How Foreigners Transfer Property in Turkey?

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  1. How Can Foreigners Transfer Property in Turkey?
  2. How Easy Can a Foreigner Take Property Title Deed in Turkey?

To transfer property in Turkey, the buyer needs to obtain the title deed. Effectively, the title deed is a legal document that proves you are the owner of the property. This document called “Tapu” in Turkish is necessary for all the transactions you have to do after buying real estate.

The transfer of the title deed is one of the steps in the real estate buying process. It can be difficult for those who do not know the language of the country and who do not have the knowledge to perform the task. Don't worry because when you are working with a trusted and experienced team like Antalya Homes ®, the title deed transaction is a child’s play!

How Can Foreigners Transfer Property in Turkey?

How Can Foreigners Transfer Property in Turkey?For Turkish citizens, transferring property is easy because they know the process and the language of the country. This is not the case for foreigners who come to Turkey to buy real estate. To make this arduous task easier, Antalya Homes offers an efficient service during property purchasing. (For more details, please visit our property purchasing page)

Clearly, the transfer of a property is done through a title deed called "Tapu" in Turkish. The title deed is an important document specifying that you are the owner of the property and all the properties are freehold in Turkey. So, a freehold tapu permits you to have full rights on the property but also to your family after your death.

The title deed is delivered by the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre (Tapu ve Kadastro Genel Müdürlüğü - TKGM), situated all around the country, therefore both parties (seller and buyer) must provide all documents to this institution. For your information, the necessary documents are:

Provided by the buyer:

  • The translation and the original passport,
  • Tax number,
  • Statement of identity information form,
  • Appraisal report.

Provided by the seller:

  • Current title deed,
  • ID.

Remember that the fees for obtaining the title deed must be paid before the day of transfer. (For more information, please visit our page expenses) In addition, for all operations carried out for the Land Registry and Cadastre Office you will need to be accompanied by a translator as the officers of the Land Registry and Cadastre Office speak only Turkish and all the documents are written in Turkish.

The process takes between 2-3 days depending on the amount of work of the Land Registry and Cadastre Office. The title deed transfer is a quick and easy task as long as you follow the steps carefully:

  • After having gathered all the necessary documents (listed above) for the application of the title deed, you have to submit them to the Land Registry and Cadastre Office. Then, an appointment will be given to you by this same office for the final signatures.
  • Before the signature, the buyer must pay the total amount of the property due to the seller. Generally, this step can take time because of the money transfer from a foreign bank account to the seller’s bank account.
  • Assisted by your interpreter, you will go to the appointment in order to sign and obtain your title deed. Then both parties sign the title deed conveyance agreement, and finally, the officer of the Land Registry and Cadastre Office gives the printed version of the title deed to the buyer.

Obtaining your title deed will allow you to connect your property to utilities such as water, electricity, telephone, etc.

How Easy Can a Foreigner Take Property Title Deed in Turkey?

Antalya Homes ® is always present for its customers when buying real estate in Turkey with its before and after-sales services. You will always be accompanied by a professional team who speaks your language!

For the acquisition of the title deed, your real estate agent will be by your side to collect the necessary documents and guide you through the steps of this process, which may seem difficult to you.

How Easy Can a Foreigner Take Property Title Deed in Turkey?

If you cannot be physically present, you can easily give a power of attorney to the person of your choice, to a lawyer, or our professional team. If you choose to give us power of attorney, we will inform you about all the steps and send you the title deed to your address, or if you wish we will keep it until your visit to Turkey.

In addition, with its Teleproperty service, Antalya Homes ® allows you to get your title deed without leaving your sofa while sipping your coffee! Now, it is easy for a foreigner to take a property title deed in Turkey. (For more information about Teleproperty, please visit our Teleproperty page.)

Finally, the property transfer should no longer seem inaccessible to you after reading this information. You just need to be well accompanied by professionals guiding you from the beginning to the end. Our professional team works according to our principle “Zero Failure” and aims to satisfy the customers during this beautiful journey towards the dream home.

If you have more questions, please contact our professional team or visit our office.

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