The World-Famous Destination of the Mediterranean: Belek

Belek is one of the most preferred tourism centers in Antalya. It is located 30 km east of the city, along the 20 km coastline between Aksu and Acısu Streams. It is easily accessible by both road and air. You can arrive at Belek in 20 minutes with the shuttles departing from Antalya Airport or in 50 minutes from the city center.

This town is a piece of heaven on earth, offering a visual feast among the most beautiful shades of green and blue with the beaches, eucalyptus trees, rivers, stone pines, and waterfalls.

And, the weather in Belek, Turkey is sunny and warm around 300 days a year. The average temperature is 34°C - 38°C in summer and 10°C in winter. It rains rarely. You can swim for 9 months of a year and play golf in all seasons in Belek.

This township is really ready to steal your heart with many alternatives for your rest, pleasure, and entertainment. You can never get out of vacation mode here with outdoor recreational activities, world-class golf facilities, historical sites, and many social amenities.

Travel Guide: The Places to Visit in Belek, Antalya

1. The Legendary Experience

We talk about The Land of Legends, of course. It is the largest life and entertainment center in Turkey. You are going to meet a new legendary experience every moment with luxurious hotels, rich social facilities, and unique shows and events for all ages in the Theme Park.belek, beach

If you are fond of shopping, you are literally in heaven! The Land of Legends has a large shopping center, where nearly 300 world brands are available. If you just want to take a load off, you can try the hotels that are famous for their luxury services. You can read Welcome to The Land Of Legends Theme Park in Belek! to learn more about this magical place.

2. Travel Back in Time

You should catch a glimpse of the rich past of Belek. It is a crossroads of ancient civilizations with important historical sites of the Pamphylia region, Aspendos, Perge, and Sillyon.

The history of Belek dates back to the 4th century BC. The region had remained under the influence of the Hellenistic and Roman Empires in ancient times, and then the Seljuks had been in power for a period.

You can experience the Roman influence with stadiums, gymnasiums, and theaters. Belek also has Byzantine influence, sculpture, and architecture. You should visit these historical sites:

  • The ancient city of Aspendos and the Roman theater
  • The ancient city of Perge
  • The ancient city of Sillyon
  • The Eurymedon Bridge (Aspendos)
  • The Aspendos Aqueduct
  • Zeytintaşı Cave

You can find other important historical places in Turkey in the blog Ancient Ruins, Iconic Sites, and Historical Places to Visit in Turkey.

belek, golf3. World Top Golf Destination

Belek offers the ultimate golf experience with golf clubs, courses, and resorts. The location and weather create a perfect atmosphere for sports tourism in the town.

The golf facilities in Belek hold international professional golf tournaments and have one of the largest junior training programs in Europe. To learn more about golf tourism in Belek, you can visit How Does Golf Make Belek An Attractive Vacation Center?.

4. Impressive Wonder of Nature: Belek

Walking through the beautiful green gardens and listening to the sound of the waterfalls are some of the best life experiences in Belek. There are many scenic beauties you should visit are:

  • Kurşunlu Waterfall Nature Park
  • Gökbüvet Waterfall
  • Uçansu Waterfall
  • Bridge Canyon
  • Zeytintaşı Cave
  • The Garden of Religions

In the gardens of these magnificent waterfalls, you will be surrounded by a great variety of natural life and the rarest flowers. According to the latest research, there are fifty-eight plant families, 118 species, and 16 subspecies in the region. Many of them grow only in Belek in the world. You can join nature walks and city tours to see these miracles of nature up close.

5. Bazaar and Blue Flag Beaches of Turkish Riviera

You will feel as if you are walking in a small Roman city with modern replicas of ancient Roman aqueducts and arches in the town center. We suggest you taste the local watermelon, bergamot, and citrus jams in Belek’s famous shopping streets and the Saturday Bazaar.

After wandering the colorful streets of the town, you can take a walk on the beach in the evening sun and visit restaurants where you can taste great Turkish cuisine. There are many beaches in Belek. The most famous ones are:

  • Kadriye Beach
  • Belek Beach
  • Boğazkent Beach
  • Denizkent Caretta Caretta Coast

So, Why Do Investors Prefer to Invest in Property for Sale in Belek?

belek, poolBecause why not experience this lively life for longer than a few days? Every year, more and more people invest in properties in Belek because they do not want to let go once they find peace. Also, the return on investment promised by Belek is unquestionable. Because:

  • Especially in the summer season, the number of visitors reaches 2 million. This means a high need for accommodation. You can start a hotel business and earn high profits by buying a commercial property.
  • As we said before, large-scale international golf tournaments are held every year. More than 100,000 people come to the city for these tournaments. You can invest in Belek golf property that is close to the Belek golf courses, and you can rent it to visitors when you return to your hometown. So, you can get maximum investment efficiency even when you are not using it.
  • Or do nothing! Your investment will already be highly valuable without any effort. The region will provide you with a great profit in the long run. Because Belek is a very preferred location by everyone and makes its name known again with a new project every year.

You can visit the town whenever you want and have wonderful Belek golf holidays with your loved ones.

  • It is possible to find all kinds of real estate types with many home features here. There are hundreds of properties for sale on our listing pages, from villas to apartments in Belek for sale. They are mostly new developments. It means up-to-date technology, new generation home features, and security. The residential complexes offer exclusive social facilities, such as private swimming pools, sports areas, spas, etc.
  • Although many properties have exclusive features and location advantages, they are very affordable. Belek offers a wide range of properties for every budget. You can live luxuriously without spending a fortune.

We invite you to witness the unique beauties in every corner of this town. As an international real estate company, we are ready to find the Belek property for sale of your dreams!

If you want to buy a villa in Belek, Turkey, you can call us and visit Antalya Homes Belek office whenever you want!

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