Ultimate House Type Guide: Which House Type Is Ideal?

You may choose the ideal house by determining its type, size, and location. There are many types you can choose from. There are duplex apartments, semi-detached houses, and more. In this blog, we will look at in-depth details of the types of houses. First, let’s start with the types of apartments.

Studio Flats to Penthouses: All Apartment Types

coast view from a balcony with poolIn many countries, apartments are the most preferred house type. The apartment types are generally determined by the size and floor of the apartment. Let’s look at each apartment in detail, starting with what is a studio apartment.

Studio Apartments

Studio apartments have compact designs that combine multiple rooms. Generally, studio apartments have single rooms that combine a bedroom, living area, and kitchen. Studio apartments mostly have separate bathrooms.

Penthouse Apartments

Penthouse apartments are located on the top of their building. Penthouses are considered as generally luxury apartments. Most of them offer private terraces or balconies, spacious interiors, and luxe design.

Garden Floor Apartments

As the name describes, garden floor apartments are located on the garden floor of the building. These apartments have direct access to private or communal gardens.

Loft Apartments

Loft apartments first started to become popular after the conversion of industrial spaces to residential apartments. Now, it became an apartment type. Loft apartments most likely have high ceilings, open layouts, and large windows.

Duplex Apartments

house interior with furnitures Duplex apartments are two-floor apartments. These floors are connected by an internal staircase. Also, duplex apartments generally have separate bedrooms.

Triplex and Multi-floor Apartments

Triplex and multi-floor apartments consist of 3 or more floors. These apartments suit best for large families.

Bonus: What Is the Difference Between a Condo and an Apartment?

Condo and apartment differences generally occur in European countries and the USA. The difference between an apartment and a condo is ownership. Condos are owned by individual owners. They have full rights to rent or sell their unit. But apartments are generally owned by construction companies or management companies.

In Turkey, apartments are sold by full ownership. So, when you buy an apartment in Turkey, you may live, rent, or sell whenever you want.

These are the most common apartment types. But you should take note that apartment types can vary from country to country. You should choose your apartment wisely to get the maximum comfort and efficiency.

Detached and Semi-Detached Houses for More Comfort

villa with pool and greenery aroundThere are many house types separated by their concept. But, we will take a look at the more general types. Houses are mostly separated by their construction type, land type, and floor numbers.

Detached Houses

Let’s begin with what is a detached house. Detached houses are houses built standalone without having a direct connection with another building. Generally, these detached houses have private land, spacious usage areas, and maybe a private pool. A detached house can have single or more floors.

Semi-Detached Houses

Semi-detached houses are houses sharing one common wall with another house. These houses generally have multiple floors. A semi detached house can have either private or common gardens and pools.

Twin Villas

Twin villas are two villas that share the same building with exact same design. When you look at twin villas from the outside, you may even think that it is only a single house. But, they are two houses separated by walls with the very same design.


bungalows side by side with surrounded with greeneryBungalows are types of homes that generally consist of a single or a maximum of two floors. If it has a second floor, this floor must be in the sloping of the roof. It is the most determining rule of a house being a bungalow.


Yalı is a house type unique to Turkey. Yalıs are large seaside residential units just like mansions. They have designs rooting back to the Ottman Empire period. Yalıs generally offer magnificent sea views, traditional and luxury designs, and spacious usage areas. You may check out the yalı for sale in Turkey page to see pictures.


Townhouses are just like semi-detached houses, but they share two walls with other houses. They are generally between two other houses and share two common walls on two sides. Townhouses generally have tall and narrow designs. Also, they most likely have 3 or more floors.


Maybe the most luxurious houses on our list are mansions. Mansion houses are detached houses with more than 5000 sqm land area and at least 5 or 6 bedrooms. Mansions can have outbuildings, pools, and extensive exterior areas.

Country Houses

old style house interior with furnituresCountry houses are properties located in the countryside. They generally have buildings suitable for country living. These can include barns, cabins, and similar buildings with rural aspects.

There are many different types of houses you can choose from. Also, the types of house styles always vary from country to country. For example, in some countries, you may hear single family homes. You may ask what is a single family home? Obviously, they are designed suitable for only one family to live on that property.

The types of property also determine the investment value. If you are willing to property investment, you should consider looking at all property types. At this point, you should consider many more factors. Location is another big factor.

In Turkey, one of the best investment types is considered real estate. Increasing prices, high construction quality, and being a newly developing area make Turkey ideal. If you are willing to invest in Turkey, you should take a look at what is the best investment instrument in Turkey.

How to Choose the Most Suitable Types of Home Styles?

To choose the best house type, you should consider many factors. First, it starts with location. Your location will also determine the general house type. For example, city centers will most likely host apartments. You won’t easily find a detached house in the city center.

Also, purchase purpose is another important thing. Are you going to rent your property? Or will you live yourself in it? Because some property types have more profit potential than others.

After inspecting what are the types of houses suitable for your purpose, you should go on a local search. Consider your family size and future plans. If it is an investment, consider the potential profit and average investment return date.

Sometimes you may not find your desired house type at your desired location. At this point, you may consider constructing your own property. With this, you will have more freedom in design and construction budget. You should take a look at buying a house or building one in Turkey blog of ours.

In all situations, it is highly recommended to work with real estate professionals. Especially if you are going to purchase property overseas. They will help you to find the most suitable house type for you. Also, they will give you information about the local real estate market structure.

Our local professionals speaking in your language will suggest you the best properties in Turkey. You will have tailored services of the highest quality. Contact us now to work with the leading real estate in Turkey, Antalya Homes ®.

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