google Map
  • Istanbul GöztepeIstanbul Göztepe
    Istanbul GöztepeMerdivenköy Mahallesi Nur Sokak no: 1A, Business Istanbul A Blok 410, 34732, Göztepe, Kadıköy, Istanbul/Turkey
    +90 212 255 33 55info@tekce.com
    Google Map
  • BodrumBodrum
    BodrumKonacık Mahallesi, Atatürk Bulvarı no :285/1B, 48480, Bodrum, Muğla/Turkey
    +90 850 811 23 23info@tekce.com
    Google Map
  • AnkaraAnkara
    AnkaraKızılırmak Mahallesi, Ufuk Üniversitesi Caddesi, 1445 Sokak no: 2, Paragon Tower B134, 06530, Çankaya, Ankara/Turkey
    +90 850 811 23 23info@tekce.com
    Google Map
  • TrabzonTrabzon
    TrabzonKaşüstü Mahallesi, Devlet Karayolu Caddesi No: 29, Kat: 4, Daire:32 61250, Yomra, Trabzon/Turkey
    +90 462 341 01 01info@tekce.com
    Google Map
  • BursaBursa
    BursaKonak Mahallesi, Lefkoşe Caddesi no:10, Artı Ofis Kat:2, Daire:15, 16110, Nilüfer, Bursa/Turkey
    +90 224 452 22 44info@tekce.com
    Google Map
  • Málaga, BenalmádenaMálaga, Benalmádena
    Málaga, BenalmádenaC/El Montículo 8, 29631, Benalmádena, Málaga/Spain
    +34 951 23 59 59info@tekce.com
    Google Map
  • Alicante, Orihuela CostaAlicante, Orihuela Costa
    Alicante, Orihuela CostaCarretera de Villamartín 12, Urbanización La Zenia II, Casa 22, 03189 Orihuela Costa, Alicante/Spain
    +34 951 23 59 59info@tekce.com
    Google Map
  • Stockholm, BrommaStockholm, Bromma
    Stockholm, BrommaBällstavägen 58, 16872 Bromma, Stockholm/Sweden
    +46 8 42 00 22 44info@tekce.com
    Google Map
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