Is It a Good Idea to Build a House in Turkey?

The idea of building your own house is generally a more logical decision than buying a house. You have to spend a lot of time, and you have to show too much effort to find your dream home. However, you will face something missing in every house you find. Therefore, many people prefer to build their own houses instead of buying one.

When you decide to buy a property, you will think about factors such as location, type of real estate, budget, and purchasing reason. However, finding the perfect house that meets all of these requirements is a hard task. Thus, the idea of building your own home comes forward. Also, the cost to build your own home is more affordable than purchasing a new one.

Why you should build your own house in Turkey?Turkey is one of the destinations, where you can choose to build your home. Turkey has lots of opportunities for everyone and budget. Also, the country attracts attention with its unique beaches, green nature, historical background, cuisine, and the tranquil lifestyle it promises.

Turkey has become the favorite settlement of many ex-pats thanks to the amenities it offers. Turkey has different beauties that attract people. For instance, if you want a tranquil holiday life, you can choose the seaside cities of Turkey to live in. On the other hand, if you want a peaceful life surrounded by nature, you can prefer the inner towns of Turkey.

Also, low living costs in Turkey may be a reason for you to prefer Turkey. The country is one of the countries with the lowest living costs in Europe. You can have a life here full of luxury and
prosperity. You can check out Why Turkey? for more detailed information.

Turkey is one of the countries that are highly preferred by retirees for retirement life. Thanks to low living costs, retirees can live here more comfortably with their pensions compared to other European countries. Hence, they enjoy the beauties of Turkey without worrying about financial problems.

When you build your house in Turkey, you can apply for a residence permit or citizenship. Thus, you can enjoy all the advantages of the Turkish passport. For instance, Turkish passport holders can travel to 72 countries without a visa and 36 countries with visa on arrival.

People, who retired abroad, can benefit from the Pension Program when they become Turkish citizens. Also, they can take advantage of all health services. Therefore, many retirees from abroad prefer Turkey for living. You can check out Benefits of Turkish Passport for more detailed information.

What Are Some Good Reasons to Build Your Own House in Turkey?

The idea of building a house in Turkey serves many purposes. You can enjoy the holiday lifestyle throughout the year by having a house in Turkey. As we mentioned before, Turkey offers lots of advantages. Various advantages will be waiting for you if you decide to build your dream home.

Advantages of Building a House

Why you should build your own house in Turkey?Build Your Future

You should also think about your future while building a house. You don’t have to look for a new house if you design your house according to your family planning. It is also in your hands to add features that you think you will need in the future. The steps to building a house on your own property are in your hands.

Save Energy

People always want to energy-efficient houses when buying real estate. It is simpler than you think that have an energy-efficient home while building your own home. Since you will be setting everything up from the beginning to the end. Therefore, adding features such as solar panels, energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, rainwater tank, etc. will be simpler and more affordable.

Plan Your Living Space as You Want

You can plan your living spaces to spend more time with your family while building your home. Therefore, you can have family happiness as you wish in common areas such as the kitchen, garden, and living room.

Add Features You Want

Everyone wants to feel comfortable in their home. You can add new features you want by prioritizing your own comfort while building your dream home. These features may be anything you want such as a patio to enjoy the mild weather, a BBQ area for relative or friend visits, or a simple swimming pool.

Plan to the Smallest Details

There will be always tiny details that you don’t like when you buy an established real estate. Even these tiny details such as kitchen cabinets, lighting, room locations, etc. will disturb you. You have the opportunity to design your perfect house up and down to the smallest detail.

Building a House on Land You Own

You can also choose where to live. You may prefer locations close to your family, amenities, sea, or friends. On the other hand, you can choose a quiet life nearby the sea or intertwined with nature. It totally depends on you.

Less Repair Requirement

Repair costs may be trouble for you in a short time when you buy an established property. However, there is a small chance to face a surprise while building your house since you know what materials and which brands are used in the construction of your home. Thus, you can avoid extra costs.

Choose the Construction Company You Work with

You have a chance to choose the construction company you work with when you say that “I want to build my own house”. Working with a professional company has various advantages. They can offer you the highest quality at the best prices. Also, it allows you to design your perfect home as you want.

Early Retirement

The effort and the money you put into the whole process will be worth it in the end. When the last day comes, the pleasure of living in a perfect home” entirely designed by your wishes and needs makes you feel like early retirement. You will also bequeath not only a house but also countless memories.

What You Need to Know When Building Your Home

Why you should build your own house in Turkey?Prepare a Timetable

You should plan steps to building your own home. In this way, you can be prepared for adverse conditions, which may arise. On the other hand, you don’t miss the small details and you can build your own house step by step.

Think the Future

Some things become outdated in time. Therefore, plan your dream home to be affected by time at a minimum level while building it. Plan your living spaces while considering your family planning.

Plan a Storage Place

You may not care about the storage space when you start to build your home. However, everybody needs storage space in their homes to store unnecessary things and stuff. Skipping the storage place for wider usage areas may cause regret in the future.

Choose the Construction Company Carefully

You entrust the construction company not only with your money and time but also with your dream house. Therefore, you should choose a professional and reliable company to avoid a setback or undesirable situation.

A professional company listens and understands your wishes and requirements and offers the best options for you when you say that “ I decided to build my own house”.

Invest in The House Instead of Furniture

Everyone wants to buy new or trendy stuff. They get old in time and you have to buy new ones. However, you cannot a new house just like stuff. Therefore, prioritizing household expenses will save you money in the long term.

Prefer Simple Design

Exaggerated decorations or color choices may appeal to yoı at first. However, your opinion is likely to change over time. Thus, you can avoid extra workload and expenses by choosing simplicity.

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