Why Antalya is the Perfect Destination for Spring Season?

Foreigners love to spend their spring holidays in Antalya because it is the most heartwarming time to try out unique experiences. The weather, nature, food, and people create the perfect setting for a joyous spring vacation in Antalya!

Here comes the most colorful and thrilling time of the year: Spring season has arrived. We had heard to footsteps of this lively season in the middle of February. Now, we are ready to celebrate the new season with excitement and cheer!

It is time to celebrate the awakening of nature and get ready for the summertime. The weather in Turkey in general is quite diverse. However, the Mediterranean climate reflects Spring-feeling the most and Antalya is the best place for it.

Spring is the coziest season with an average temperature of 18 °C (64 °F) weather in Antalya Turkey. In this weather, some people even go for a quick swim at the beginning of March.

The season formally starts in March and lasts until May. But, it begins to show its effects at the end of February. In May, the temperature may even raises up to 26 °C (79 °F).

Thanks to its position in the middle of the Mediterranean climate zone, Antalya does not experience harsh winters. This significance makes Antalya a year-round destination rather than just a place for the best vacation experience.

However, the Spring season has a different impact on people, ambiance, nature and all over the coastal cities of Turkey. The weather in Spring creates perfect conditions for the most exciting outdoor activities. Bright sun in the sky, a warm breeze, and the awakening of nature is the perfect setting to explore Antalya.

What to Do in Antalya in Spring?

What to Do in Antalya in Spring?The beginning of March, but especially April is the best time to explore the lush nature of Antalya. So most of the outdoor activities in Antalya that you can do are hiking, trekking, picnicking, and visiting ancient cities. We love some outdoors in Spring.

Antalya is a gem for nature enthusiasts. This coastal city is home to the most exclusive flora and fauna. There are dozens of natural parks, even in the city center which you can reach easily with public transportation. The natural parks and the famous Lycian Way are the best places you can witness the awakening of nature in Antalya.

Hurray, the time of the best picnics has arrived! Turkish people love making outdoor grills, and the best Turkish picnics mostly include grilling. Families gather food and portable grills, load them into their cars, and travel to their favorite picnic locations.

Sometimes they spend a whole day from breakfast to dinner in the picnic area. The best places for picnics are located on the beachside. Try the Turkish picnic in Spring on the best beaches in Antalya, it’s a delicious experience.

The Antalya weather in spring allows people to walk in tank tops and sandals. Most often, people spend most of their time on the beaches in Turkey Antalya, sunbathing. Since the water temperature is at bathing levels, you won’t need to wait until summer to go to the beach. A cheerful beach day ending with a peaceful evening stroll in Konyaalti or Lara is a perfect weekend plan!

Also, this exciting season is celebrated with festive events in Antalya. During spring, a wide range of festivals are held from time to time in Antalya.

It is an international city with a colorful ambiance. Spring is the best time to get to know other cultures by attending these joyous activities. Especially international food festivals, theatre festivals, concerts, and cultural fairs are the best social occasions people attend between March and May.

Why Do People Want to Live in Antalya?

Why Do People Want to Live in Antalya?Most first-time visitors look for opportunities to spend more time in this cozy seaside town, rather than just spending a spring break in Antalya, especially for the laidback lifestyle.

Also, living in Antalya is a dream come true because of the affordable and quality living conditions. Plus, the wonderful weather and wide range of opportunities for both career and entertainment make it a great place to live. And this is why in spring, the property market in Turkey Antalya gains more popularity among foreigners.

But why living in Antalya is a good choice? Let’s discuss the outcomes of moving to Antalya.

Living in a healthy, safe, and quality environment. Antalya is a place where you can raise your life’s quality on a budget by a lot. The coastal regions such as Lara, Kundu, or Konyaalti draw attention because of their upscale environmental conditions.

In these settlements, lots of amenities are within easy reach. Proximity to the coastline is closer. There is a wide range of activity options and opportunities, which promote them as high-end residential areas.

On the other hand, outer districts like Kemer, Kalkan, Belek, or Alanya were established as favored tourist destinations. These seaside resorts have developed as major living centers, full of new projects with on-site facilities. You won’t even have to leave your premises for any social activities. The gym, sauna, aquapark, and other social activities are built with the complex, where your children can safely grow up.

Easy adaptation because of the colorful demographic structure. Antalya is a welcoming city and a significant part of the resident population is constituted by foreigners.

Antalya is one of the most important port cities of the eastern Mediterranean. Locals have always been living intertwined with different cultures since ancient times. This makes Antalya an international city where you can easily communicate with people from all over the world.

Elite lifestyle on a budget. Spring is the best time to experience an upper-class lifestyle outdoors and Antalya is the best place. Low living costs and rich job opportunities offer a comfortable living by European standards. Also, working remotely in a quality environment makes Antalya the best fit to experience a luxe way of living.

Affordable prices. House prices in Turkey Antalya are relatively lower when compared to other European cities with similar living standards. However, it is essential to remember that property prices may vary from one property to another.

There is a wide range of options for every need and savings. But, it is easier to find budget-friendly real estate in Antalya while working with professional property experts.

Overlooking Antalya’s Property Market: When is the Best Time to Buy Investment Property in Antalya?

Overlooking Antalya’s Property Market: When is the Best Time to Buy Investment Property in Antalya?Spring season is full of new opportunities and the best deals, so it is the best time to buy an investment property in Antalya. The data published by Turkish Statistical Institute states that the total property sales made to foreigners during the spring of 2022 are almost equal to summer sales with 17,976 properties.

Between March and July, most of the new constructions came into a final phase and the new ones begin. These newly built projects mostly break into the market with launch prices. This could be quite advantageous whilst buying real estate.

When it comes to off-plan projects, the prices will increase at each construction stage. So it would be beneficial to act on it at the right time to catch the lowest prices.

Also, a respectable amount of real estate buyers live in Antalya during winter since winters are sunny and warm. This allows foreigners to rent their properties during the summertime, which is known as the high season in Antalya.

There is always an intense need for accommodation, especially in the coastal areas of Antalya. By buying a home in Antalya in spring, you can get ready to rent your property during the high season. In this way, you can earn a high income from property investment in Antalya.

For the new season’s sake, some construction and real estate companies make special deals in spring. These privileged offers can be discounts, furniture packages, or other profitable campaigns.

Working with a professional company comes in handy at this point. Since your agent would have full knowledge of the most exclusive offers, you can easily save up a lot. Whilst making a real estate investment by catching good deals, you can create a significant budget for decoration or other things.

Buying real estate in Antalya, especially in Spring, comes with a lot of advantages. Find your dream home today by browsing our listing pages. Contact our expert team members, and enjoy living your best life on the beautiful beaches of Antalya.

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