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Buying a property is a very serious deal and the main thing is to find a professional trusted partner. With our team built upon our corporate values, we aim to have an open and trusting relationship with our customers and make them reach 100% happiness.

The best answer for the question “Why work with Antalya Homes?” is the words of our customers from all over the world. We collected reviews from some of our customers to assure you about the quality of our services. You can read and join their journey of buying a property with Antalya Homes ®.

Review Us | Antalya Homes ®Reviews Us | Antalya Homes ®Reviews Us | Antalya Homes ®

If you have any hesitations about rating us with the 5-star and you see some improvable areas or have any suggestions in your experience with us, please contact for us to provide you a better service.

Customer feedbacks
  • Deutsch (28)
  • English (84)
  • Français (27)
  • Nederlands (7)
  • Svenska (30)
  • Türkçe (5)
  • Русский (43)
  • العربية (22)
  • فارسی (11)
  • Afghanistan (4)
  • Algeria (3)
  • Argentina (1)
  • Australia (2)
  • Austria (1)
  • Azerbaijan (3)
  • Bangladesh (2)
  • Belgium (5)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (2)
  • Bulgaria (1)
  • Canada (12)
  • Congo (Democratic Republic of the) (2)
  • Croatia (1)
  • Czech Republic (3)
  • Denmark (1)
  • Egypt (5)
  • Ethiopia (1)
  • France (17)
  • Germany (32)
  • Hong Kong (2)
  • Hungary (1)
  • Iran (6)
  • Iraq (8)
  • Israel (1)
  • Kazakhstan (5)
  • Kenya (1)
  • Kuwait (3)
  • Lebanon (3)
  • Libya (1)
  • Morocco (1)
  • Netherlands (9)
  • Norway (3)
  • Pakistan (4)
  • Palestine, State of (5)
  • Qatar (1)
  • Romania (1)
  • Russian Federation (28)
  • Slovakia (1)
  • Somalia (1)
  • Sweden (39)
  • Switzerland (5)
  • Syrian Arab Republic (2)
  • Tunisia (1)
  • Turkey (2)
  • Ukraine (2)
  • United Arab Emirates (1)
  • United Kingdom (13)
  • United States of America (7)
  • Uzbekistan (2)
  • Ankara (8)
  • Antalya (236)
  • Bursa (3)
  • Istanbul (2)
  • Muğla (3)
  • Trabzon (4)
  • Yalova (1)
  • Shaahen S.Shaahen S.
    Hi, I’m Shaahen. I’m from Canada. That’s my wife - and my son -. Many years ago, we visited Turkey and we fell in love with the place. The - - that the country had offered was food and people are amazing. So I said, you know what -, probably one day ... Read More
  • Samer Z. N.Samer Z. N.
    I recently sold my apartment with Tekçe Overseas and I can’t thank the team enough for the transparent, professional and friendly service they provided throughout the process. Special thanks go to the members of the Ankara office: Mr. Korhan, the off... Read More
  • Shai G.Shai G.
    Hello. My name is Shai. I am a recent customer from Antalya Homes. I justed wanted to introduce myself to give a very good recommendation for Antalya Homes and for now my good friend Yusuf who helped me to find a home. I just would say that i came he... Read More
  • Miodrag & Suzana K.Miodrag & Suzana K.
    - Hello, my name is Miodrag Krstic and I’m pleased to say that I have worked with Antalya Homes to obtain this property that we purchase here in Avsallar. During all the steps every team member from Antalya Homes was very helpful, very kind. They pro... Read More
  • Shahadat H.Shahadat H.
    As the leading real estate company, we aren’t just selling properties, but also we help people establish their lives with the aim of 100% Happy Customers. Thank you Mr.Shahadat for your review and wish you a perfect life in Ankara.... Read More
  • Tolunay UklimekciTolunay Uklimekci
    Thank you for your recommendation Mr. Tolunay Uklimekci. Your happiness makes us happy too. We wish you a happy life in Antalya.... Read More
  • Alexander L. & Polina A.Alexander L. & Polina A.
    Hello, my name is Alex! I'm very pleased to share my story today. For me and my wife, we jointly decided to buy an apartment in Antalya. The tricky part of our story is that we do live very far away from Antalya, we live in Hong Kong. And for us, it ... Read More
  • Yousef Al H.Yousef Al H.
    Hello everbody, I am making this video just to tell the help i had from Antalya Homes, from everybody in Antalya Homes starting from Mr. Bayram, Mr. Ahmet, Mr. İzzet. All the staff in Antalya Homes they were very helpful to me since i bought my apart... Read More
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