Where to Buy Cheap Property in Turkey?

You can get cheap property in Turkey to buy in almost every city. Due to the high demand, there are cheaper housing options available in big cities like Ankara and Istanbul as well as small cities such as Trabzon, Bursa, and Alanya.

One of the first questions investors and purchasers ask us is: Where is the cheapest property in Turkey? We can respond to this question because of our years of knowledge in the real estate market.

We provide you with a clear answer considering current market conditions and our expertise in the industry. We leverage our local expertise in the real estate market to advise customers on more than just buying. In this blog, we will look at where cheap real estate in Turkey is. We will also look at other housing market factors that buyers should consider.

Where to Buy Cheap Property in Turkey?Investing in a property in Turkey is becoming a strategic opportunity as prices are likely to rise due to the completion of several new projects. However, as a foreigner interested there are a few things you should know before looking for cheap property to buy in Turkey.

You should not base your decision solely on property costs because there are many factors to consider. These range from the rate of return on your investment to the cost of legal transactions.

Aside from the high rate of return on investment, real estate in Turkey attracts foreign purchasers due to its low prices. Properties in Turkey are far less expensive than in most other countries. Despite daily increases in value, the property market still provides reasonably cheap homes for sale in Turkey.

One of the most important causes for this is the fact that Turkey recently entered the international real estate market. Turkey's rapid rise in many international markets from health care to tourism has positioned it as a place of affordable opportunities. Similarly, it has risen in the real estate sector where demand for property in Turkey outnumbers available projects.

The main factor to consider when looking for cheap homes in Turkey is the location. Numerous variables must be considered when looking at the location of a property. These can be facilities, projects, and urbanization around the area.

Is the property well connected to transportation and amenities? Is the property located near any current or upcoming major projects? Is the proposed area experiencing recent urbanization?

If you're not seeking cheap property abroad based on a global market difference, you should consider scaling down to a local level. And the above questions will assist you in determining what elements influence the price of Turkey's cheap houses for sale.

Where Is the Cheapest Property in Turkey?Best Places to Buy Cheap Property in Turkey

Property prices in Turkey are often lower in smaller cities than in larger cities. However, due to the amenities provided by the city, property prices in small cities may be greater in some situations.

If you are seeking a low-cost property, we recommend exploring small cities with a smaller tourism volume.


Trabzon is a great location for cheap investment property since it was late to invest in its real estate market. Trabzon primarily attracts Middle Eastern investors interested in family houses because of the conservative culture. A variety of neighborhoods shine through with new construction homes, some of which feature a terrace with a beautiful sea view.


There are many cheap houses for sale in Bursa Turkey. Bursa is known for its shopping malls, parks, museums, and markets. Bursa is also the second largest city, after Istanbul, in the Marmara Region and the second largest exporter.

The property sector in Bursa has gained traction with increased immigration. As a result, finding real estate for sale in Bursa has gotten easier. And as property types have become more diverse, costs have been reduced to an equally affordable level.

Where to Buy Cheap Property in Turkey?Alanya

Property buyers looking for a place to live for their annual vacation frequently choose Alanya. Districts on the outskirts show great promise for long-term value growth. This is because the local government has invested heavily in local infrastructure. Furthermore, real estate sales are increasing because of Alanya's efforts to expand its tourism sector. The rise in interest rates had an impact on the property market.


Ankara offers more cheap real estate investment opportunities when compared to Istanbul. The southwestern half of the city is made up of freshly constructed real estate projects. Those looking to purchase new and cheap properties can find such in this region.

You can own high-profit real estate in this region at affordable prices while also securing your future with business investments. Ankara is expected to be a new attraction hub. The property prices are relatively cheap at the start of the project.

Real Estate in Turkey is generally cheaper than in neighboring countries. There are areas in every city that are reasonable and will accommodate your budget. So you can still live in a city or region not mentioned above.

If you’re looking to buy a cheap house in Turkey, then you can browse through our property listings and find one suitable for you. You may also contact us for more information.

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