Hello. My name is Shai. I am a recent customer from Antalya Homes. I justed wanted to introduce myself to give a very good recommendation for Antalya Homes and for now my good friend Yusuf who helped me to find a home. I just would say that i came here about a month ago after my fifth or sixth visit to Turkey, looking to buy a home because i personally love Turkey and the people, the culture and everything about Turkey. And i worked with a few agencies to look to buy a home but i found Antalya Homes by far the most professional. And they helped me from the moment i landed here until i bought the home and then even after buying the home to get the residency permit that i require, everything in the easiest way possible. I would highly recommend them, also compared to other places that i have been and dealt with in real estate around the world, this is by far the most professional agency. And specifically Yusuf helped me a lot in all ways.

Thank you too Yusuf, i really appreciate it.

This is the truth, many people might say this but in reality Yusuf really always replies to Whatsapp in about one minute with clear answers and helps with whatever, much more than just selling, it feels like a relationship that more than just to sell you, take comission, obviously its a business but Yusuf does much more than this. And its very much appreciated. And it makes everything much easier, its the little details also. I think everybody in this agency, from the minute you walk in are friendly and help you and i highly recommend it.

Again, highly recommend Antalya Homes if you're looking for home in Antalya. I believe that they work in all of Turkey so beyond Antalya as well. All the best in this beautiful place, heaven. Thank you Yusuf, thank you very much.

Shai G.
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