Is Today’s Ankara, Turkey, a Good Place to Live and Work?

If you are not looking for a very different lifestyle but just want to achieve a work-life or school-life balance full of social opportunities, we can say that yes, Ankara is a very good option to live and work. Let's look at how life is in Ankara in general.

First of all, Ankara is the capital of Turkey. So, in a nutshell, the city is very organized, education is high-level, life is pretty easy, the city is safe, and the living cost in Ankara is reasonable.

Ankara, City, CitycenterA lot is going on with high culture and social activities. State Opera and Ballet House organize many shows throughout the year. The institution also welcomes international orchestras and artists from all over the world. Theatres, art galleries, and other high culture items are highly appreciated here.

Universities and colleges are very good. When we consider that there are 24 international universities, 10 of which are state, the number of students is quite high. Most people count it as a good thing. Because youth comes with a wide variety of activities. Especially, foreign young people from all over the world add cultural richness to the city.

In terms of working life, Ankara has grown so big and cosmopolitan. Repeating that it is the capital city, there are many internationally based companies and offices here. It is relatively easier to find a well-paid and decent job. Jobs in Ankara, Turkey for foreigners have a very diverse scale from all industries.

Foreigners can work comfortably as the number of English-speaking people is high and English is given more weight in companies. But, of course, people are highly educated here, so job seekers should invest well in their development.

If we look at more regional features, there are so many famous places in Ankara. For example, Çankaya, which is considered the center of the city, is home to some of the city's busiest streets, such as Tunalı Hilmi Street and Kızılay Square. Here you can find bars and cafes playing all genres of music. Decent restaurants or coffee shops with different concepts, where you can taste local and international dishes and fast food, are plentiful here. You can easily find them from the density of the young population.

Speaking of Çankaya, it has very special importance because Ataturk's Mausoleum is located here. It is a must-visit place and also very impressive with its magnificent architecture.

When you come to Çankaya, it is very pleasant to eat at Atakule restaurant with the city view. Kuğulu Park, Kocatepe Mosque, Seğmenler Park, Pink Mansion, Kurtuluş Park, Güvenpark and Atatürk and the War of Independence Museum are also the best places to visit in Ankara, Çankaya.

In short, the other tourist places in Ankara are Lake Eymir, Beypazarı, Ankara Castle, Kzılcahamam, famous for thermal waters, and so on.

Real estate in Ankara is also very affordable, compared to metropolitan cities. If you have a reasonable amount of money, you can buy or rent a very nice apartment in one of the trendiest areas of the city. Expats can easily find a decent flat within walking distance from their workplaces.

Çankaya is one of the best places to stay in Ankara, especially the region known as Çayyolu. Other regions preferred a lot by foreigners are Yenimahalle, Şentepe, Etimesgut, Varlık, Etlik, Ayvalı, Ovacık, Gazi, Beştepe, Batıkent, Çubuk, Ümitköy, İncek, Ayrancı.

For many, Yenimahalle is the best place to live in Ankara, Turkey by offering a metropolitan but peaceful life. Batıkent will be a good option if you prefer houses with private gardens in residential complexes. Çamlıdere and Kızılcahamam are the favorites for those who want to be in touch with nature.

The overall functioning of the city is very organized. The rate of quality fiber internet connection per street is higher. Transportation is good and cheap. You can reach every point of the city by metro and bus. Access to other cities is also very easy, thanks to the location of Central Anatolia. You can choose to go by plane, train, or bus.

There is generally no traffic jam in Ankara. But if there is, it is flowing like water, compared to any other metropolitan city or capital. There are many roads, so you spend less time in traffic, less on gasoline, and more time on yourself. It is the biggest gain.

How Is It Living in Ankara as Compared to Istanbul?Climate is quite different from the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey. Since the continental climate prevails, winter temperatures are low and summer is hot. It is famous for being a bit difficult in winter. But if you love snow, you are in heaven. To give a general idea, the hottest month is July-August, and the coldest month is January.

Maybe you don't know, but the city has no coastline. If you are not an “I can't live without sea” type of person and looking for calm and easy-going life, living in Ankara as an ex-pat is a must-try.

Is Life Cheaper in Ankara Compared to Istanbul?

The answer is very simple, yes! Looking at the overall scheme of “Ankara vs Istanbul cost of living”, Ankara is 11.03% lower than Istanbul without rent. If we add the rent to the calculation, it gets even cheaper. Because rent prices in Ankara are, on average, 53.88% lower than in Istanbul.

Other data from Numbeo are as follows:

  • Consumer prices in Ankara are 12.18% lower than in Istanbul (without rent).
  • Consumer prices in Ankara are 22.87% lower than in Istanbul (with rent).
  • Restaurant prices in Ankara are 23.15% lower than in Istanbul.
  • Groceries prices in Ankara are 8.88% lower than in Istanbul.
  • Local purchasing power in Ankara is 29.87% higher than in Istanbul.

According to people who lived in both cities, when you move from Istanbul to Ankara, it is a little easier to live in Ankara without compromising your living standards.

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Created: 08.08.2022, 11.00Updated: 01.12.2022, 08.38
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