Antalya Homes ® on Al Arabiya TV!

Antalya Homes at Al ArabiyaThe company owner of Antalya Homes ® is on the Al Arabiya TV channel. He gave a reportage to a worldwide known Arabic TV channel about daily life in Antalya in order to provide an overview of this beautiful Mediterranean city and to attract more visitors from Arabic countries.

There is a rising interest from Arabic-speaking countries in Turkey because of its ancient heritage, stable economic/political status, and splendid nature variation. There are about 400 properties sold to Gulf Countries citizens every month in Turkey.

One of Antalya Homes ® friend, Al Arabiya TV reporter, Mr. Ali Taleb prepared a reportage about living in Antalya with Bayram Tekçe.

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Created: 12.06.2014, 00.00Updated: 15.02.2022, 14.11
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