What is the Best Investment Instrument in Turkey?

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  1. What Are the Most Common Investment Instruments in Turkey?
  2. Why Real Estate is the Best Investment Instrument in Turkey?
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Real estate is one of the best investment instruments in Turkey. It is mainly because of the high-profit opportunity in both the short and long term.

Real estate is also the safest investment in Turkey because of the physical existence of immovable assets. It reduces the risks and provides assurance to the investor.

What Are the Most Common Investment Instruments in Turkey?

real estate, tractor spraying to field, crypto currency coins around phone, man inspecting tecnology hardwareReal estate, agriculture and food industry, technology, and financial funds are the most common types of investment instruments in Turkey.

In the age of technology, people often prefer making small amounts of investments in multiple concepts. Cryptocurrency, household items, or stock exchanges are some of the new generation investments.

Technology is a great investment option, especially in this world of innovation that we live in. People often invest in mobile devices, smart household items, photography equipment, and more.

The biggest disadvantage of technological assets is that they can easily become an archaic version of the newest innovation. Technological investments don’t last forever because it is not persistent due to their mobility.

The biggest advantage of investing in agriculture and the food industry is the geographical context of Turkey. Anatolia is a renowned region in terms of agriculture because of the high chance of productivity.

The lands of Anatolia offer new crops each season. However, it can be easily affected by environmental parameters such as climate, diseases, incidents, etc.

If you have a big budget and savings, opening a new business is also a great investment. However, if you are going to rent the property, it may afflict your business in the long term. Owning a commercial property is the safest way to establish a company.

Rent prices are not stable. There might be challenging situations such as an instant eviction, or unexpected damages not covered by the insurance. Also, the property owner of your rental shop may not allow you to make changes within the venue as you wish.

Businesses, automotive, and real estate feature more practical graphics in the long-term haul. The physical existence makes these assets an everlasting option that provides assurance and safety.

Businesses can get fail, and devices can get broken. The immovable property will be a safety net for an investor.

In this scenario, real estate is the last person standing in terms of pros. Real estate investment holds the advantage of being one of the most common and best investment options in Turkey.

Why Real Estate is the Best Investment Instrument in Turkey?

Small House on money with keysReal estate takes the lead when choosing the right investment instrument. Real estate is effective and sustainable both in the long-term and short-term haul. But there are many other advantages of real estate investment in Turkey.

Here are the primary reasons to invest in Turkey property for high profit.

• High return on investment in the long term. If you invest in Turkey property, the numeral value of the immovable will increase each passing year. In comparison, it is the biggest disadvantage that movable possessions fall in value over time.

The TCMB (Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey) published new research in July 2022 on the real estate sector. According to the research, the Property Price Index (KFE) has increased 173,8% in Turkey compared to a year before.

The statistics present a promising market in terms of annual profit. However, it is important to keep in mind that the profit-time diagram may differ depending on certain factors. The location, construction phase, or property features determine the profit rate.

Working with a real estate specialist comes in handy at this point. Experienced property experts will guide their customers to the most profitable options for the best property investment in Turkey.

• Easy to sell out. Turkey is home to millions of foreigners. The country continues to draw the attention of immigrants.

The main highlights are its comfortable living conditions and affordable prices. The never-ending need for a permanent residence will allow you to sell your property in a short time.

On the other hand, businesses in the food industry are specifically promoted possessions. They only appeal to certain types of customers. The selling point of these businesses depends on a wide range of variables. These factors may affect your selling period.

hand drawing profit line with city view• High regular income by renting the property to established companies. Commercial properties are one of the most preferred real estate options while investing in Turkey. As the business hub of Turkey, İstanbul is the first place that pops up in mind in commercial investment opportunities.

Most global companies have established their headquarters and branches in İstanbul. This vibrant business life makes the city one of the best places to invest in commercial property in Turkey. Most of the commercial units in Istanbul have regular income potential with ready tenants.

The period of finding a tenant to rent your property is relatively shorter in Istanbul. It is more difficult to find trustable tenants in megacities such as New York or Paris because of the overpricing.

• Big profits by flipping it. Each day the world evolves into more modern and contemporary shapes. These innovations also affect our comfort zones. We tend to modernize our living spaces in time.

People often prefer buying an old house and flipping it. Lately, house flipping has become a business practice in the world.

House flipping started as a hobby but quickly became a business type. You can make a considerable amount of profit from your real estate investment.

Some property owners would like to renovate their old homes to sell them to buy new homes. Some flippers prefer buying an old home, flipping it, and then selling it back on the market for profit.

Bonus: Being able to become a Turkish citizen.

In Turkey citizenship by property investment is a pretty common procedure among foreigners. People who want to stay in Turkey permanently usually apply for Turkish citizenship. Plus, the Turkish passport offers great advantages such as visa-free travel to 100+ countries.

The Turkish government announced the citizenship by investment program in 2018. Thousands of foreigners have benefitted from this program, which is still under regulation. Two birds with one stone: You can easily get Turkish citizenship and make a profitable investment within.

How Can We Help?

Here at Antalya Homes ®, we offer professional real estate services in Turkey. Our property experts have nearly 20 years of experience in the sector. You can easily frame your needs, expectations, and concerns to the real estate agents of Antalya Homes ® in your own language.

Call us now or visit our offices. Our specialists speak 20+ languages and guide you to the most profitable real estate options.

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