The Future of Real Estate Sector: Online Investment

Today, the real estate market is getting highly affected by technology. Proptech, smart homes, new construction technologies, and online property purchases. These all show how technology is combined with real estate for investment.

We are doing nearly all of our daily shopping online. So, it also shaped the new look of the real estate market. Property buyers are looking for digital methods to explore and purchase properties. There is also a huge effect of the pandemic. The people saw how online investment and shopping are easier than physical ways.

It is obvious that online real estate investment will have wider usage areas in the near future. Especially while buying overseas property, online purchase options will bring new horizons to the sector. Online real estate investing numbers are increasing day by day.

Advantages of Online Real Estate Investment

Advantages of Online Real Estate InvestmentThere are many advantages of online property purchase starting from saving time and money to easier processes. The easier and faster way to purchase real estate can be more secure by working with a professional real estate company. Let’s look at some of the main advantages of online real estate purchases;

  • Getting More Options — Especially While Buying Abroad

By exploring and buying property online, you may get better and more options. You will be able to inspect a larger area for opportunities. Well, also if you are going to buy property abroad and don’t know the area well, you may be sticking to a single city or region.

  • Saving Time and Money

While purchasing real estate online, you don’t have to worry about schedules and travel expenses. You will be able to do online viewing tours through a video call. So, you won’t be tired or spend money to travel.

  • Easier Process

While you invest in property online, you will experience faster and easier processes. But to get it, you should work with professional and reliable real estate professionals. It will ensure your security against pitfalls.

  • Fix the Price

Sometimes it is hard to find a property that suits your needs and budget. When you find it, you may want to not miss it. You may use online purchasing options to fix the price and reserve the property.

Which Places Are Ideal to Buy Property Online?

Which Places Are Ideal to Buy Property Online?As long as you find a professional real estate company with online sale experience, you may buy property online anywhere. But, after the pandemic, some countries getting high real estate demand experienced something unique.

The shopping habits of people highly changed with the lockdowns. People who are using the internet less also started shopping online. That’s why there will be numerous options to invest in real estate online. In many countries, there are online real estate investment companies.

Some countries have easier processes for property purchases. With developed real estate market, Turkey is the ideal country to buy property online.

To buy and sell property online, Turkey has formal procedures consisting of easy and fast processes. Turkey's stable real estate market with low risk is drawing the attention of numerous local and foreign investors.

How to Buy Property Online in Turkey?

There are many ways to buy property online in Turkey, but the most secure and fastest way is TeleProperty. You may individually find a seller that can sell the property to you online. You may give a power of attorney to your proxy. But it is obviously not secure.

TeleProperty is a system that allows buyers to purchase their desired property in Turkey, without leaving their own house.

Buyers can use the TeleProperty system during the whole process or until the reservation stage. It is all up to the buyers. TeleProperty can be used in all properties of Antalya Homes’ portfolio.

There are many reasons to invest in property in Turkey. Online property purchase in Turkey opportunities also makes it more practical.

The TeleProperty system consists of easy, fast, and secure steps. The steps to buying real estate online with TeleProperty are;

couple pointing a paper house with yellow boxes around1. Choose the Ideal Property for You

First, you choose the property that suits your needs and desires. If you need more options and consultancy, you may get advice from the agents of Antalya Homes to create a perfect wishlist for yourself.

2. Get the Property Information

After you choose a property to buy or create a wishlist, real estate agents of Antalya Homes send you the property information. This information includes a title deed, floor plans, price, availability lists, location info, and legal permissions.

3. Inspect the Property with an Online Viewing Tour

You make an online video call to see the property. This video call can be through Facetime, WhatsApp, or Skype with our real estate agent. During the online viewing tour, you may ask any questions about the property to the agent and seller.

4. Negotiation

When you confirm that you are going to buy the property, we make negotiate with the seller. We get the final prices, payment plan, and other terms on delivery, on your behalf.

5. Sales Agreement

We prepare a sales agreement that include all agreed terms, conditions, and payment plan. The seller signs the contract first.

6. Payment

After the contract is signed by the seller, you may make the payment by sending it to the bank account of the seller.

7. Title Deed Transfer

The last step is the title deed transfer. You may attend this step to get the title deed by yourself, or you may send a power of attorney to us to complete this step on your behalf.

Online investing in Turkish properties is easy as it looks. From purchasing residential properties to invest in commercial real estate online, Antalya Homes offer modern and fast solutions.

In addition to its traditional real estate services, Antalya Homes is now a modern online real estate investment platform. Contact us today to learn details of how to invest in property online in Turkey!

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Created: 03.04.2023, 12.00Updated: 06.04.2023, 15.19
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