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Buying a property is a very serious deal and the main thing is to find a professional trusted partner. With our team built upon our corporate values, we aim to have an open and trusting relationship with our customers and make them reach 100% happiness.

The best answer for the question “Why work with Antalya Homes?” is the words of our customers from all over the world. We collected reviews from some of our customers to assure you about the quality of our services. You can read and join their journey of buying a property with Antalya Homes ®.

Review Us | Antalya Homes ®Reviews Us | Antalya Homes ®Reviews Us | Antalya Homes ®

If you have any hesitations about rating us with the 5-star and you see some improvable areas or have any suggestions in your experience with us, please contact for us to provide you a better service.

Customer feedbacks
  • Deutsch (32)
  • English (84)
  • Français (28)
  • Nederlands (8)
  • Svenska (31)
  • Türkçe (5)
  • Русский (44)
  • العربية (22)
  • فارسی (11)
  • Afghanistan (4)
  • Algeria (3)
  • Argentina (1)
  • Australia (2)
  • Austria (1)
  • Azerbaijan (3)
  • Bangladesh (2)
  • Belgium (6)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (2)
  • Bulgaria (1)
  • Canada (12)
  • Congo (Democratic Republic of the) (2)
  • Croatia (1)
  • Czech Republic (3)
  • Denmark (1)
  • Egypt (5)
  • Ethiopia (1)
  • France (17)
  • Germany (36)
  • Hong Kong (2)
  • Hungary (1)
  • Iran (6)
  • Iraq (8)
  • Israel (1)
  • Kazakhstan (5)
  • Kenya (1)
  • Kuwait (3)
  • Lebanon (4)
  • Libya (1)
  • Morocco (1)
  • Netherlands (9)
  • Norway (3)
  • Pakistan (4)
  • Palestine, State of (5)
  • Qatar (1)
  • Romania (1)
  • Russian Federation (29)
  • Slovakia (1)
  • Somalia (1)
  • Sweden (39)
  • Switzerland (5)
  • Syrian Arab Republic (2)
  • Tunisia (1)
  • Turkey (2)
  • Ukraine (2)
  • United Arab Emirates (1)
  • United Kingdom (14)
  • United States of America (7)
  • Uzbekistan (2)
  • Ankara (8)
  • Antalya (243)
  • Bursa (3)
  • Istanbul (2)
  • Muğla (3)
  • Trabzon (4)
  • Yalova (2)
  • Roland Henri F.Roland Henri F.
    As a leading real estate company, our main goal is the happiness of our clients. We find the homes you've been dreaming of for so long and we manage the entire buying process successfully for you with our team of experts. We aim not only to sell prop... Read More
  • Sausan Salem K.Sausan Salem K.
    Me and my husband we’re searching for a property in Turkey. We found Antalya Homes They found us our dream home. We are very satisfied, they found us the perfect property that we need that will full of our request. Thank you so much for everybody her... Read More
  • Salim Mahmood H.Salim Mahmood H.
    As-salamu alaykum, how are you? Just to let you know, my name is Salim Mahmood. I was born in Pakistan so I also speak Urdu. And I have lived most of my life in England, my children were born there. We were very anxious to come to Turkey, and we had ... Read More
  • Ali W.Ali W.
    I have all hopes and strong feelings that Tekce Overseas did the right thing by hiring Mr. Onur Yamak who knows the ins and outs of the real estate business and understands how to, first support the office acquired operations and second, represent th... Read More
  • Tania M. S.Tania M. S.
    Hello, my name is Tania. Recently, I became honored with two properties in Turkey. I bought one in October of last year, I was physically in Antalya, and when I came back to the United States, I purchased another one over the phone. I would like to s... Read More
  • Elif & Ahmed T.Elif & Ahmed T.
    Hello, My name is Elif and I had the pleasure of dealing with Mr. Ozkan and the super team under his leadership in Bursa Homes for the purchase of my Villa in Bursa at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic last year. When I decided to buy my property, I ... Read More
  • Kis Leteta N.Kis Leteta N.
    Je commence par la salutation à tout le monde. Je voudrais seulement partager avec vous l'expérience que j’ai eu avec Antalya Homes. J'étais chez nous au Congo Kinshasa, j'ai cherché jusqu'à ce que j’aie eu contact avec Safa d’Antalya Homes. Notre so... Read More
  • Susan and Peter W.Susan and Peter W.
    Thank you, Bayram for your excellent service over the past few years of managing our property in Antalya. You and Antalya Homes have always been pleasant and efficient in every situation. Our guests have also made many favourable comments about your ... Read More
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