Essentials of Getting a Residence Permit in North Cyprus

Table of Contents
  1. Who Needs a Residence Permit in North Cyprus?
  2. Types of Residence Permits in North Cyprus
  3. How to Obtain Residence Permit in North Cyprus as a Real Estate Owner
  4. Necessary Documents to Apply for a Residence Permit by Owning a Real Estate
  5. How Long Does It Take to Get Residency in North Cyprus?
  6. Things You Should Pay Attention While Applying for a North Cyprus Residency

A residence permit is an allowance given to foreigners to stay for a significant period of time in a foreign country. Foreigners must get permission for residency to stay more than 90 days in North Cyprus.

Northern Cyprus, the breathtaking Mediterranean settlement on the island of Cyprus, is a highly demanded destination by foreigners. With its sunny climate, lively ambiance, turquoise sea, and sandy beaches, it doesn’t fall behind among other popular holiday locations. It even stands out as a more budget-friendly vacation destination, offering unique experiences.

In recent years, the demand for getting residence permits in Northern Cyprus has increased severely. Here is everything you need to know about Northern Cyprus residence permit legislation.

Who Needs a Residence Permit in North Cyprus?

couple walking with baggage at airport enteranceForeigners who wish to stay in Northern Cyprus for more than 90 days in 180 days need to get a residence permit. It gives the opportunity to enter and exit the TRNC freely.

Foreigners who hold a valid working permit or business-establishment permit do not need to get separate permission for a residency.

A recognized stateless person, and foreigners who are married to a TRNC citizen are exempted from a residence permit.

Minors below 18 years old who have a parent living in TRNC are not obligated to get a residence permit. This is also the case for dependent adults with a disability above 18 years old.

Also, people who need to stay in Northern Cyprus for compulsory military duty do not need a residence permit in TRNC. This law is only binding for the duration of their mandatory service.

State representatives, diplomatic passport holders, and consulate officials are also exempted from getting a residence permit.

Types of Residence Permits in North Cyprus

 young family moving to a new houseThere are four main types of residence permits to live in North Cyprus. The short-term residence permit is given for a maximum of one year each time. The family residence permit is given for a maximum of two years.

The student residence permit is granted up to two years of residency for each time and according to the education period. Lastly, foreigners above 60 years old can get a residence permit for a maximum of three years each time.

Other than the short-term residence permit, all three permits listed above are granted circumstantially.

For example, the family residence permit is given to foreigners who are married to TRNC citizens. Or, their children who are below 23 years old can also get a family residence permit. However, they should not be working or are not qualified as students. Parents or spouses of foreigners with student residence permits are also eligible to apply for a family residence permit.

Foreigners enrolled in an ongoing educational program in North Cyprus should apply for a student residence permit. They can only get a residence permit for the duration of their education period. Plus, valid health insurance is compulsory. Applications via long-distance or open education programs will not be taken into consideration.

Man with a full beard holding backpackThe most common way of obtaining a TRNC residence permit is to apply for a short-term permit. People who are eligible for a short-term residency in North Cyprus should;

• Not be banned from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus before.
• Provide themselves secure and healthy living conditions during their stay. They are required to submit the address information of the place where they will stay.
• Present criminal background obtained from their home country when requested.
• Present requested documents that prove that they have the financial means to cover their living expenses in North Cyprus.
• Not have a disease that can be a threat to the country.

The short-term residence permit is given in certain situations such as;

• Attending a scientific research or archeological excavation project,
• Participating in in-service training or internship programs,
• Shooting a movie or a documentary in North Cyprus,
• Visiting North Cyprus for international agreements, educational exchange programs, or a similar purpose,
• Getting a treatment for a disease that is non-threatening to public health,
• Being a college graduate who finished at least three years of their university education,
• Being a yacht owner or operator visiting the country for yacht tourism purposes,
• Earning an income of at least five times of minimum wage. Plus, the applicant must preserve one-year-lasting savings in parallel to that amount.
• Owning or buying real estate in Northern Cyprus.

How to Obtain Residence Permit in North Cyprus as a Real Estate Owner

successful man in front of his luxury home villaIn comparison to similar countries, North Cyprus has more flexible residency requirements that can be easily met. If you own real estate in North Cyprus, you can apply for 1-year residency. At the end of the first period, you can get a renewal as long as you keep the property. You are allowed to apply as long as you wish to stay there.

There is no value threshold for properties. North Cyprus does not determine a minimum investment amount for obtaining residency via property purchasing.

However, it should have at least 17 sqm of space. The owned property also must be suitable for living and must be used only for residential purposes.

If there are multiple owners on the same title deed, only one owner can obtain residency with that title deed. However, the property owner’s family members, minor children, and spouses can also get residency.

If the property was bought with an agreement with ongoing monthly payments, the terms can change. For that, the owner must declare that they have sufficient funds to make the payments. They must own savings worth three times the minimum wage along with the monthly payment amount.

This permit will be valid for a maximum of one year for the first three years. Then if the purchasing amount is fully paid, it is granted for a maximum of two years on each application.

Necessary Documents to Apply for a Residence Permit by Owning a Real Estate

businessman holding documents in officeApplicants must submit certain documents to prove their well-being, financial stability, legal status, and identification information. These documents are:

• Certificate of residence issued by the municipality
• Bank statement that proves financial stability by showing savings and monthly income
• Medical records and health certificate
• Real estate sales contract and title deed document with buyer’s identity information
• Valid health insurance policy
• Non-EU Passport valid for at least six months. Or EU / TRNC passport valid for at least two months and their copies
• Police clearance certificate issued by the applicant's country of nationality
• Two biometric pictures
• Proof of kinship such as marriage certificate or birth certificate of children for applications with family members
• Receipts of state fee payments

These are the general documents that state the applicant meets the conditions and is eligible to obtain the permit. In every application, there might be additional documents specially requested by the immigration office.

How Long Does It Take to Get Residency in North Cyprus?

The conclusion period varies depending on a few factors. These could be the residence permit type, whether there is a missing document or not, the accuracy of the information, etc. The average application process takes between 30 days to 90 days.

In the case of a renewal, the new permit will be effective from the end of the validation period of the former one.

If everything is fine, the permit will be granted. In case of a missing document, unreliable information, or any other negative circumstances, the residence permit application can be refused.

Things You Should Pay Attention While Applying for a North Cyprus Residency

Things You Should Pay Attention While Applying for a North Cyprus Residency• A residence permit issued by TRNC does not give the right to work or do business in North Cyprus. To do any business activities, foreigners should apply for work permits separately.

• In the case of applying for a residency with a title deed, make sure that the immovable property is suitable for living. The real estate should be used for residential purposes. In case of a purchase of a commercial real estate, difficulties may occur and the chance of refusal might increase.

• To get a residence permit with a title deed, the owner must be paid at least 1/3 of the sales amount.

• The wealth declaration is essential. It bears huge importance to prove that the applicant owns enough resources to maintain their lifestyle quality during their stay.

• A residence permit issued by the TRNC does not give the right to live in the Republic of Turkey. However, permit holders can leave the country and travel to Turkey visa-free.

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