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Benefits of Turkish Passport

Turkey is the country where modern life meets with the Muslim lifestyle. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk established a secular state which respects all types of lifestyle since 1923.

As the world has become increasingly globalized and travel has become such a popular norm for people, having visa-free access has made it very encouraging for people to travel. Individuals want to transcend the borders and access various business, career, cultural and lifestyle opportunities on a global scale. One country that is making headlines nowadays by offering lucrative investment opportunities in return for citizenship, is Turkey. (Learn more about obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment.)

Advantages of the Turkish Passport

• Turkish passport and citizenship are processed and delivered in a relatively very short time averaging 30 working days.
• Visa-free to 77 countries easier entrance rights to all 26 Schengen Zone Countries.
• No need for a minimum residency period required.
• In the top 30 passports of the world
• Contains full medical rights.
• Holders obtain benefits from Pension Programs as Turkish citizens.
• Provides free education and University reimbursement plans.
• Gives voting rights to all kinds of elections.
• Allows dual citizenship indeed who have a Turkish passport, they can also have dual citizenship. Turkish passport has a 10-year validity when you take it and it is renewable for a lifetime.

Dual Citizenship & Turkuaz Card System

Dual citizenship is a status of a person who is a citizen of two different nationalities at the same time. Turkey allows dual citizenship.

If you live in a country that does not allow dual citizenship or secondary citizenship, Turkey has a Turkuaz Card program. Turkuaz card gives you full citizenship rights except voting in Turkey. (Read more about the Turquoise Card system here.)

Types of Turkish Passport

There are four different types of Turkish Passport:

• Ordinary Passport: Public passport of Turkish citizens. Foreigners gain ordinary passports with citizenship by investment program
• Green passport: High-level government officers
• Grey Passport: State employees, journalists and etc.
• Black Passport: Authorized government officers working abroad as diplomats

How to Get a Turkish Passport?

There is a number of ways to obtain a Turkish passport; however, the most popular one at the moment is acquiring citizenship by property and fund purchasing. According to the new law in Turkey, it is possible to gain Turkish citizenship by means of buying real estate valued at 250.000 USD.

Alternatively, you can also invest in a Turkish bank with a deposit of 500.000 USD, either of those will guarantee a Turkish passport within 60 days that is handed directly to you. Additionally, shall your property purchase through our company, we will make sure this process is as smooth as possible every step of the way as part of our free after-sales services. Research shows that property sales have been increasing which means that more and more people come to Turkey and they want to settle down. Antalya Homes will guide you in buying the best properties from luxury complex apartments to private villas with rich portfolios and experienced sales agents. Whether it's to start a second life, or it's investment new business opportunities, Antalya homes can answer your all demands. We are by your side in the process of taking Turkish citizenship and a Turkish Passport.

So, Why Turkey?

It is undoubtedly true that there are numerous benefits of getting citizenship from other countries across the world, and Turkey is a country that is preferred by many foreigners in this regard. Turkey’s historical background, cultural wealth, strategic location, economic growth, geographical position, climate, and nature have made Turkey stand out from other countries in the world. The domestic and foreign investors and entrepreneurs would have privileges when they get the Turkish Passport.

Research shows that property sales have been increasing which means that people who visit Turkey, have decided to settle down for various reasons. One reason that has made Turkey attractive is that it has witnessed all civilizations, Turkey hosts the first human settlement which has a history of 12.000 years. We offer the best properties in Turkey’s popular cities such as; if you like beach and holiday lifestyle, Antalya and Mediterranean region - If you like quiet and peaceful places, Trabzon and Black Sea region – If you want to live in the heart of Turkey, Istanbul is suitable for you.

The geographical position is another important factor. Turkey is a bridge between Europe and Asia and it has provided a functional role on a trade route. The geostrategic position of Turkey obtains both political weight and privileges to Turkish citizenship. In the near future, Turkey can be the center between Europe and modern Western Europe. Being a transition center in the Far East and Near East does not seem to be a dream.

Turkey’s nature and climate turn it from heaven into the earth. Turkey is a unique country with its natural beauty, lush areas, pure sea, golden beaches, meadows, and flatlands. Thanks to these features, the tourism sector has an important place in the selection of the Turkish Passport.

Turkish economic growth determines Turkey’s position in the world. According to the new vision of the Turkish government that Turkey supports foreign and domestic investors and entrepreneurs. The Turkish growth strategy is based on supporting the economy, providing new resources, and sustainable developments in the long term.

Turkey is closely following technological developments. Turkish government knows that supporting technological developments is a crucial step as this is considered to be an era of technological advancements. Both domestic and foreign investors are promoted by the Turkish government to contribute to this growth. This also shows that Turkish citizenship is packed with unmissable opportunities for both investors and businessmen. (Read Why Turkey? page.)

Visa Regulation For Turkish Passports - Visa-Free Country List

According to The Henley Passport Index, the Turkish passport ranked 38th globally, and it has 114 points on the travel without visa index. The Turkish passport allows the holders to travel to 72 countries freely without the need for a visa and enter 42 countries with a visa on arrival. You can apply for the visa online via eVisa to 7 countries.

You can find the Turkish passport's visa requirements for all countries on our All About Turkish Passport | Countries with Visa-Free Entry page.

Update: 30.01.2018

CountryVisa requirementAllowed StayNotes
Flag of Belgium BelgiumVisa required  
Flag of Canada CanadaVisa required  
Flag of the Central African Republic Central African RepublicVisa required  
Flag of China ChinaVisa required  
Flag of Cyprus CyprusVisa required  
Flag of Denmark DenmarkVisa required  
Flag of Egypt EgyptVisa required Visa not required when traveling as part of the tourist group that consists of at least 10 persons.
Visa on arrival for Turkish citizens younger than 20 or older than 45 years.
Flag of France FranceVisa required  
Flag of Germany GermanyVisa required  
Flag of Iran IranVisa not required3 months 
Flag of Iraq IraqVisa on arrival Citizens of Turkey are allowed visa-free access only if arriving at Baghdad International Airport.
Flag of Ireland IrelandVisa required May transit without a visa.
Flag of Italy ItalyVisa required  
Flag of Jordan JordanVisa not required3 months 
Flag of Kuwait KuwaiteVisa / Visa on arrival3 months 
Flag of Moldova MoldovaVisa not required90 days90 days within any 180 day period. - ID card valid.
Flag of Netherlands NetherlandsVisa required  
Flag of Qatar QatarVisa not required90 days 
Flag of Romania RomaniaVisa required Visa not required if holding a valid visa for Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus or a Schengen Member State.
Flag of Russia RussiaVisa required eVisa for up to 8 days for Amur, Oblast, Chukotka, Kamchatka, Khabarovsk, Krai, Primorye and Sakhalin regions of the Russian Far East for tourism, business and humanitarian purposes. Available at 6 airports, 5 seaports, some railway and road entry points.
Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi ArabiaVisa required  
Flag of Serbia SerbiaVisa not required90 days 
Flag of South Africa South AfricaVisa not required30 days 
Flag of Spain SpainVisa required  
Flag of Sweden SwedenVisa required  
Flag of Ukraine UkraineVisa not required90 days90 days within any 180-day period. - ID card valid.
Flag of United Arab Emirates United Arab EmiratesVisa required May apply online.
Flag of United Kingdom United KingdomVisa required Transit Visa Required unless other exemptions apply for Visa-free Direct Airside Transit.
Flag of United States United StatesVisa required  
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