How To Invest in Commercial Real Estate in Turkey?

Yes, the Turkish property market offers good return on investment rates with commercial real estate options as well as residential properties. Commercial real estate is a type of property that is used for business purposes. Shops, where you buy your daily needs, are all examples of commercial properties. Commercial properties in Turkey include office buildings, medical centers, hotels, restaurants, malls, retail stores, warehouses, and garages.

Investing in commercial property is an attractive option for property buyers due to the high return on investment rates. Each passing day, more and more buyers prefer to invest in commercial property thanks to the good rental incomes.

How To Invest in Commercial Real Estate in Turkey?Buyers prefer commercial real estate for two main reasons. Some buyers purchase commercial real estate to start a business. On the other hand, some buyers are purchasing commercial property for investment purposes.

As commercial properties are rented at high prices, business owners want to own the properties in which they operate. Buying commercial property as a business owner benefits the buyers in more than one aspect. First of all, owning a commercial property avoids the high rents they would normally pay. On the other hand, the property gains value each passing day.

Investors also consider commercial properties as a profitable investment opportunity. Even if they don’t use the property to run their business, making a commercial property investment in Turkey pays off well. In this regard, buying commercial property for investment in Turkey is one of the most profitable investments.

There are many advantages of investing in commercial property in Turkey such as high return on investment rates and a great increase in property value. Besides, annual property tax rates are pretty low in Turkey. Furthermore, tenants are supposed to pay the monthly maintenance costs which means regular costs are very low when you own a commercial property in Turkey.

How To Get Into Commercial Real Estate Investing in Turkey

Before purchasing commercial investment properties in Turkey, you should learn about the area as much as possible. You can buy commercial properties in developed areas as properties in these areas always promise a good return on your investment. Checking newly developing areas can also be advantageous as the potential return on investment is always very high in these areas.

You might have questions like “Is commercial property a good investment in Turkey?”. Yes. It is one of the most stable investments you can make in terms of real estate investment. However, it does not necessarily mean that every commercial property is a good investment instrument. To make a good return on your investment, you should buy the right property.

The area where the property is located affects the current and future value directly. A detailed study about the area can help buyers make the right investment. If you are expecting a good return on investment, you should know the population characteristics, upcoming projects, and public investments in the area. These features can easily increase the rental and sales value of commercial property in a very short time.

Property features are also important when investing in commercial real estate. The size of the property affects the value, rental price, and the number of businesses to run. Additional features like elevators, car parking areas, and security increase the value both when renting out and reselling.

How To Start Investing in Commercial Real Estate in Turkey

How To Invest in Commercial Real Estate in Turkey?When buying property overseas, dealing with a professional real estate agent is crucial. Getting professional assistance becomes even more important when buying commercial real estate. As commercial real estate investment requires experience and knowledge, it is highly recommended to deal with an agent in this process.

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All properties in our portfolio have a “Best Price Guarantee”. This means you can not find the same property for a lower price in the property market. This gives buyers a chance to make the best investment at the best possible prices.

Our team of local property experts offers a smooth property buying process. We guide our customers throughout the property buying process and finalize the process with “Zero Failure”. We guide you entirely from choosing your property to signing the title deeds.

If you are looking for the best commercial properties to invest in, our agents are awaiting your call for full guidance.

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