How to Become a Turkish Citizen as Pakistani?

Turkish citizenship offers various advantages for people who wish to stay in Turkey for more than the allowed period which is limited to 90 days. Becoming a Turkish citizen is an easy process and also a great option to move to Turkey for a Pakistani. It offers a wide variety of advantages such as free medical support, education options, and pension programs.

How to Acquire Turkish Citizenship as Pakistani?

Turkish citizenship application is an easy process for many foreigners, but mostly Pakistan nationals. The relationship between Pakistani and Turkish nationals has always been warm because of the shared historical and cultural memories. There are many ways to become a Turkish citizen such as by birth or adoption, by Turquoise Card System, by marriage, by financial investment, and buying a property. But the most common way among Pakistan nationals is by financial and real estate investment. The investment option allows you to get Turkish citizenship, profit from the investment, and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle by living in Turkey.

Advantages of Being a Turkish Citizen for Pakistan Nationals

How to become a Turkish citizen as PakistaniTurkish citizenship allows benefiting all social and legal services offered by the state such as free education, medical and legal support. The benefits of being a Turkish citizen are listed below.

• No residency limit in Turkey,
• No continuous residency condition in Turkey (You can still live abroad as a Turkish citizen),
• Free medical support,
• Free education opportunities (Including state universities all around the country),
• Free pension programs,
• Easy procedures while establishing a new business line or buying a property,
• Citizenship right is granted to all family members such as spouse and dependent children under the age of 18,
• Visa-free traveling with Turkish passport over 100 countries.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment

In 2018, the government of Turkey announced a new method on the Turkish Official Gazette about Turkish Citizenship. New regulations allow all foreigners to become Turkish citizens by financial investment and property purchase. It is one of the most common ways since 2018 to get Turkish citizenship among foreigners, mostly Pakistan nationals. You can choose financial investment options or buy your dream property to enjoy beautiful moments with your loved ones.

Compulsory conditions to become a Turkish citizen by financial investment are listed below:

• You may deposit a minimum of 500.000 USD in cash to any Turkish bank with the condition not to withdraw the amount at least for 3 years.
• You may invest in a fixed capital investment minimum of 500.000 USD confirmed by the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology.
• You may purchase Turkish Government Bonds and Bills of a minimum of 500.000 USD with a condition not to withdraw the amount at least for 3 years.
• You may invest a minimum of 500.000 USD to the Turkish real estate investment trust or purchase the shares of the Turkish Venture Capital Investment fund.

How to become a Turkish citizen as PakistaniThe compulsory condition to become a Turkish citizen by purchasing your dream property is explained below:

• You may purchase a property worth a minimum of 400.000 USD with the condition not to sell it at least for 3 years.

Buying a property is an easy process and appealing opportunity for Pakistani to become a Turkish citizen. By purchasing your dream property; you can take advantage of the benefits of being a Turkish citizen but also profit from your investment after 3 years or continue to enjoy the colorful lifestyle of Turkey.

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