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Antalya Homes ® is a brand of Tekce Overseas Gayrimenkul AŞ. We are the leading real estate company in Turkey.

We have Thousands of Happy Customers who invested in real estate in Turkey. Ourcustomers get their title deeds and keys with Zero Failure.

Our professionals know all steps and terms of buying property in Turkey and Turkish Citizenship by investment. Our team prepared a property purchase guide for you to learn the essential steps of real estate investment in Turkey.

Advice on Buying Real Estate in Turkey

The statistics by TAKBIS (Land and Cadastre Information System) show that every year more and more foreign investors prefer to buy real estate in Turkey. Initially, sales were limited to countries with reciprocal agreements with Turkey. However, the Turkish government abolished this rule in 2013. It has revitalized the market considerably.

Foreign direct investment in Turkey has increased each year. Experts say that it will continue to rise in the coming years.

There are lots of motivations for the increase. You can read Why Turkey? to see them.

But, the Turkish government's facilitation of the process was a very crucial step. Foreigners now complete the process in roughly five days.

10 Steps to Success in Buying Property Process

1 Prepare Your Wish List

• What is your purpose for purchasing?
• What features should your property have?
• What is your budget?
And many more for your wish list.

2 Come for Viewing Tour

• Get your ticket and come to Turkey
• Take a closer look at the advantages of buying real estate in Turkey

3 Visit Selected Properties

• We choose the best 3 or 4 options for you
• Visit these portfolios with our expert team

4 Negotiation Terms

• Sales conditions
• Payment terms

5 Pay Deposit

• You pay a deposit to book the property and fix the price

6 Sign Contract

Make sure you buy:
• The exact property that is shown to you
• From the original seller
• Debt-free
• Under agreed on terms

7 Get a Tax Number

• Bring your passport to get a tax number

8 Open a Bank Account

The required documents:
• A passport copy (color)
• Passport translation
• A translated copy of the electricity, water subscription bill to prove your official residence address in your hometown

9 Get the Appraisal Report

• An appraisal report is mandatory to be sure of the real value of the real estate.

10 Get Your Title Deed

• Application to the Land Registry Office
• Pay taxes
• Sign the conveyance act
100% happiness in the end

How to Buy Real Estate in Turkey?

Antalya Homes ® offers comprehensive and free Before and After-Sales Services. We follow up the process, guide you through the process, and deal with legal procedures for you. Our experts give you details about settling and the responsibilities of home ownership in Turkey.

We prepare a wish list of your dream home. We listen to your needs and expectations. Then, we organize viewing tours of the best properties that meet your needs. We find the perfect home for you on the tour.

When you decide to buy a property, you pay a deposit of 5.000 USD (or Euros). You book it and fix the price. Our company lawyers prepare a sales contract. It consists of the agreed conditions and payment terms.

You sign and make a down payment within 1 to 4 weeks after the deposit. You pay the remaining amount at the time of title deed transfer.

Many situations can affect the duration. For example, the fact that the real estate is key-ready or is under construction has a significant effect on the duration. If it is key-ready, you complete the process within 1 to 3 days.

Then, you obtain a tax number. It is required for financial transactions. We open a bank account on your behalf to make your payments. It can be used later for automatic bill payments.

You take the title deed of your property. You must have made all payments and paid all property-related taxes outlined at this point.

The Chamber of Commerce says real estate agents can charge 2% from the seller and 2% from the buyer. But, if a buyer buys an off-plan or a new home from a construction company, they usually waive the buyer's commission rates.

You are officially a homeowner in Turkey now!

You can handle all formal procedures by giving a power of attorney. Power of Attorney allows a person (the proxy) to represent or act on behalf of another person (the attorney) in legal procedures.

Also, TeleProperty gives you a chance to complete the process remotely. You can purchase a home by using your smartphones and online communication channels. Click here for the details of the system.

Antalya Homes ® is an expert in buying property in Turkey and citizenship by investment. We are with you at every stage of the process. So you can get all the benefits of buying property in Turkey.

Applying for Turkish Citizenship is not a complicated process if you work with professional real estate agents. The citizenship program in Turkey brings a good profit with a high return on investment.

You can feel the peaceful atmosphere of the country as a citizen. The cost of living is low when compared to European countries. Turkey offers a luxurious lifestyle at reasonable prices. It makes you feel privileged.

Also, a Turkish passport has lots of advantages. For example, you can have dual citizenship. It provides full medical rights and free education.

You have visa-free access to 111 countries. You can see more advantages on the page of Benefits of a Turkish Passport.

If you cannot afford the program, you can apply for a residence permit. You buy a home, and then you get a permit for two years. It can be renewed at the end of every two years. You can apply for citizenship after staying in Turkey for five years with a residence permit.

Choose an Established Real Estate Company

We always recommend working with a professional real estate agency. It is crucial because you may encounter scam attempts.

For example, the house shown to you may differ from the house you purchased. You may overpay. You find out later that the condition of the house you bought is not good. There are so many unfortunates like these.

Let’s say you find a good Turkish property. But, if you make mistakes in official procedures, you will have to start all over again. At that time, the seller can refuse or change the price.

You should also work with a legally established company. Everyone can sell property, such as taxi drivers, receptionists, waiters, or travel agents.

They have generally a brother, friend, or uncle who builds or sells real estate. They work for them on a commission basis. They are not an established agency. These sellers have no interest in protecting the rights of buyers.

So, we know that mutual trust and healthy communication are important. Our expert team keeps you informed at every step of the process.

We serve you in your language. Our professionals speak more than 20 languages. You are with an expert who knows your language and culture throughout the whole process.

We also help you after the process is over. Our customers have the privilege of benefiting from our Before and After-Sales Services. We are with you from getting utility subscriptions to decorating your home.

If you search for a property to buy in Turkey, we are ready to find the best. You can contact our expert team for further information.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Property in Turkey

Q: Can any foreigner buy a property in Turkey?A: Yes. Everyone from any country can buy real estate or a house in Turkey except for Syria, North Korea, South Cyprus, Armenia, and Cuba.

Q: Is it easy to buy a property in Turkey?A: Yes. Besides, buying real estate property in Turkey is relatively easier than it is in many countries of the world. Browse real estate for sale in Turkey.

Q: Is it true that the procedures for buying a property in Turkey take a lot of time?A: No, the Turkish government has made the process easier for buyers in recent years. Therefore, buying a property in Turkey is much easier and faster compared to many countries in the world today.

Q: Is it true that the Turkish government retains my real estate ownership in the event of my death?A: No, the real estate you buy in Turkey is freehold. This means that the right of ownership belongs to the person who buys the property. In the event of death, the owner's family has the right to inherit the property in accordance with the laws.

Q: Is it safe to do business with any real estate agency?A: Turkey is an investor-friendly country and there are many laws to protect buyers' rights. There are many professional and reputable real estate consultancy firms in Turkey that contribute to the success of the Turkish real estate sector. But care must be taken to choose a specialized and reputable real estate company to complete the process.

Q: Can I buy a house in Turkey without personally attending?A: You can complete all legal procedures in Turkey through a power of attorney. Our Teleproperty service provides you with a seamless and transparent process of purchasing a property over the phone. You can join our virtual tours of the properties you are interested in and know all the details as if you are already with us.

Q: How is living and its costs in Turkey in general?A: It is much cheaper compared to many European countries. Also, the results of a 2019 study announced by the Turkish Statistical Institute show that Turkey is the cheapest country in Europe to live in. You can visit our pages about the cost of living in Turkey and why Turkey?

Q: What about religious and cultural freedom in Turkey?A: Turkey is a country of different religions, cultures, and lifestyles where everyone coexists in peace and is protected by law. The diverse societal mix will allow you to get used to the environment smoothly and live freely.

Q: Is it possible to study in Turkey in languages ​​other than Turkish?A: There are a lot of qualified international schools in Turkey. You can find a school whose official language is English, Arabic, German, French, Italian, and more.

Q: What about real estate taxes in Turkey?A: Taxes in Turkey are much lower than in many countries of the world. The housing tax percentage is 0,002 in cities and 0,004 in the largest cities and commercial properties. You can contact us to learn more about other property-related taxes.

Q: Are the returns on real estate investment in Turkey rewarding?A: One of the most compelling reasons to buy real estate in Turkey is the rate of return on your investment. Take a look at the real estate in Turkey that you can get the maximum efficiency of your investment.

Q: What should I do to buy a property in Turkey?A: If you want to buy a property in Turkey, you must first determine the location and type of property you want to buy. Learn about the area and the facilities it offers. Then find a reputable agent who can guide and advise you during your property search and purchase.

Q: Are there additional costs when buying a property in Turkey?A: Appraisal Report Fee, Title Deed Transfer Tax, and VAT are additional costs to be paid during purchase. Utility subscriptions and furniture costs are the costs you will pay after purchasing your property.

Q: Is buying a property in Turkey completely safe?A: Yes. If you are buying a property through a professional real estate company, it is safe to buy a property in Turkey. And we should be careful of what is not.

Q: Is buying a property in Turkey a good investment?A: Yes. Since real estate in Turkey is gaining good value annually, and real estate rental is making a good profit, buying a property in Turkey is a good investment.

Q: Can I come to Turkey in my own car?A: Yes. Your car can stay in Turkey for 24 months.

Q: Is a foreign driving license valid in Turkey?A: Yes. You can use your driving license for six months in Turkey. You need to get a driving license from Turkey for a longer stay than that.

Q: What comes after the sales contract?A: After completing the forms of both parties and entering the system with the receipt number given by the General Directorate of Land Registry, the process of transferring the title deed begins.

Q: How long does it take to transfer funds after title deed transfer?A: The sale amount is transferred to the seller's account immediately upon completion of the transfer process at the Tapu Office. But if the transaction is executed after 17:15, the amount will be transferred to the seller's account on the next business day.

Q: What about transferring funds for proxy or proxy transactions?A: For sales transactions with a power of attorney, the IBAN of the seller's bank account is required to be entered into the Tapu Transfer System. So that the amount of the sale is deposited in the seller's account only.

Q: Can I be sure the funds are guaranteed by Takasbank?A: Parties are notified via SMS or email at every stage of the process. Additionally, you can track every stage of the process using the 'Check Order' button on

Q: Is it possible to cancel the sale?A: The buyer and seller can cancel the sale even if the money has been transferred as long as there is no match from TAKBIS (matching the amount entered into the system by both parties).

Q: Does Takasbank accept money transfers from all banks?A: Yes. But the payment should only be sent from the IBAN account number specified during the initial registration in the system.

Q: Should the sale price be the same as the sale amount on the title deed?A: No, the preferred sale amount can be determined through this system.

Q: How is the process if there is more than one buyer or seller?A: The system works the same way. All parties must register in the system separately and the sale amount they will enter into the system must be their own amount of ownership percentage.

Q: How can I check Takasbank messages?A: All notification messages sent by Takasbank include an “Order Verification Code” sent during the initial registration, and messages that do not contain an “Order Verification Code”, or do not contain the correct code, should not be considered.

Q: What is the title deed (Tapu)?A: A title deed (TAPU) is a document that establishes and protects property rights. Displays the location, size, type, and name of the property owner.

Q: Do I have to make any payments to the bank when opening a bank account in Turkey?A: No, there is no cost to open a bank account in Turkey.

Q: Does opening a bank account in Turkey take a lot of time?A: Unlike most other countries, transactions are much easier and less complicated in Turkey. You can open a bank account within an hour when you arrive at the bank with ready-made documents.

Q: Is it possible to get real estate loans for foreigners from Turkish banks?A: Yes, foreign property buyers can get real estate loans in Turkey. We have completed this process with 100% success for foreigners since we established our company.

Q: Is it useful to obtain a mortgage in Turkey?A: It depends on the interest rates in the buyer's home country. If your home country provides mortgages with low-interest rates, you can prefer to get a mortgage in your home country. You can also consider buying properties in installments from construction companies.

Q: Is it possible to get a mortgage in Turkey if I did not have a bank account in Turkey before?A: Yes. Foreigners can use housing loans in Turkey. There is no obligation to have an account up front.

Q: Is it possible to pay for the property by check?A: In Turkey, checks are not accepted as a means of payment for real estate purchases. We accept cash, bank transfer, and bitcoin only.

Q: Is it possible to get a tax number online in Turkey?A: Yes. You can also get it from tax offices in every city and region in Turkey.

Q: What if my tax identification number is lost?A: The tax number can be easily reprinted in Turkey. However, we advise you to keep a copy of it in a safe place to avoid unnecessary work.

Q: How valid is the tax ID number in Turkey?A: Tax numbers do not have a verification period in Turkey. You can use your tax ID number for the rest of your life.

Q: Is it necessary to carry out the evaluation process and how long does it take?A: The appraisal report is protection against exaggerated real estate prices. When one buys a property, the Land Registry requests the valuation report validated by the SPK as a proof document that the purchase was made at the correct price. The addressee is the direct real estate appraisal department of the Land Registry Administration. The process takes 3 to 6 days.

Q: How long is the validity period of the evaluation report?A: Title deed offices require valuation reports that have been prepared within the past three months. In the event that the validation checks of our customers' Assessment Reports have expired, Antalya Homes helps its customers to renew their reports for free.

Q: Can I pay in installments for new projects?A: You will usually pay a deposit of 10% and then 30% as a down payment within four weeks. Most projects offer stage payments (a lump sum is paid after each stage of construction) often with a degree of flexibility depending on your circumstances. This will be agreed upon at the time the contract is agreed upon.

Q: Who determines the price of the property?A: If you are buying a property in a new project, the price will be set by the project management. Regardless of agent commissions, you still have to pay the same price with whoever you buy through, whether you go direct or through a third party.

Q: What is required when transferring the title deed?A: You need:
• Evaluation Report
• Passport translation at a notary public
• Power of attorney (if required)
• 2 photos
• Local tax number
• Bank account

Q: How long does it take to transfer the title deed?A: Generally, it takes one day after submitting the application to the General Directorate of Land Registry with all the required documents. Sometimes, depending on the intensity of work in the title deed offices, it may be a day or two late.

Q: What is meant by Title Deed Guarantee (Tapu Takas)?A: A title deed guarantee is an alternative way to transfer title deeds in Turkey. Here, the buyer pays the money to the seller through Takasbank which is the central barter and transaction institution in Turkey. Funds are transferred to the seller after confirming the successful transfer of the title deed to the buyer.

Q: What is the hypothec?A: A hypothec is an obligation, right, or security granted by contract or by law to a debtor over the property of an account holder without transferring the title deed to the debtor. in Turkey. The reservation sign is canceled from the title deed upon payment of the obligation.

Q: Is an interpreter required for power of attorney in Turkey?A: Since the power of attorney is a serious decision that allows another person to act on your behalf and all documents are in Turkish, it is necessary to have a sworn translator translate the information on the papers to be signed.

Q: Is it possible to give a power of attorney without coming to Turkey?A: Yes, you can give a power of attorney at Turkish embassies. Also, notary offices in your country can prepare a power of attorney if your country is part of the Hague Apostille Convention.

Q: Is it possible to obtain a residence permit in Turkey (İkamet Tezkeresi) when buying a property?A: If the foreigner owns real estate in Turkey, he gets a residence permit that is renewed every two years as long as he retains the ownership.

Q: Do I need a residence permit to buy a property in Turkey?A: No! However, having a residence permit has some advantages and the Antalya Homes team helps you to obtain your residence permit if you request it.

Q: When can I receive my property?A: Your keys will be delivered on the day of the title deed transfer and you can move to your new home after the title deed transfer directly

Q: What is the importance of DASK insurance?A: DASK (Doğal Afet Sigortaları Kurumu) is mandatory earthquake insurance for utility subscriptions in Turkey. You cannot register your real estate for utilities such as water, electricity, and natural gas without a valid DASK in Turkey.

Q: Are there real estate management services in Turkey?A: Yes, some companies provide property management services in every city.

Q: How much is the periodic property maintenance fee in Turkey?A: Maintenance fees vary depending on the features. When there are more facilities in the complex, the maintenance fee can increase. We inform our clients of maintenance fees during viewing tours.

Q: What about furnishing my new home?A: Many developers offer furniture bundles as part of their offering. If you wish, you can buy a furnished property or we can advise you through a furniture tour of your new home is one of our free after-sales services.

Q: How can I insure my property in Turkey?A: Real estate is insured in relation to the property's features. Insurance companies will make their bids when you give them the necessary information about your home. They will complete the insurance purchase after you confirm the price. Real estate insurance is one of our after-sales services.

Q: How do I pay my utility bills in Turkey?A: There are bill payment centers almost in all districts of Turkey. You can pay your bills by going to one of these centers. You can also issue automatic payment orders for your utility bills. Antalya Homes will also help you with this, as a free after-sales service.

Q: What are the expected costs when I want to resell my property?A: If you have owned the property for five years or more, you are exempt from real estate gains tax. You are supposed to make sure that all bills are paid to date.

Q: Is it easy to rent out a property?A: Yes, Turkey offers good investment opportunities with a high return on investment. Antalya Homes follows this process to its customers as a free after-sales service.

Q: Who prepares the sales contract?A: Our sales agreements are prepared by the company's lawyer.

Q: Can the sales contract be relied upon in the event of any unexpected situation?A: The contract explains the terms of the agreement between the seller and the buyer. In the event of any dispute, contracts can be put into operation.

Q: What is TeleProperty?A: TeleProperty is an Antalya Homes service where buyers can buy their dream home online.

Q: Who can sell real estate in Turkey?A: Waiters, jewelry and leather dealers, and workers in the tourism sector are famous for real estate deals in Turkey. Therefore, dealing with a professional company avoids unwanted results.

Q: Why do I need guidance and the use of a real estate agent?A: This has several advantages. First, you get access to a wide range of properties that match your criteria and not just one specific developer. Then you will benefit from our expertise and a fully staffed office to support you when you return home.

Q: What are the various other services offered by Antalya Homes?A: Antalya Homes provides the best customer service at every step of your property buying process.

Q: What are the costs and fees for the real estate agent service?A: In Turkey, real estate agent fees are determined by laws. When selling a property, registered and licensed real estate agents are entitled to a 2% service fee from the buyer and seller separately on the actual sale price of the property.

Q: Why Antalya Homes is the leader in the Turkish real estate market?A: Antalya Homes is a professional real estate company. We work with the values ​​of our company and the principles of the business world. Our customers express their gratitude to our company after experiencing the professional service at Antalya Homes.

Q: Why should I take a viewing tour with Antalya Homes?A: Antalya Homes offers a smooth real estate purchase process. You get service from professionals. They speak your language and know your culture. You will save a lot of time, effort and money by dealing with our company.

Q: How are the viewing tours with Antalya Homes?A: An important part of our service is the Turkey property inspection trips that we arrange for each client. Each tour is unique and tailored to suit the requirements of our clients. We prepare the wish list according to your expectations. We find exactly the type of property and locations you are interested in. Then we go to real estate to check it out.

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