New Website of Immobilier Turquie is Live Now!

As Tekce Overseas, we are proud to present our new website Immobilier Turquie!

We are a professional real estate company based in Turkey with overseas branches in Europe and Cyprus. Our aim is to provide the best service to our customers in line with the latest developments in technology. It is our main purpose to keep up with the latest innovations and make our services accessible to everyone.

And now, our new website is online for all French-speaking property buyers. You can check out the best properties in Turkey and North Cyprus on our new website. Here are some things you can do on :

Immobilier Turquie Website LaunchAll the content on is in French. You can easily reach extensive information about properties and the real estate market in French now.

Enjoy the mobile-friendly interface. Our website is integrated into mobile devices. In this way, you can find your dream home by only clicking a few buttons.

Customize your research. By using the filters, you can categorize the properties according to the city, district, and even neighborhood. There are also property-focused filters such as the number of bedrooms, size, price, features, etc.

Explore the essentials of buying a property in Turkey. Our professional team prepared detailed information on purchasing procedures on our main pages. You can get the correct information from experienced real estate experts on citizenship, residence permit, purchasing expenses, and power of attorney subjects.

Read the experiences of our customers from themselves. The Testimonials page contains written reviews of our customers. Each of our testimonials presents the unique purchasing experiences of our happy customers.

Visit the “Blog” page for the latest news and blogs. Our website contains extensive content on living in Turkey, tips and advice, legislation, market analyses, etc. Take a look at the latest developments in the property market in the Real Estate News category.

Immobilier Turquie is waiting for you to discover the best properties in Turkey and North Cyprus. The professional team of Tekce Overseas is ready to be your seatmate on this exciting journey. Contact us for more information.

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Created: 20.09.2022, 10.00Updated: 12.01.2023, 07.13
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