Property Management

Antalya Homes ® offers you property management that includes all essential services for your benefit. Our reliable, efficient, and trustworthy team provides comprehensive, proactive, and transparent rental management of the residential developments within our portfolio.

Property Management

Increase the Value of Your Property!

If you are a homeowner in Turkey and you're staying here for a short time, the Rental Property Management service provides convenience to you. When buying a house abroad, most people would like to consider this as a second income opportunity. It means this house can be a second income resource by renting it out while you are not using it.

Secondly, if you are a rental property investor, our rental service fits your needs exactly.

On the other hand, if you have more than one property, Property Management is a workable solution to help preserve the top-notch condition of your real estate asset.

What Exactly Does a Property Manager Do?

Rental property management assists in renting the property and runs the day-to-day affairs of running a rental property. We assist our clients with the day-to-day managing of their assets, finding and retaining tenants, collecting rent, and overseeing maintenance and compliance. Responsibilities might vary depending on the type of property being managed.

Property Management•Key Holding

7/24 easy check-in, easy checkout! We hold the keys to your property in a secure environment and on request hand them over to your guests or tenants.

Property Management 5-Star Housekeeping

We provide professional cleaning and laundry services - the highest quality cleaning and services such as bed linen change, etc.

Property Management Property Maintenance

We maintain your home like it’s our own and quickly solve any problem that may occur in your home.

Property Management• Professional Photography

We take professional photos to enhance the beauty of your property.

Property Management• Profile, Marketing, and Listing

We showcase your property to stand out on over 15 industry-leading portals and create quality listings including professional photos and 3D tours.

Property Management• 24/7 Support

We have 24/7 customer support to provide you and your guest's complete peace of mind and comfort.

Property Management• Price Optimization

We ensure your property is always priced for optimal occupancy, season on the season by daily monitoring of the rental market to maximize your earnings.

Property Management•Interior Design

We help increase the revenue you earn from your rental and make sure your guests have a memorable vacation experience by expertly curating the look and feel of your property.

Property Management•Online Performance Reporting

We provide online monitoring of how your property is performing, your income and expense as well as what goals you need to focus on for it.

What Are the Advantages of Getting a Property Management Service?

Super Host Aspiration

Get Airbnb Superhost status to improve your listing’s search placement and gain visibility to attract more guests.

• Higher Quality Tenants

Enjoy tenants who pay on time and cause fewer problems.

•Maximized Return on Investment

Maximize your return and earn 60-100% more rental income than regular long-term renting.

•Less Stress

Manage multiple properties seamlessly without dealing with any problems.

•Flexible Calendar

Stay at your home whenever you want and let us manage it while you are not there.

Legal Support

Leave all your worries to the professionals who will also deal with all legal procedures and paperwork.

Is Rental Property Profitable in Turkey?

Buying a rental property in Turkey is one of the most popular ways to invest in real estate as it allows investors to make money both in the short and long run. With the rental property investment strategy, you can start earning money right away, through monthly rental income.

However, it can be hard to maximize their potential without the help of a professional. Using a professional rental property management company save homeowners a significant amount of time and money.

You can earn more profit by working with a professional property management company!

• You can protect yourself from rental scams. You get your rent regularly on time. In case tenants do not pay their rent on time, property management companies have the power to enforce lease policies and take the appropriate steps to ensure homeowners are fully covered.

• Even the best-looking rental properties can remain vacant for a long period without a marketing strategy. Using a rental management company will ensure that your property is getting traction on rental venue sites. An experienced property management company writes hundreds of ads, takes high-quality photos, and knows where to advertise in order to get a larger pool of candidates in less time.

• When a tenant candidate wants to view your property, you have no choice but to make yourself available. Lack of time for it can turn into lost tenants. The rental property management system provides 7/24 easy check-in, and easy check-out!

• Language is not a problem if you work with a professional company. Experienced property management companies have a multilingual team, and they have a good relationship with vendors, maintenance workers, suppliers, contractors, and tradesmen. Besides all these, property management coordinates all communication between homeowner and tenant.

• The first step to effective rental management is measurement. Property management allows you to check the status of your property at a glance with online monitoring. Professional property management companies report data accurately, and transparently. These property management reports communicate how the property is performing, what goals to focus on for that property or portfolio, and it allows you to earn more profit.

The top reason to collaborate with a rental property management company is that you will have access to a team of trusted professionals who know the industry. You will have peace of mind that your property is going to be managed well, and all of the stress won't rest directly on you while making a profit. Check rental income properties in Turkey here.

What Do We Offer to Property Owners?

Being the experts in digital marketing for rental properties, all properties will have higher exposure on major portals like, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, etc. Property Managers provides also professional photoshoots, bed linen supply, cleaning, 24 hours check-in, repair and maintenance, 7/24 guest service, and interior design consultancy. In addition to these services, homeowners are also getting assisted for licenses for short-term leases (if their homes are suitable).

To learn more details and benefit from this opportunity, please contact us at


Q: Are there any criteria that the properties should meet to be accepted in the system?
A: Only being on a demanded location, well kept, well designed will be a reason of choice. Also, the list of materials that should be in the home will be shared as a checklist.

Q: How is the agreement made; how long does it take?
A: An appointment will be settled with the owner or his/her representative within a week after the first contact. If everything goes well, during the first appointment the house can be integrated into the system. The term of the contract is usually 1 year.

Q: How does the owner get his/her payment?
A: The payment will be done by bank transfer, directly to the IBAN number of the owner. The total income of the related month is paid between the 8th-15th days of the following month.

Q: Where is my key stored and is it safe?
A: We keep each key locked in a secure area with a barcode for easy tracking.

Q: What if guests forget to return the keys?
A: When this happens we contact the guests or tenants and get them to post back the keys to us. In the event that the keys are not returned or are lost, we will replace them from the lessor's deposit.

Q: Can the owner stay in the house for a period? Is there a min/max time limit?
A: It is expected that the hosts leave a minimum of 80% availability for the rental period (this rate may be flexible for special occasions). The owner should inform us about the periods of stay for 2 weeks in advance. If there is a final reservation for the specified dates, these dates should be reserved for the customers/tenants as there is no option to cancel.

Q: What happens in case of any damages to the house?
A: The online platforms where the houses are marketed have warranties for protecting the owner. As long as the damage is proven, it can be compensable. For the local channels that are used for longer rental periods, a deposit is asked from tenants to protect the owners. In case of any damages other than the tenants, compensation should be made by the owner.

Q: Should the house be insured against fire, flooding, theft, etc. by the owner? Do you ask for any other type of insurance?
A: It is totally up to the owner of the house, but we recommend having insurance. The cost and the risks may differ regarding the property. In any need, we can advise our expert team.

Q: How do durable goods are renewed?
A: As long as the appliance is working, it can be used. The newer their items are, the more affected the value of the house. For this reason, the initiative for renovation belongs to the landlord, and if necessary, the expenses belong to the landlord. If a complaint is received about the item or the need for change appears obvious, the landlord is informed and the necessary guidance/advice is given.

Q: What is the policy about non-durable goods (linen, towel, etc)? Who is paying the cost? How do you get the approval of the landlord?
A: When the house is integrated into the system at the beginning, the responsibility and the cost of preparing it 100% for renting belongs to the owner. We give advice and guidance. After the rental period starts, we renovate non-durable goods and hygienic products such as shampoo, soap, etc. without reflecting the Owner.

Q: How is the process for utility bills like electricity, water, internet, etc. Who pays the bills?
A: All the utility bills are under the responsibility of the landlord. In case of his/her demand, we can follow them and make the payments in case they provide us with CC details for setting automatic payment orders on behalf of the landlord.

Q: How about monthly property fees, taxes etc. do you follow their processes and pay?
A: Property fees are the owner’s responsibility. In case of his/her demand, we can follow them and make the payments in case they provide us with CC details for setting automatic payment orders on behalf of the landlord.

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