Tekce Visa Offers Legal Guidance in Immigration Transactions

Tekce Overseas, an international real estate company with offices in Turkey, Northern Cyprus, Spain, and Sweden, has expanded its 20 years of expertise into the area of international legal consultancy.

Tekce VisaThe company founded ‘Tekce Visa’, which handles all bureaucratic procedures associated with immigrants’ citizenship and residency permit applications, and completes the transactions on time and in compliance with the law with the assistance of a qualified legal team.

Tekce Overseas is a rapidly growing international real estate company with a total of 18 offices opened in Turkey, Northern Cyprus, Spain, and Sweden. Now, the company founded Tekce Visa, an international legal consultancy company, and signed on a venture that will establish a name in the world market.

Tekce Visa was established by Bayram Tekçe, the Chairman of Tekce Overseas, and Özkan Tekçe, the Operation Director of Tekce Overseas. It handles all bureaucratic procedures on behalf of immigrants and provides international investment consultancy for residence and citizenship that guarantees that the process is completed in a timely, legal, and reliable manner.

The company initially started to provide services in Turkey, Portugal, and Spain. Immigrants who want to get a residence and work permit or citizenship in these countries may give Tekce Visa a power of attorney within the framework of the consultancy service.

The company offers legal consulting services on a variety of topics, including citizenship applications, residence permits, inheritance law, the law of obligations, and the establishment of companies in various countries, and it takes subjective responsibility for the entire process for the applicants.

The Global Migration Movement Influenced the Establishment of Tekce Visa

With the rise in remote employment opportunities following the pandemic, the world is currently dealing with a flood of investor immigrants, led by digital immigrants, whose numbers are growing fast.

To attract direct investments and boost their economies, about 49 nations, from the USA, the UK, Spain to Portugal, are creating citizenship-by-investment and residency-by-investment programs. In this competition, investor immigrants look for countries that have the best socioeconomic working, living, and investing opportunities.

the man smiling while looking at phoneBut they often struggle with bureaucratic procedures since they do not speak the local language in a foreign country and do not have sufficient knowledge of their domestic legal system. As a result, they misread the procedures, submit wrong or insufficient paperwork, waste time and money, and fail to carry out their plans.

At this point, the two most significant grounds that revealed the need for the establishment of the Tekce Visa were the global migration movement and this need for immigrants to complete their transactions fast and safely.

These services, which were initially offered in Turkey, Spain, and Portugal, are expected to be extended in the future to new countries, including Vanuatu, Dominica, Malta, and Thailand, which have residency and citizenship programs.

Regional Lawyers Provide Legal Services in More Than 20 Languages

The most significant benefit of the Tekce Visa is that it removes all of the issues that lead to problems in the immigration application process. Working with local professionals is one of the company's most significant advantages because legal processes vary depending on the country's legislation.

The company's expert lawyer team, working in Turkey, Spain, and Portugal on a regional basis, completes the process quickly and accurately because they are familiar with the local legal systems in each of those countries. Highly qualified legal experts provide specialized services from various offices across the world in a single team spirit.

Multilingualism is another significant advantage provided by the company. Tekce Visa is currently accessible in English, but it is planned to reach more than 20 languages, including Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Persian, Swedish, Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, Azerbaijani, Uzbek, Portuguese, Norwegian, Danish, Polish, Hungarian, and Ukrainian.

Tracking the Process Using a Mobile Phone

In this system, immigrants do not need to travel to the relevant country to take any legal action. Tekce Visa's legal team handles the cases and applications on their behalf with a power of attorney.

Tekce Visa first analyzes the situations and expectations of their customers before informing them of the action plan, required paperwork, and what needs to be done. Without even leaving their seats at home, applicants may track the entire procedure on their smartphones.

Making a Difference with 20 Years of Legal and Real Estate Experience

double exposure of a man with office buildingBy providing title deeds to tens of thousands of customers from 84 different countries since its foundation in 2004, Tekce Overseas is recognized as the leader in the market. The success behind Tekce Visa comes from the company's nearly 20 years of experience in getting citizenship through investment and residence permits through real estate purchasing.

One of the Tekce Overseas brands, Antalya Homes ®, has successfully completed thousands of Turkish citizenship by property investment applications, and its dominance and success in the process are regarded as one of the most significant assurances of trust in Tekce Visa.

Bayram Tekce, the co-founder of Tekce Visa, is one of the main professionals who take an important role in the growth of this sector in Turkey, which is also a crucial milestone for the company.

Tekce's contribution to transactions of Turkish citizenship by investment program, its support for the development of public bureaucracy with the feedback it gives from the field, and its management of agency offices where all bureaucratic transactions of foreign investors are carried out from a single center are considered as an important reference for Tekce Visa customers.

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Created: 30.01.2023, 09.00Updated: 24.02.2023, 12.54
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