Where to Buy a Property in North Cyprus?

Girne, İskele, and Gazimagusa are the best places to buy property in North Cyprus. If you are fond of the vibrant city life, the capital Lefkoşa is the best place for you. Would you like to live a comfortable life in a tranquil neighborhood? Lefke and Guzelyurt are the most suitable places for you.

But there is more to explore. Let’s take a look at the top places to buy in North Cyprus.


Where to Buy a Property in North Cyprus?Girne is a famous touristic town on the northeastern coast of North Cyprus. This historical settlement offers every privilege of a Mediterranean lifestyle. Each year, thousands of tourists visit the district because of the comfortable living conditions, beautiful coasts, and numerous activity options.

Girne hosts the most prestigious universities on the island. It is among the best places to stay in North Cyprus as a student. The high student population along with the great number of tourists creates a neverending need for accommodation. The values of properties in Girne increase each passing day.

Some regions in Girne, such as Esentepe, are recently permitted for construction and have developed rapidly in recent years. The increase in housing projects caused competition in the market.

Most construction companies offer flexible payment plans with installments while buying real estate. Increasing property values and easy payment methods make Girne a perfect place for buying property in North Cyprus as an investment.


Where to Buy a Property in North Cyprus?The historical background and well-preserved cultural heritage attract thousands of history enthusiasts to Gazimagusa. Along with its deep history, the region has the deepest harbor on the island. The established and developed seaport of Magusa makes the city a commercial hub of the island.

Gazimagusa is mostly preferred because of its sunny climate, vibrant nightlife of Ayia Napa, and gorgeous sandy coasts. The settlement is also one of the most outstanding educational and touristic centers in North Cyprus. It hosts some well-known universities and colleges. Nearly half of the student population centers around the settlement.

The vivacious daily life is convenient for establishing a new business or expanding the service area of an existing one. The rental opportunities make Gazimagusa a prime investment region. This way you can gain profit from your investment throughout the year.

These facts increase the demand for Gazimagusa for buy-to-let properties where foreigners can profit from real estate investments. Take a look at the best selection of properties for sale in North Cyprus.


Where to Buy a Property in North Cyprus?If you are wondering “What is the best area to live in North Cyprus?”, the answer is pretty clear: Iskele. The tranquility, the comfort, and the laidback lifestyle make Iskele a perfect place to buy your summer house.

Sandy beaches, a turquoise sea, and an all-year-long vacation concept lifestyle are the main highlights of Iskele. This coastal district had become one of the most modern settlements on the island. The number of newly built and upcoming housing projects is increasing day by day.

The recently built and comprehensive projects offer everything you need in one place. These complexes bring all the privileges of the highest technology together with comfort. The on-site social facilities and services, rich features, and top-quality materials increase the quality of life.


Would you like to experience the hustle and the bustle of city life on an island? Lefkoşa is the best city to discover the vibrant way of living in a capital of a Mediterranean island.

The capital is the most convenient option to find a job, buy a property in North Cyprus, and get residency. The capital city is filled with investment and job opportunities, activity options, prestigious education, and health centers.

Lefkoşa may be the safest choice to derive a profit from long-term rentals in terms of sustainability and demand.


Where to Buy a Property in North Cyprus?Lefke is a northern settlement facing the Guzelyurt gulf. It is mostly known for its exquisite landscapes of beautiful nature and architectural ruins. Lefke is among a few other districts where you can enjoy the cool breezes with a picturesque background.

The new projects rise all over Lefke each passing day. These modernly designed housing projects combine comfort, functionality, luxury, innovation, and technology. Lefke is one of the most ideal and tranquil spots to buy property in North Cyprus.


Güzelyurt, literally meaning “beautiful place”, is one of the most beautiful places on the island. The settlement situated on the northwestern shores of the island has the most fertile soil on the island and is decorated with fruitful trees and greeneries. This peaceful settlement draws attention with its unspoiled nature and cultural heritage.

Blue House, St. Mamas Church, and Güzelyurt Museum of Archeology & Natural History are some of the attractive places in Güzelyurt. You can also find the ancient city of Soli and the remnants of a Persian-style palace named Vouni only a few miles away from Güzelyurt.

With the establishment of a university in recent years, Güzelyurt has started to attract even more attention as an investment area. Numerous modern residential projects are rising every year. For this reason, apartments for sale in Guzelyurt are sure to bring a good deal of profit to their investors.

Buying property in North Cyprus as a foreigner may seem intimidating but don’t worry. We’ve prepared a step-by-step guide to buy property in North Cyprus. Fill out the form and download your free guide from here.

Contact us for more information about property purchasing in North Cyprus. Our expert team is happy to guide you through the whole journey.

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