Is It Worth Investing in a Property in Yalova?

Yalova's real estate market offers far-reaching property enterprise opportunities, especially immensely profitable ones in terms of return on investment. Along with property values or variation, investing in property in Yalova also brings lots of advantages from lifestyle to comfort.

Investor Profile of Yalova Real Estate Market: Who Buys What?

family sitting on balcony with sea viewIf we were to broach the subject, we can begin with the investor profile. There are three types of property investors in Yalova.

The first profile is entrepreneurs, looking for long-term investments with high-value gain potential. Their attention focus on the most promising housing projects in terms of the annual yield they bring before selling out.

The second one is locals, living in Yalova for generations and making a living there. Locals tend to buy functionally designed apartments that have easy access to transportation and amenities.

And lastly, foreigners. Foreign investors tend to look for newly built housing projects. These projects in Yalova mostly offer a wide range of on-site facilities and services to provide comfort. Since it’s a coastal city, foreigners also look for sea view properties or the ones located near the seaside.

In 2022, nearly two thousand foreigners invested in real estate in Yalova, leaving cities like İzmir behind. Let’s discuss where people get their motivation for buying a property in Yalova.

The Advantages of Investing in Property in Yalova

First of all, it is affordable yet profitable to invest in real estate in Yalova. The second benefit of investing in real estate in Yalova is that the city has easy access to metropolitan cities, especially Istanbul and Bursa. Last, but not least, it is a cozy town with safe and tranquil living conditions.

Yalova is a small city in the Marmara region, gaining popularity among foreign investors over the past few years. The main reason behind this attention is its significant geographic position near Istanbul, the main business and cultural hub of Turkey.

Its position just across the Pendik district of Istanbul brings Yalova a remarkable advantage. With the sea route, the ferry takes only 45 minutes to reach the Pendik pier. If desired to travel to Istanbul by car, it’s only around 1,5 hours to arrive at Istanbul via Osmangazi Bridge.

view of a bridge with sunsetNot only Istanbul, but Yalova city is also quite close to the leading industrial cities of Turkey. It takes less than an hour to reach Kocaeli, another coastal city bordered by the Gulf of İzmit. Within 40 to 50 minutes, there is another former Ottoman Capital and one of the major industrial cities of our time, Bursa.

People who have businesses to run in Istanbul, Bursa, or Kocaeli but do not want to deal with the chaotic city life, mostly choose Yalova to buy a home. People get a chance to cut down a respectable amount of travel costs and save time by living in Yalova.

Yalova City is a small, tranquil yet entertaining city to live in. It gives residents more than enough opportunities to adopt an active lifestyle. The coastal promenade is perfect for a morning run or an evening stroll.

There are also museums to visit, and parks to organize picnics. Most important of all, the city is famous for its thermal springs, quite significant for certain diseases and healthcare. These comfortable and quality living conditions make Yalova a great place to live and raise a child in.

A Quick Glance at Yalova’s Real Estate Market

Yalova is also drawing the attention of investors with its wide range of real estate options, full of low-cost properties.

After the striking earthquake of 1999, the whole city went under strict examination. The buildings with damage or a collapsing possibility were reported and demolished by hand. All of the new constructions after the earthquake were closely observed by local and governmental authorities. These new structures were built according to the new measures with earthquake-safe practices.

When we look at today’s property market of Yalova, it can clearly be seen that the best type of real estate to invest in Yalova are residences. Most of the residential buildings in the city were built after 2000, suitable for safety precautions. In line with the high demand, the number of new constructions was also increased over the past few years.

city view next to a seaAnother advantage of Yalova’s real estate market is that the property prices are affordable. An investor with a maximum of 100.000 Euro budget can easily find spacious, new homes with 2 or 3 bedrooms. Another plus side is that a great part of them are situated in modern buildings or comprehensive housing projects.

Along with the increase in population, the city has expanded to the east, west, and south. The Termal, Ciftlikkoy, Armutlu, and Cinarcik are the in-demand districts, full of new residential complexes.

Especially to find a property to invest near the city center, the Ciftlikkoy district is a good option. Along with Ciftlikkoy, Cinarcik, and Armutlu also stand out as a great investment spots to find the best sea-view real estate in Yalova.

Choosing whether to invest in a residential or commercial property in Yalova can be a difficult decision to make. Working with local real estate experts can be quite useful at this point. A local agent could give you the best tips for investing in real estate in Yalova and the greatest deals on the market.

You can easily contact our local real estate agents to find the best properties to invest in Yalova.

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Created: 19.04.2023, 10.00Updated: 28.04.2023, 06.41
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