What Is Better, Buying a House or Building One in Turkey?

What Is Better, Buying a House or Building One in Turkey?Many property buyers are torn between buying an existing home and building their dream home from scratch. They are always asking the question: is it better to build or buy a house?

Both options have several advantages and disadvantages. However, the decision will ultimately be based on your personal preferences, budget, and needs.

When deciding whether to build or buy a house, it's important to remember that both processes come with extra costs. Consider the properties you've seen and your expectations for this new home. If you're going to construct, take your time and enjoy watching your ideal home come to life. If buying appears to be the better option, gather the information on how to get the best mortgage rate.

In Turkey, you can do both as there are many options available. The demand for real estate in Turkey has skyrocketed in recent years. This country has become a popular holiday destination as well as an investment opportunity.

Turkey’s property prices are lower than other neighboring European countries. Turkey has the same number of attractions as its neighboring countries, with the added benefit of being less crowded and more developed. Low housing prices and plenty of space to construct in uncrowded cities are among the reasons why many international property buyers are choosing Turkey.

If you’d like to know more about the steps to buying a house and the house buying process, then you can check out our buying guide for more detailed information.

Why Building a Home in Turkey a Good Idea?

What Is Better, Buying a House or Building One in Turkey?Yes, there are many good reasons to build and design your own house. One being is that you get the exact house design you had in mind. You’ll be able to customize the property to your own needs. You also won’t be restricted to a specific location or neighborhood.

Another reason is that you will save yourself the trouble of competitive offers. When you build a house, you eliminate the need for the back-and-forth with other buyers.

In Turkey, a five-year building warranty is standard with most builders. As a result, you can rest assured that your ideal home is built appropriately and is professionally certified by the construction company.

The cost to build a house may rise or fall depending on the demands and needs. The most important thing is getting professional assistance for house construction. Experienced architects calculate every property’s details precisely. They will also plan and protect your home's functionality.

The prices of houses built with various materials vary per square meter. The cost of land should be calculated first when calculating the cost to build a home. The price per square meter of land in the city center is now established by the local municipality, hence it varies.

When answering the questions: “Does it cost more to build or buy a house?” or “Is it cheaper to build or buy a house?” We can say it is determined by a variety of things.

Location plays a huge role. Land in the outskirts of town may be more reasonable and less expensive than buying a home in other areas. However, if you want to build a house in a location in the capital city or near the beach, then it will cost a lot more. Because empty lots may not be available in your desired area, you may have to consider purchasing a home with the aim of knocking it down and rebuilding it.

When you build, you must pay also for all aspects of the project. You do, however, have some say over how much you spend on construction-related expenses. For example, you may choose cheaper floors, skip the pool, and go with modest landscaping.

On the other hand, existing houses are move-in ready, and you'll have to take the price given. Unless you intend to make upgrades, you don't have to choose between the cheaper or the expensive flooring. However, some older properties may require extensive renovations, depending on the need or your own expectations.

So, if you’re wondering if it is cheaper to buy or build a house, then it's a good idea to get out there and examine what existing homes are available. This will depend on for your budget. You can then compare that to the type of home you could afford to build.

What Are the Key Points for Building Own House in Turkey?

The main five steps in building a house are as follows.

What Is Better, Buying a House or Building One in Turkey?• Purchase of land plot and ownership

There is a variety of properties lands to choose from. Land for sale allows you the right to own land while also providing you with the highest level of security as an investor.

• Design Process

Typically, designing a home involves working with an architect or designer to plan a new home. This includes creating a floor plan and adding sustainable design principles. Then selecting building techniques, materials, and finishes.

• Contract agreement and terms

Once the design is complete, there is the signing of a building contract. The contract will detail all items and conditions during and after construction. The contract will be finalized by a lawyer.

• Building Permission

Upon signing the contract, it is submitted to the local authorities to secure a building permit. This procedure will take approximately 3-4 weeks.

• And finally, the construction stage.

Keep in mind that there are components of quality that are key parts of construction. These are:

  • Insulation for the foundation for protection against water and heat.
  • Installation of the house's supporting parts.
  • The roof and the dual-layer
  • Interior design and finishes

How to Choose a Plot for Building a Dream House in Turkey?

This is heavily influenced by the available budget. Beachfront properties, as well as hillside plots with views, attract high prices. Plots can be cheaper if you go further inland and to a rural area.

A professional agent will know the available plots that would be suited for you after understanding your needs and will have connections to the landowner. This can be a single person or, as is frequent in Turkey, a group of family members as land is passed down through generations.

You should do the appropriate checks with the proper authorities and use only established and certified agents, builders, and so on. In this case, your ideal home will not only be on paper but a dream come true home to live in.

Antalya Homes has extensive knowledge and expertise in the real estate market. We will help and guide you both on how to buy a property and build a house.

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