The Best Place to Buy Property in Turkey

The best places in Turkey to buy property are İstanbul, Antalya, Bodrum, Fethiye, Ankara, Bursa, Trabzon, and Yalova. Some of them stand out a bit more than others in some aspects.

While making a property investment, the first question that pops up in mind starts with “Where?”. Pointing to one city and saying that it is the best place to buy investment property in Turkey wouldn’t be right. Each city has its own privileges, lifestyle quality, and opportunities.

The perspective of “the best” depends on your needs and expectations from your investment. It is convenient to say that the location, qualifications, and annual yield rate are the main factors that affect the idea of the best property. Let’s discuss what are the best places in Turkey to buy a property and why?

Where is the Best Place to Buy Property in Turkey?

Each city has its own beauty and privilege in different aspects in Turkey. We’ve listed the highly preferred cities for a real estate investment and discussed the facts and reasons. Let’s explore the best cities to invest in real estate in Turkey.

1. İstanbul

This charming megacity was the capital of two of the greatest empires in history: The Ottomans and the Byzantines. However, as the famous song says, now it’s İstanbul, not Constantinople!

Today’s İstanbul is more than just a big historical city. It’s a place where you can chase new career opportunities. It’s a business hub filled with global companies and production centers and a multicultural city that is a home for numerous foreigners. These factors make the city one of the greatest places to invest in İstanbul real estate.

According to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), İstanbul ranked first with the highest number of house sales with 276.223 houses in December 2021. There are many reasons for this high demand. One of the reasons is the city’s rising popularity among foreigners, especially Europeans.

The other reason is the quality lifestyle in European standards but low costs in comparison to the European cities. İstanbul is a metropolitan city with the highest annual income rate which allows people to live a high-class lifestyle in comfort. The city has everything you are looking for in the palm of your hand.

These factors have affected the demographic table of the megacity. In February 2021, the Turkish Statistical Institute announced that the population of İstanbul rose to 15 million people. This high interest creates a profitable opportunity in terms of rental income.

This way you can turn your property into a source of income very easily. The renting period in İstanbul may differ depending on the location, qualifications, and interior equipment. However, the average time of renting a property is between 10 to 20 days in İstanbul.

New regions have been developing as metropolitan districts for the past few years. The recently built residential projects mostly center around new living areas such as Kartal, Kagithane, Esenyurt, Bagcilar, Maltepe, and Arnavutkoy.

The new projects in İstanbul are generally designed with modern features suitable for a contemporary and sustainable lifestyle. The comprehensive housing projects consist of rich social facilities from multiple swimming pools to wellness centers including a spa, a Turkish bath, and a sauna within the complex.

In parallel with the increase in the number of these projects with extensive social facilities, the competitive market creates a great advantage in terms of affordability. This way, you can experience exclusivity with affordable prices in İstanbul.

2. Antalya

We all know that this gorgeous Mediterranean town is perfect for a summer holiday. But Antalya is also a great place for buying property in Turkey for foreigners.

The number of expats living in Antalya has reached nearly 137 thousand in 2021. This shows a 45,2% increase more than in the year 2020. But why do 137.000 foreigners choose to live in Antalya?

The city is nestled on the southern coast of Turkey. The geographical borders expand from Gazipaşa on the east to Kaş on the west and the coastline stretches for 640 kilometers. Thanks to its strategic location, the city overlooks the stunning Mediterranean sea and is full of breathtaking wonders of nature.

The city’s wonderful living conditions, its climate, and beautiful nature are all well-known facts. Also, the privileges and opportunities make Antalya a wonderful place to grow old in. Living in Antalya is a dream come true for expats because the city provides comfort, luxury, and entertainment at the same time.

Foreigners mostly focus on coastal seaside districts in Antalya to buy property. Generally houses in Alanya, and villas in Belek and Kemer apartments for sale draw attention with their privileges and qualifications.

According to the data published by Anadolu Agency, foreigners mostly choose to live in Alanya, a famous coastal district in the eastern part of Antalya. For the past few years, Alanya has developed as an important investment region due to the high demand.

Today, expats occupy more than 10% of the population in Alanya. For the past 5 years, the foreign population in Alanya has increased by 62.3%. These changes in the demographic status stimulated the construction works.

New neighborhoods were established, and deep-rooted regions have expanded their borders in Alanya. The district has become the new investment area with high annual yield potential. Alanya is both a good place in terms of return on investment and also for permanent living.

After Alanya, Belek comes in second in terms of high demand by foreigners in recent years. It takes three words to describe this exquisite settlement: luxury, colorful lifestyle, and comfort.

Belek is a place where you can turn your dreams into reality. You can enjoy the bright sunshine more than 300 days a year. The whole ambiance of the region is an all-year-long holiday concept.

The region has been developed as golf heaven in Turkey since the 1980s. It hosts numerous international golf tournaments and activities at its prestigious golf resorts each year.

Why limit the joy of the privileged Mediterranean lifestyle to a few weeks when you can experience it for a lifetime? Most property buyers choose villas instead of other types of real estate in Belek. The villas come with extensive privileges of owning both interior and exterior spaces at the same time.

Private living spaces are generally combined with wide terraces and large outdoor areas such as swimming pools, gardens, bbq areas, etc. It also creates a great source of income through short-term rentals in the summer season. Belek is a sought-after vacation destination not only by foreigners but also by Turkish residents.

Take a look at the best Antalya apartments for sale and scroll down through the page to find your dream home in Antalya.

3. Mugla

Imagine a place where you can witness the rich culture of the Aegean and Mediterranean at the same time. A place where you can feel the cool breezes under the bright sun with an all-year-long summer taste in your mouth. That place is Mugla!

Mugla is an intersection between the Mediterranean shore and the Aegean coastline. The city and its small settlements represent and combine both cultures in harmony. The city’s some of the seaside districts stand out more than the Mugla’s itself. Milas, Bodrum, and Fethiye are the most sought-after holiday destinations in the city.

Bodrum stands out as the main attraction center of the Turkish Riviera. The lively ambiance of Bodrum comes from its deep-rooted culture. Its historical background traces back to 3000 B.C.

The former settlement of Halicarnassus is characterized by well-known historian Homer as the “Eternal Heaven of the Blue”. It is convenient to say that Homer was right after all.

The Bodrum peninsula attracts thousands of tourists and property buyers each year. It is generally a second home for the elite class, business people, celebrities, and holidaymakers thanks to its charming atmosphere.

The blue flag beaches, well-preserved historical monuments, and natural beauties offering picturesque views are the main reasons why people choose to live in Bodrum. It is a place where you can experience all kinds of lifestyles at the same time.

Would you like to enjoy more of a Boheme-concept weekend? You should visit Gümüslük!

Do you want to cherish yourself with a bit of luxury instead? Turn your wheels to Yalikavak for a quick getaway. It’s a multicultural settlement where you can fit in everywhere!

The number of foreign residents occupies the %14 of Bodrum’s population. Due to the high demand, the number of construction works increased in parallel with it. The most common modern properties in Bodrum are villas with wide interior spaces and extensive outdoor areas.

The building context of the peninsula has developed in parallel with its climate and environment. This way you can take a sip from your sangria under the bright sun and enjoy the breathtaking sea views from your poolside lounge.

In the age of innovation, these contemporary houses are usually equipped with the latest technology and high-quality materials. They are usually built with every kind of insulation, smart home systems, automatic household appliances, and sustainable attributes to increase lifestyle quality.

Other than the laidback lifestyle full of privileges, Bodrum is a perfect place for a profitable investment. In May 2021, the value of residential properties in Bodrum per sqm was 8.270 TL. The real estate values increased up to 35.607 TL per sqm in Bodrum within 1 year. This shows great investment potential in the long-term haul.

4. Ankara

The capital Ankara has developed as a republican city. Ankara has been the center of art, culture, education, and public institutions since the day of its modern foundation. The capital city ranks second in the highest population with nearly 6 million residents. The number of comprehensive housing projects in Ankara has risen in parallel with the population.

The new residential complexes in Ankara are mostly designed as mixed projects with innovative features. A great number of these comprehensive gated communities have multiple types of properties such as Ankara Turkey houses for sale, single-storey or duplex houses, spacious commercial properties, etc.

They also include extensive on-site facilities. These complexes consist of swimming pools, Turkish baths, sports areas, children’s playgrounds, kindergarten, and wellness centers including a spa, sauna, and steam room within the project. The conditions of these residential projects are perfect for families in terms of safety, time, and productivity. This way you can spend quality time with your children only a few meters away from your home.

Also, the never-ending need for accommodation in Ankara shows a promising real estate market. Ankara is the home of the most prestigious universities and public institutions. Because of that, the renting period is short in Ankara because of the constantly increasing population.

If you are planning to buy an apartment and turn it into a source of income, Ankara is among the best region to buy property in Turkey.

5. Bursa

What is the biggest privilege of buying an apartment for sale in Bursa Turkey and living there? Definitely, the advantage of reaching megacity İstanbul quickly.

It takes only 2 hours to reach the gorgeous city of İstanbul via seaways. Bursa is a perfect place if you want to be in touch with İstanbul but want to experience a private and tranquil lifestyle.

The city has everything you can ask for from a metropolitan settlement. Bursa is filled with extensive daily and social amenities within easy reach, and an endless number of entertainment and activity centers.

Investing in Bursa comes with an advantage: great return on investment. This historical city is a major trade center since the Ottoman Period, especially in textile and industry. 39,6% of the living population works in production, industry, and trade markets.

Bursa hosts a large number of production centers. Being able to reach the raw materials easily will reduce the expenses and costs, which will be added on top to your profit margin. And in 2021, 32.9% of the foreign tourists visiting Turkey also traveled to Bursa.

The high interest in the city creates a great opportunity to earn a high income for your new retail business. Bursa is a perfect place to establish a new business or open a new branch of your existing one.

6. Trabzon

If you are seeking comfort and privacy altogether, Trabzon leads the way as the best place to buy property in Turkey. Located on the northeastern coasts of Turkey, Trabzon benefits from the intact nature of the Black Sea region.

Trabzon is a small city where every need is at the tip of your finger. Each corner of the city charms you with picturesque views of nature and the Black Sea. Every breath you take your heart will be filled with the warm and healthy ambiance of the city.

Living in Trabzon is comfortable, affordable, and away from the hustle and the bustle. It is possible to live up to high living standards with a minimum wage in Trabzon.

Also, the environmental conditions are perfect to raise your children in terms of safety, nurture, and wellness. Most of the properties in Trabzon are mostly built with extensive features suitable for families. There are complexes with outdoor places such as playgrounds, sports courts, and swimming pools. This way your children can spend quality time away from their smartphones.

The city also hosts the most education centers such as Avrasya University and Karadeniz Technical University. It’s a perfect place to raise your child surrounded by a great environment and comfortable conditions.

7. Yalova

In parallel with the increasing density of population in İstanbul, most of the peace-seekers were piled into the nearby cities such as Yalova, Bursa, or Kocaeli. Yalova has become a modern settlement offering a classy and comfortable lifestyle within close distance to the İstanbul city.

Life in Yalova is entertaining, joyful, and modest yet colorful. You can take a trip to İstanbul with a ferry easily, spend a lovely day and travel back to your home on the same day. But also, the decent living conditions, healthy lifestyle surrounded by well-preserved nature, and modernity are the main highlights of Yalova.

The number of new residential projects increased severely over the past few years. These projects are generally built in a decent environment and designed with innovative features suitable for contemporary lifestyles. This way you can live your best life without giving up on your conveniences in your comfort zone.

Houses for sale in Yalova Turkey are among the most preferred properties because they provide enough amount of interior space with extensive outdoor living areas with privacy. There are duplex and triplex villa options with customizable features such as roof terraces, private pools, large gardens, underground garages, and more.

We’ve listed the best places to buy your dream property in different aspects. While purchasing a property, you’re also stepping further into your dream lifestyle.

Your new home in Turkey can lead you to your new future with the privileges of a Turkish Citizen. Every city has its own ambiance which meets certain conditions, choose yours today; buy property in Turkey and get citizenship tomorrow!

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