How to Get to the Nature’s Treasure on Earth: North Cyprus

Table of Contents
  1. Is There Any International North Cyprus Airport?
  2. Harbors and Marinas in North Cyprus
  3. Traveling to North Cyprus from Turkey
  4. Border Crossing to and From South Cyprus
  5. Traveling in North Cyprus

As long as you know the procedure, this trip will be an easy peasy adventure. This heavenly island welcomes wanderlust spirits in a heartbeat!

Sea, sand, sun, a rich history, and a joyful atmosphere! North Cyprus has everything for an ideal holiday destination.

North Cyprus has impressed lots of civilizations in the olden days. Its wonderful climate, picturesque beaches, and Mother Nature’s gifts are beyond usual.

white sand beach with turquoise water and relaxing people on a sunny dayIf traveling or moving to North Cyprus is a long-time dream, you will love this guide about North Cyprus!
There are 3 ways of getting to North Cyprus: By plane, ferry, or inland from South Cyprus.

Ercan International Airport in North Cyprus Lefkoşa is the fastest option for most visitors. These flights currently depart only from Turkey. However, in most countries, you can find flights with intermediate stops in Turkey.

Ferryboats from Turkey are also a joyful option. The ferries take off from the Port of Mersin and Taşucu Seka Harbour. They arrive at Girne Harbour or Karpaz Gate Marina North Cyprus.

You can also fly to South Cyprus for relocating to North Cyprus. This will allow you to experience this part of the island too.

Now that you know the cornerstone of traveling to North Cyprus, it’s time to answer your questions.

Is There Any International North Cyprus Airport?

Of course, yes! Ercan International Airport receives flights from all countries with the condition of having an intermediate stop in Turkey. Ercan International Airport is in Lefkoşa and is a 30-minute drive from Girne.

Landing at Larnaca International Airport in South Cyprus is another option while traveling to North Cyprus. You can find direct flights to Larnaca International Airport from your country. If you are an EU or Britain citizen, you can smoothly cross the border.

However, there is a recent discussion that direct flights will launch from Russia to North Cyprus soon. This will be highly beneficial for Russian tourists and investors!

Harbors and Marinas in North Cyprus

aerial view of antic othello castle in famagusta, northern cyprusShipping to North Cyprus is a joyful alternative to air travel. Girne Harbour is Located 126 km from Tasucu Harbour. There are 2 important destinations in North Cyprus:

  • Girne Harbour (Kyrenia Harbour)

If you decide to go to North Cyprus via ferry, you are likely to depart here. The glamorous surroundings will catch your eye at once. There are various restaurants and bars nearby. Girne Harbour’s lively atmosphere will take away your tiredness from traveling.

  • Port of Famagusta

As an industrial port, the Port of Famagusta has a rich history and even local stories. Some of the ferryboats that depart from Mersin or Taşucu land here.

Traveling to North Cyprus from Turkey

To travel to North Cyprus, you first need to get to Turkey. Due to the current regulations, airplanes can land in North Cyprus only if they depart from Turkey. Most countries offer flights with intermediate stops here. You can also use a ferryboat in Turkey.

Air Travel

view out of airport windows take off the flightErcan International Airport is the main airport in Northern Cyprus. However, all flights that take off from outside of Turkey must have immediate stops in Turkey.

The most popular airlines are Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, AtlasGlobal Airlines, SunExpress Airlines, and the brand-new Fly Kıbrıs Airlines.

Fly Kıbrıs Airlines has featured its first flight in April 2023. It currently arranges direct flights from Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Mugla, and Ordu. Throughout the previous years, direct flights from these cities were random. However, now it is rather easy to travel from these cities to North Cyprus.

  • Sabiha Gokcen Airport in Istanbul is one of the largest airports in Turkey. A flight between Sabiha Gokcen and Ercan Airport North Cyprus takes around 1.5 hours.
  • Istanbul Airport started operating in 2018 and was the busiest airport in Europe in 2022. A flight from Istanbul Airport to Ercan Airport also takes around 1.5 hours.
  • Esenboğa Airport is an international airport in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. It takes around 1 hour to get to Ercan Airport from Esenboğa Airport.
  • Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport is also international. There are direct flights from here to Ercan Airport that take around 1 hour.
  • Antalya Airport is another option. It takes around 1 hour to get to Ercan Airport with a direct flight.
  • Mersin Cukurova Airport will start operating internationally at the end of 2023. This big project will offer direct flights to North Cyprus.
  • Adana Sakirpasa Airport is another option to access North Cyprus. The flight takes around 50 minutes.

Ferryboat Travel

If you want to have a cruise trip to North Cyprus, ferryboats will be a wonderful option. Some companies allow you to travel with your vehicle as well. All you need is your driving license and insurance papers.

  • Mersin-Magusa is one of the popular ferryboat routes to get to North Cyprus. Its frequency depends on the season. However, it is possible to find trips at least a couple of times a week. The trip takes around 2.5 hours.
  • Taşucu-Girne is another popular route. The trip takes around 5 hours. Its frequency also depends on the season.
  • Mersin-Girne route is not as frequent as the previous ones. However, you can easily find them, especially during the summer months. The trip takes around 4 hours.

Border Crossing to and From South Cyprus

Metehan Border Crossing between South Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of North CyprusIf you have a British or EU passport, you can smoothly pass from South to North Cyprus. Keep in mind that of the 8 crossing points, only some of them allow you to cross as a pedestrian.

While border crossing your ID card, passport, and car documents will be enough. You will not get a passport stamp while crossing borders. You get a 90-day stay permit in both parts of the border.

If you are using your vehicle to cross borders, keep your car insurance and driving license with you. If you don’t have your car insurance with you, you can buy one at the crossing point during office hours.

You can also take a taxi from Larnaca Airport to cross borders. Girne is 85 km from Larnaca Airport and takes around 75 minutes.

Traveling in North Cyprus

When you get to North Cyprus, you can rent a car to get around. You can also benefit from other options like taxi, shuffle service, public transport, or VIP hotel transfer.

There are services from Ercan Airport to the major areas in North Cyprus. You can use them for a reasonable price. Ercan Airport is 23 km from Lefkoşa, 42 km from Girne, and 48 km from Gazimagusa.

If you want to feel more local, you can take a dolmus to get around. Dolmus is a type of bus that offers highly economical public transportation. Usually, there is a dolmus available in most parts of North Cyprus. You are free to ask the driver about the route.

Buses take off from the bus terminals for intercity transportation in North Cyprus. Their frequency depends on the season. While they take off every hour during the winter, this may drop by up to 20 minutes during summer.

You can also rent a car for intercity transportation. The rent-a-car companies offer a large scale of vehicles for reasonable prices.

Lots of the visitors to North Cyprus decide to become an investor here. If you start having such dreams after your travel, we’re here to offer the most suitable options for you.

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