Lycian Way is Among Top 20 Hiking Routes of the World

The historical Lycian Way ranks among the top 20 destinations of the world's best hiking routes. It takes more than 20 days to complete the well-marked 500-kilometer-long trail, which offers the opportunity to discover the unique beauties of the Turkish Riviera. There is one significant question in mind: Why is the Lycian Way so popular?

History and Importance of the Lycian Way Trail

Lycian Way, Mugla, AntalyaThe region that gives the hiking route its name, Lycia, is also known as the Teke Peninsula. The settlement stretches from the renowned Fethiye district of Mugla city to the Geyikbayiri in Konyaalti in western Antalya.

Lycians, the ancient civilization who lived in these coastal lands during the ancient times before Christ, were the main settlers of the region. According to the Heredotos, the origins of the Lycians trace back to the Greek colonies of the island known as Crete.

It is believed that the Lycian Way route Lycians frequently use this route as pedestrian and mule trails. The discovery of the road was made by British traveler Kate Clow in 1989. Few organizations and volunteers have made contributions to reintroduce the ancient Lycian Way to society and opened the road for fellow explorers in 1999.

The main reason that makes the Lycian Way so popular among local and foreign travelers is the opportunity to explore the unique cultural heritages of Southwest Anatolia in the company of the picturesque landscapes of nature.

While walking the Lycian Way for 500 km travelers encounter ancient cities occupied by the greatest civilizations of the Eastern Mediterranean. Foreign tourists are mostly traveling to Turkey to discover the unique experience of exploring ancient settlements such as Patara, Myra, and Phasellis. On the way, you can also enjoy the spectacular views of undiscovered coves and pristine forests.

Lycian Way Itinerary: Where to Begin?

The Lycian Way hike starts from Fethiye Ovacık and ends in Geyikbayiri, Antalya. It is possible to start the route from both sides. However, Fethiye Ovacik is the generally preferred starting point. But for example, if you own real estate in Kemer or houses for sale in Kas Turkey, you do not need to go to Fethiye to start the route.

If you are planning to walk through the whole route in one shot, the road may be completed in approximately 25 to 40 days. The period depends on the walking speed and the number of breaks. If you do not want to complete all the routes at once, you can create various routes by combining several stopping points.

Seasons are not obstacles to starting this adventure. But in the scorching summer heat or winter rains, completing the route can be relatively difficult. For this reason, April and May or September and October are the best times to take the first step on the Lycian Way.

If you have all the necessary materials and a trekking experience before, it will not be difficult for you to discover the Lycian Way and its unique beauties. But if this is your first time embarking on such a path, you may want to begin with an experienced Lycian Way guide as a fellow traveler.

For example, you should know the meaning of the red and white markings that allow you to distinguish between the dead-end and the right path. Moreover, you need to supply all the materials you may need for a nature walk.

For this long and enjoyable journey, we recommend that you read the blogs of experienced travelers. Also, you can download the Lycian Way apps to your mobile devices, and purchase and examine the Lycian Way map. You can even use online maps provided by App stores or Google Play Store.

Explore Lycian Way

Lycian Way, Mugla, Antalya, Sun, Sand, Holiday, CloudsThe most beautiful feature of the Lycian Way is that it offers the opportunity to visit many coastal settlements on the southern coasts. Along the road from Fethiye to Geyikbayırı, you can be enchanted by the lovely atmosphere of Mugla and Antalya's most beautiful coastal districts.

For example, after visiting Fethiye, many foreign travelers want to buy property for sale in Oludeniz and settle here. The main reason for this is that there are so many experiences to be tried and so many places to explore in this unique paradise.

You will discover the unique combination of Mediterranean, Aegean, and Greek cultures on this road, starting the route from Oludeniz and heading towards Faralya, also known as Uzunyurt. Authentic neighborhoods and ancient cities of Kaş will welcome you as you go.

First, Letoon, then its neighbor Xsantos will appear. Then you will come across Patara, which was declared the cultural capital of the year 2020. Do not leave here without seeing the ancient city and sandy dunes of Patara.

Next stop: Kalkan. The urban texture, consisting of white Mediterranean villas contrasting with the deep blue bays of Kalkan, can captivate you with its beauty. The magic of the comfortable and pleasant lifestyle of Kalkan is strong enough to derail you from your adventure and convince you to stay. You may want to reside here for a few more days, or even for a lifetime.

After Kalkan, you will set off towards the center of the Kaş district. Many Lycian Way travelers determine Kaş as the end of the first stage. If you are not planning complete the adventure at once, the first stage here ends here for you.

It takes about 8-10 days to reach Kaş from Fethiye. The official start point of the second stage is from Kaş and extends to Adrasan. The second stage is one of the most enjoyable routes of Lycian Way Turkey. You can travel through the famous ancient cities of Kas such as Antiphellos, Myra and Andriake, Limyra in Finike, and Gelidonya Lighthouse at this stage. Especially Myra’s Lycian tombs of kings and aristocrats are definitely a must-see.

The second stage ends in Adrasan. However, it’s not a long distance to reach Olympos from Adrasan. You can complete the route in Olympos, Çıralı. This stage also takes about 7-8 days.

The third stage starts from Adrasan and extends to Göynük Canyon and ends in Geyikbayırı. The next stop after Adrasan is Olympos. Olympos is a cozy vacation center that hosts many festivals each year from all over the world. Do not leave here without seeing the Ancient City of Olympos, and Chimera, also known as Yanartaş. Another place you might want to see at this stage is Phaselis with its dazzling beach and carefully preserved ancient city.

The next stop is Kemer. Tekirova and Camyuva, settlements that host a great number of villas for sale in Kemer, are one of the most preferred holiday centers in Antalya.

Here, you might want to take a breather on this adventure. Kemer has a lot of Lycian Way accommodation options. Here you can meet all your needs and relieve the tiredness of this enjoyable journey on Kemer beaches.

After Göynük and Beldibi, you will reach your last stop, Geyikbayiri. Congratulations, you have successfully completed this challenging 500-kilometer adventure!

The Lycian Way is worth exploring and experiencing. After this unique adventure, you may not want to leave the fascinating lands of the Eastern Mediterranean. Life is quite comfortable and enjoyable in these small, centralized but unurbanized living centers such as Fethiye, Ölüdeniz, Kalkan, Kaş, and Kemer.

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