Can Foreigners Buy Agricultural Land in Turkey?

Yes, foreigners can buy agricultural land in Turkey. The Republic of Turkey is located in one of the most fertile lands in the world, Anatolia. So, owning agricultural land in Turkey can lead owners to big profits.

The entire agricultural land purchase process is as obscure as advantageous. In our blog, you may find detailed information about purchasing agricultural land in Turkey.

two woman harvesting tomatos in a agricultural landWhy Should You Buy Agricultural Land in Turkey?

Turkey is a good investment point with profitable options, developed infrastructure, and affordable costs. As in every country with a large population such as Turkey with more than 90 million people, there is always a continuing demand for agricultural products.

Agriculture is considered the most traditional way of economic development. In countries such as Turkey, agriculture is important in customs. Also in economical status, it shows that the recent inflation increase in Turkey also made some benefits to agriculture investment.

In these years, there is a decrease in agricultural land price in Turkey, but there has been an increase in agricultural product prices. So, it is clear that agricultural investment in Turkey can lead to big profits. You may take a look at our “Why Should I Invest in Land in Turkey?” blog for more detailed information.

How to Buy Agricultural Land in Turkey?

To buy agricultural land in Turkey as a foreigner, the buyer must present a valid project for their future agricultural land. As some foreigners use their agricultural land for different purposes, the law states that foreign agricultural land buyers must show an agricultural project two years after the buying process.

For the agricultural project, mostly agricultural product cultivation and livestock farming are getting used. These two choices can offer big profits to the landowners.

Money bag on hand with agricultural land in the backgroundWhen buying agricultural land, the location is also important. The land must not be close to military or forbidden areas. Also, foreigners can not buy more than 300 thousand sqm of land. So, it is advised to do deep research before investing in land for sale in Turkey.

The agricultural land is considered an everyday-working facility. So, the owner of the agricultural land must have a Turkish citizen proxy. It is a must for receiving formal documents and joining annual commercial procedures in Turkey.

The whole process of purchasing agricultural land in Turkey is hard while handling individually, especially without experience. It consists of long and hard stages while dealing without experience. So, it is strongly recommended to have a consultancy from a professional real estate agency.

You may check our “Why is Buying a Land Good Investment?” page for more advantages of owning land in Turkey.

Can I Get a Turkish Citizenship by Buying Agricultural Land?

The buyers can get Turkish citizenship by buying any type of real estate. But, permission can be needed in several situations. According to the latest law following permissions are needed;

  • If the property is agricultural land, permission from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry,
  • If the property is in a protected area, permission from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism or from the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization, and Climate Change,
  • If the property is in a “Special Protected Area”, permission from the region governorship is needed.

Can I Get a Residence Permit with Agricultural Land?

Man standing and holding green on a agricultural land in a residential areaThe owners of any type of property that meets the requirements of the residence permit law can apply for a residence permit in Turkey.

Being a residence permit holder or being a Turkish citizen also removes the obligation of having a Turkish citizen proxy for the obligatory agricultural project.

Check our Turkish Residence Permit page for more.

Can I Build a House on Agricultural Land?

Building a house on agricultural land is a really difficult-to-understand process and it has requirements. The agricultural lands are lands that don’t have a building permit currently. The main rules are;

  • The land must be at least 5.000 sqm to build a house.
  • The house’s construction area can not exceed more than %5 of the total land and can not exceed 250 sqm.
  • The land must have a facade to a road.
  • The land must be suitable for building.
  • The building must be a maximum of 2 floors.

If you want to build your own house in Turkey, the land with a building permit will be better. There are numerous advantages that building your own house can offer. More personalized design, planning your budget to spread longer times, and having a new home in accordance with your future needs can all lead to building your own house as a wise choice.

You may read more on our “Is It a Good Idea to Build a House in Turkey?” blog.

In all types of properties including commercial, agricultural land, and residential properties, Turkey is the ideal place to invest in. With the consultancy of Antalya Homes, you may build your own future in the fastest way. Contact us to get more information and meet our professional and experienced team.

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