7 Days Winter Holiday in Antalya

Antalya is one of the best vacation destinations not only in summer but even in winter. Antalya is very suitable for various tourism activities for 12 months with an average of 300 sunny days a year, but also providing the advantage of swimming and skiing on the same day is totally hilarious! If you are undecided between summer or winter holiday options, we suggest you should go on both holidays in one place, Antalya. To make your work easier and make your vacation more enjoyable, we make a one-week winter holiday plan in Antalya. Keep reading the news!

Kaleiçi, AntalyaDay 1: The Perfect Plan Starts with Kaleiçi

You should start your winter break by exploring the city center, Kaleiçi. Antalya’s most famous place is surely Kaleiçi (Old Town) which shows her different beautiful sides in winter. To give you a brief overview, Kaleiçi is a living ancient town with its architecture, Harbor, and local shops.

After wandering the narrow streets of Kaleiçi in the daytime, you can later hang out with your friends in the local restaurants, cafeterias, or bars where you can taste delicious Turkish dishes with Rakı, Turkish alcoholic spirits, or Mulled Wine.

On rainy days, the best activity in Antalya is to drink your mulled wine by the fireplace in the historic house of Kaleiçi.

Saklıkent, Antalya

Day 2: Skiing on a Hot Sunny Day in Saklıkent

How about skiing on a hot sunny day? Saklıkent is the winter sports and skiing center of Antalya consisting of ski facilities and 500 chalets built on the northern slope of the mountain. Especially at the end of February and March, Saklıkent ski center stands out with the slogan “First skiing, then swimming on the same day” thanks to the mild climate of the city.

As one of the biggest ski resorts in Turkey, Saklıkent also hosts many national competitions every year, such as the 1-2 March National Ski Competition, the 9-10 March Saklıkent Ski, and Snowboard Festivals, and Golden Snow Fest events. If you are good at skiing, you should participate in these competitions!

If you do not know about skiing or doing it just for fun, the center consists of various ski tracks that are suitable for all levels and many professional trainers who can teach you skiing. In addition to skiing and sledding, you can try other sports activities such as paintball and motor safari or you can just enjoy the white tranquillity by watching skiers’ performances while sipping your hot coffee or tea.

Belek, AntalyaDay 3: Golfing in Belek

After skiing in Saklıkent, we go to one of the hot spots for golfing in the world, Belek. In winter, other spots cannot afford the perfect conditions for golfing because of bad weather. In this case, Belek attracts golfers with its perfect mild climate, high service and accommodation standards, and other various social activities.

You can meet other golfers and practice with them or if you have no knowledge of golfing, you can take lessons from professional golf trainers. Even if you are not highly interested in golfing, you can just embrace yourself with green nature and fresh air.

Day 4: Mount Tahtali Cable Car: Fly Like a Bird!

Mount Tahtali, AntalyaOn the fourth day of your winter vacation, we suggest a journey from the sea to the sky which will be an incredible experience in your life. The journey starts with one of the fastest cable cars in Europe from the National Park of Tahtali Mountain summit station to the substation which takes approximately 10 minutes. Throughout the journey, you will be fascinated with a magnificent view of the entire region of Antalya covered in snow from 2365 m above sea level.

After stepping out of the cable car at the mountain summit station, you can have a hot drink from the cafeterias of the National Park and then continue your visual feast with snowy mountains, rare snowstorms, and Kemer’s virgin nature.

Day 5: Have you ever tried Sea Kayaking and Diving in Winter?

Who says that sea kayaking or diving is not possible in the winter? If you are in Antalya, it is pretty possible. There are plenty of professional agencies in Demre, Antalya to arrange sea kayaking tours to famous bays of the city that consist of marine life and the ruins of the ancient cities. The agencies say that in the winter, kayaking is quite peaceful and enjoyable after taking the necessary precautions. Just imagine that you are canoeing on the peaceful waters of Demre.

After canoeing, you can try to dive in Kaş with trainers. In most dive sites such as The Canyon and The Tunnel, you can get a chance to look closely at marine species such as barracudas, Caretta-caretta turtles, groupers, stingrays, etc.

Kaş, AntalyaCycling in Antalya

Day 6: Explore Nature by Cycling and Trekking!

Now we are going to do sports, have so much fun with new friends, and relax at the same time! Cycling and trekking are pretty common activities in Antalya, and so the metropolitan municipality arranges many national and international bicycle tours consisting of different stages for passionate bikers from all over the world every year.

There are also plenty of local cycling groups or clubs that arrange daily city or nature tours that give the opportunity of discovering the city. You do not need to worry about any details of the tour because the groups or clubs ensure your safety and enjoyment by including you in the best group according to your speed and requests.

Thermal Springs in Antalya

If you do not prefer cycling, as another option, you can also join trekking or hiking groups for these activities. In these trekking or hiking activities, you can have a picnic, do yoga or just relax in the fresh air in the middle of the forest.

Day 7: Relaxation Day: Spa and Thermal Springs

On the last day, before returning home, you should try Antalya’s spas, thermal springs, or Turkish baths for total relaxation. Turkey is one of seven countries in the world that have rich thermal sources with almost 1300 thermal springs.

One of the cities that have thermal springs is Antalya which offers visitors various daily wellness and therapy programs prepared by professional wellness experts. On a cold day, what could be better than relaxing in a hot spring after getting a massage?

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