Sun, Sand, and Serenity: Best Beaches of North Cyprus

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  1. Seaside Settlements of North Cyprus: Where to Find the Best Beaches?
  2. Best Beaches in Cyprus
  3. North Cyprus: A Wonderful Destination for Beach Lovers!

North Cyprus is a gem for Mediterranean enthusiasts, especially with its breathtaking beaches in Girne, Iskele, Karpaz, and Gazimagusa.

What is the best thing about living on a Mediterranean island, you might ask? Probably the most common answer would be being able to enjoy stunning beaches any time you want. Since the climate allows you to do so, beaches of the Northern Cyprus attract visitors even in the winter.

Thanks to its majestic geographical significance, the island presents a wide range of beaches, suitable for every preference. Some beaches offer full tranquility, without any amenities and some highlight the experience with lots of them. We’ve prepared a selection of beaches, let’s dive in.

Seaside Settlements of North Cyprus: Where to Find the Best Beaches?

sun beds and umbrellas at beach with beautiful sea viewThe island's best beaches are nestled in coastal cities like Girne, Gazimagusa, and Iskele. These cities with long stretches of sandy beaches extend from Guzelyurt Gulf on the North to the Northeastern edge of the island.

In these metropolitan settlements and their cozy districts, you can easily find amazing beaches in less than a 15-minute car ride. Along with it, other famous beaches of the island are gathered around Karpaz Peninsula. The crystal clear waters hueing from turquoise to a deep blue are the most symbolic setting for the beaches of the Karpaz Peninsula.

There are lots of municipality-owned beaches that allow you to enter freely. Most beaches are open to the public, yet some are owned by private establishments that require entrance fees or spending limits.

Sandy beaches instead of rocky coasts are quite popular in general, for both locals and tourists. There is also a chance to discover the hidden bays and hard-to-reach beaches via boat tours. The daily boat trips can be found in marinas of cities like Girne. A day-long trip mostly takes 4-5 hours, and anchors at various bays and beaches of the North Cyprus.

Best Beaches in Cyprus

The best beaches in terms of experience, accessibility, amenities, and ambiance are centered around the Girne, Iskele, and Gazimagusa cities. Here are the best beaches in Northern Cyprus.

• Glapsides Beach, Gazimagusa

Glapsides Beach in Cyprus is considered one of the best beaches for families. It is mostly because of its perfect deepness and shallow waters, which makes it a safer choice to go there with the kids.

There is a public area, along with private beaches. The beach is surrounded by villas for sale in Cyprus by the sea and amenities. Its proximity to the center also creates a huge comfort to reach the city for any of your needs.

• Palm Beach, Gazimagusa

lots of sun beds around pool next to a beachPalm Beach is situated in the southern part of Gazimagusa. The massive building remains of the abandoned settlement of Varosha highlight the background of Palm Beach’s setting. It offers a unique ambiance to witness, especially for people who are fond of architectural ruins, or in other words the Ruinenlusts.

The most attractive side of the beach is its crystal clear waters, where you can easily observe the underwater. It is one of the golden sandy beaches on Cyprus island, the best fit for people who look for a bit of tranquility. A short walk on the beach during sunset can be a truly charming evening plan.

• Escape Beach, Girne

Escape Beach is among the most family-friendly and famous beaches of Girne. It offers activities for both children and adults, which makes a day there quite enjoyable. It is also a sandy beach with varying sea levels that suit perfectly for children and newly begun swimmers.

They require a small amount of entry fee to benefit from the facilities. There is also a diner where you can try out tasty foods while spending all day on the beach.

• Alagadi Beach, Girne

Another wonderful gem on the coasts of Girne, Alagadi Beach in North Cyprus is an amazing discovery for nature enthusiasts. This sandy beach is surrounded by unique specimens of the local flora and fauna. It offers an amazing opportunity to dive into the magical nature of the Mediterranean.

It is also known for its sea turtles, protected by the locals and authorities like Alagadi Sea Turtle Conservation and Research Centre. To safely preserve the natural habitat and not disturb the turtles, the beach is closed at night.

As for the beach, it is important to keep in mind there are no amenities in the region. It would be best to prepare everything you might need beforehand.

It’s quite cozy, peaceful, and also not crowded. It is an amazing choice for those who look for a peaceful day at the beach. It is definitely worth visiting, even just for an amazing experience intertwined with nature.

• Diana Beach, Girne

beautiful beach with sun beds and umbrellasAnother gem on the shore of Girne, Diana Beach is a budget-friendly beach where you can find everything you need in the high season. With a small entrance fee, you can benefit from sunbeds, umbrellas, a shower, etc.

Although the establishment does not provide any services in the off-season it’s still a cozy beach. You can always sit back and indulge in the Mediterranean sunshine in silence.

• Long Beach, Iskele

There is a reason why Iskele is chosen as the “best beachfront buy” by Forbes in 2021. The region hosts the most stunning beaches that offer total pleasure and enjoyment, and Long Beach is one of them.

In spite of its measures, which we can say is quite narrow, it gives you a decent space since it stretches along the coast for kilometers. It is one of the most well-known North Cyprus beaches. Mainly stands out with its immaculate turquoise waters, reflecting every detail of the underwater.

The establishments by the beach provide umbrellas with sunbeds. There is a large parking space and a path for both running and cycling. A morning walk by the stunning views of the Mediterranean, what an amazing weekend plan!

• Club di Mare, Iskele

Club di Mare beach in the Iskele region is part of an exclusive resort with a restaurant by the beach, and a beach club open to public use. Without needing to stay at the hotel, it is possible to visit the beach with an entry fee.

It has a restaurant where you can try out tasty foods, sunbeds, and umbrellas. This makes it one of the great choices to spend a whole day at the beach. The clean sandy coast and sea levels make it a great option for families.

• Golden Beach, Karpaz Peninsula

beautiful view of sea at beach and greeneryAnd we’ve come to the best of the bests. Golden Beach, or Altınkum Plajı in Turkish, is situated in Dipkarpaz on the Karpaz Peninsula. You may not find any amenities or facilities on the beach, yet there are few establishments around it. If you want to visit Golden Beach, it would be good to prepare everything you might need beforehand.

The beach gets its name from its golden-showered sands and is considered the best beach on the island. It is also another nesting place for sea turtles.

Golden Beach is one of the island’s most untouched and less crowded beaches. It offers complete tranquility intertwined with the pristine natural setting. A perfect destination for a morning walk during the sunrise. Golden Beach in Karpaz is definitely a must-visit!

North Cyprus: A Wonderful Destination for Beach Lovers!

North Cyprus offers unforgettable experiences with its diverse options of entertainment, amazing beaches, and luxury lifestyle. In every corner of the island, the natural beauties and cultural heritage welcome you to their magical world.

But it would be convenient to say that the island has a lot more to offer other than being an amazing holiday destination. It is a permanent residence to become the best version of yourself with a summer taste all year round, especially for beach enthusiasts.

Why limit yourself to a few weeks' beach holidays in Cyprus? You can find your dream home, adopt a colorful Mediterranean lifestyle and swim on every beach throughout the year.

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