How Long Can You Stay in Turkey If You Own a Property?

A foreigner can stay in Turkey for 90 days within 180 days if they own a property or not. However, homeowners can stay longer than the given period by owning a property in Turkey.

A residence permit allows foreigners to stay in Turkey for more than a 90-day limit. Homeowners can apply for a residence permit with their title deed. Foreigners owning property in Turkey must renew their residence permits each year within the period of ownership.

The residing period depends on the type of the residence permit. There are different types of residence permits in Turkey. Take a look at permit types on our "Residence Permit in Turkey" page.

How Long Can You Stay in Turkey If You Own a Property?Some key points need attention when buying a property in Turkey and getting a residency. Here are some top tips about obtaining a residence permit by real estate investment:

• To apply for a residence permit in Turkey, the property must be used for housing purposes. You should own an apartment in Turkey or a house. The property must be used in parallel with this purpose. Your residence permit may not be approved if you bought a commercial property or farmland in Turkey.

• You must abide by the rules and follow the time limitation. You may need to renew your residence permit each year if it is gained by owning a Turkish property. The renewal applications start 60 days before the expiration date of the residence permit.

• In case of a change of address within the residence period, the foreigner must inform the authorities. New address information must be submitted within 20 days to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management and Provincial Directorate of Civil Registration and Citizenship.

• A residence permit doesn’t come with a right to work. You will need a separate permit to work in Turkey. However, a valid work permit gives the right to stay in Turkey within the working period. But it is important to remember that: If your work permit expires and you complete the working period, your residence will expire with it.

To sum up, a work permit does not give a permanent living right to a foreigner in Turkey.

• You can apply for a residence permit with a rental agreement but it has disadvantages. You can only get a touristic residence permit for short-term stays with a rental agreement. Your renewal application for residency in Turkey can be rejected without a reason.

• It is possible to become a Turkish citizen after living in Turkey for 5 years. If you stay in Turkey legally for 5 years without a gap, you can apply for Turkish citizenship. This way, you will get the opportunity to live in Turkey permanently and have the privileges of a Turkish citizen. For more information read our benefits of the Turkish passport article.

Our expert team is happy to help you with buying a house in Turkey and residency as a property owner. Reach us for professional real estate guidance and find your dream home today!

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Created: 11.05.2022, 09.20Updated: 11.05.2022, 08.24
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