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Flats for Sale in Kaş, Antalya | Apartments in Kaş

Antalya Homes ® offers apartments for sale in Kas Antalya. You can browse our website to find apartments in Kas Antalya.

Kas: A City Called By Different Names Through The Ages

According to the latest archaeological excavations, it is estimated that the ancient name of the region was Habesos. Later, this region was called Antiphellos. Located at the intersection of the connecting roads between the Caria and Lycia regions, Antiphellos is also a trade port. With the Anatolian expedition of Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia, the region came under the rule of Alexander the Great. After the death of Alexander at a young age, the region changed hands between the Seleucids and the Ptolemies.

The ancient city gained importance during the Roman Period and became the Episcopal center during the Byzantine Period. Although the region was attacked by Arabs in this period, it was later conquered by the Sultanate of Rum and named the area Andifli. Since the collapse of the Sultanate of Rum, Tekeogulları principality has taken over the administration. In the time of Yildirim Bayezid, the region joined the Ottoman lands. The occurrence of many earthquakes over time has caused some cities to be completely submerged under soil and water. After the Republic of Turkey was founded, Kas was connected to the province of Antalya. After the ’80s, both foreign and domestic investors provided support for tourism purposes and contributed to the development of the region.

Apartments for Sale in Kaş, Antalya | Flats in KaşThe Point Where the Republic of Turkey is Closest to Greece

Kas district is a tourist center on the Mediterranean coast, west of Antalya. Kas area has 1750 km² land area and it is the 4th largest district of Antalya in terms of area. Its coast starts from Esen Stream in the west and extends to the center of Ucagiz in the east. The total length of the stream is 90 km. Kastellorizo Island is located 1.8 km across the district.

Life in Kas

The means of livelihood of the people of Kas depend on operating hostels, hotels, and motels for tourism purposes during the summer months. You can stay in these hotels to have a nice holiday or take a look at our website about real estate for sale in Kas Antalya.

Most of the people in Kas have land in the highlands. They produce fresh vegetables, fruits, and flowers in the plains and plateaus of the district. Especially apple and grapes area produced in Kas. By buying land in Kas Antalya for sale, you can participate in a quiet and calm life and farm there as you wish. In winter, the production is carried out in greenhouses and exported locally and internationally. Fishing and beekeeping are also major means of livelihood in Kas. If you want to be involved in this marketing process, you can buy commercial property in Kas Antalya at an affordable price and make big profits in the short term.

One of Turkey's Most Important Tourism Paradises

There are beautiful tourism centers in Turkey, especially in the western regions. Buying real estate in Turkey will be a very profitable investment in the long term for domestic and foreign investors due to the recent economic developments in the country. One of the most affordable places to buy real estate in Turkey is the Kas district of Antalya.

The Most Attractive Places in Kas That You Should Definitely See

Kas, which is the closest point to Kastellorizo Island, is an important tourism center with its historical monuments and natural beauties. There are hotels built recently on the Cukurbag Peninsula, which stretches out to the sea like a tongue. It is possible to swim in the Buyuk Cakil Beach, Kucuk Cakil Beach, Akcagerme Beach and Hidayet Cove in the Kas district. You can also go to Limanagzi Beach by boat.

There are 6 caves around Kas. Blue Cave, Asirli Island Sea Cave, and Guvercinlik Cave, which is famous for its pigeons, are some of the most well-known caves.

Nature sports such as trekking, mountaineering, and rafting are also developing along with the increasing tourism activities in Kas. Yesilgöl and Ucarsu Waterfalls in Gombe are natural areas that attract tourists. Gömbe, a plateau town at an altitude of 1220 at the bottom of Akdag, is 65 km to Kas. Akdag with 3015 mt. altitude is the highest peak in the Western Taurus Mountains after Kizlar Sivrisi.

There are Komba and Nisa ancient cities around the city. There is also the ancient city of Kandyba in Kas. The ancient city of Phellos is also located 12 km from Kas.

The sunken city in Kekova, which is important in terms of tourism, can be visited by boat as well as going to by land to Ucagiz.

Kas is one of the leading centers of our country, especially in terms of diving tourism. Diving and paragliding are among the leading sports in the district. It is considered to be the best diving site in Turkey. With 18 diving centers, it is the holiday region with the highest number of diving centers in Turkey.

Nightlife in Kas

Kas, which hosts numerous resorts in terms of holiday opportunities and services, offers many entertainment options suitable for people of almost all ages. Kas is a district that appeals to many people of all ages with its deep-rooted historical past, natural beauties, and fun social activities. If you intend to be involved in this social life, houses for sale in Kas Antalyaor flats in Kas Antalya will be just the right choice for you.

In contrast to the places to be seen and visited during the day, there are also many nightlife activities. It has a lot of options with restaurant concepts designed for families, youth-oriented bars with a lively atmosphere, and taverns serving the best seafood by the sea.

Kas draws attention with all these potentials. If you want to buy real estate such as villas, commercial properties, lands, or flats for sale in Kas Antalya, you should get help from a professional real estate agent.

You can contact us without any hesitation or visit our nearest offices.

Flats for Sale in Kaş, Antalya | Apartments in Kaş
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