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Land for Sale in Antalya | Plots in Antalya

Antalya Homes ® offers various property options if you want to buy real estate in Antalyasuch as apartments, houses, commercial properties, and lands. Explore more details about buying land for sale in Antalya.

Throughout history, Antalya was mostly preferred by settlers for its convenient environmental conditions suitable for farming and livestock. And today you can still observe that relatively large plots in some parts of the city are still being used as farms or a greenhouse. The city's convenient resources such as a warm climate, easy access to water sources, and soil allowed people to harvest high-quality nutrients.

Have you been spending hours on listing pages to find a suitable commercial property for sale in Antalya for your business? Or are you looking for Antalya villas for sale to provide enough space for each member of your big family? Other than farming purposes, the land options can be quite useful if you want to customize your living areas or spaces for your business. Buying an already built property may not be convenient at all times. Depending on the purpose of the purchase, you may want to customize the exterior and interior design, change the arrangement of the layout and spaces of the property according to your needs and expectations. If you buy land in Antalya Turkey; you can design every detail of the property you want to build according to your own style, you can use the land for farming purposes or you can build a commercial property for your business.

Land for Sale in Antalya | Plots in Antalya

Types of Lands for sale in Antalya

Depending on the purpose of the purchase, there are multiple types of land you can buy such as;

• Agricultural Land: Antalya has great environmental conditions for farming. Almost %35 of the population still lives in the countryside and their livelihood depends on farming and livestock. Agricultural land is permitted for harvesting and livestock activities and is not suitable for zoning unless permitted otherwise.

• Residential Land: This type of land is permitted for construction for accommodation purposes such as villas, apartment buildings, residential complexes, hotels, etc. There are few restrictions on residential lands as well as other land types. All activities other than the given purpose ( in this case the given purpose is residential construction) are not allowed in the plot. For example; you cannot build a ranch with pigs, cows, and other cattle on residential land unless permitted otherwise, especially if the land is situated in a city center.

• Commercial Land: If you are planning to build a structure for your business such as a warehouse, shop, factory, facility, etc., commercial-zoned lands are the best option for you. These lands are only permitted for commercial-purposed construction for businesses. The law forbids residential activity on commercial land because the location, surroundings, environmental conditions may not be healthy for human health.

Keep in Mind Before Buying a Land

• Your purpose matters: If you have decided to buy land, you need to be sure about what to do with it. Your purpose is an important factor because the land may not be suitable for your needs and expectations. If you are searching for farms for sale in Antalya Turkey, the residential or commercial lands won't meet your expectations. Farmland for sale in Antalya must be permitted for agricultural usage.

• Be aware of the pros and cons of the location: After the purpose of purchase is determined, you need to make sure the location is matching your intentions. For example, many of the commercial-permitted lands are situated in industrial areas. To prevent urban sprawl, there may be some restrictions on the location of farms, factories, chemical plants, etc.

• Measure accessibility: Within the location, accessibility plays an important role when it comes to investment. If you are going to buy land in Antalya Turkey, you need to make sure that your store, factory, house, or farm should be accessible to people if you want to benefit from your investment. For example, before buying land, it would be useful to check whether there is any public transportation nearby, such as a train station or a bus stop. Your employees and customers should be able to reach the location of the land easily to maintain the order.

• Analyze environmental conditions before the purchase: Environmental conditions directly affect the quality of your life. If you are planning to build a residential complex and benefit from your investment, commercial lands in industrial districts won't provide you with a healthy environment. Make sure that you consider your surroundings before you complete the purchase.

Land for Sale in Antalya | Plots in Antalya
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