New Preferences on Turkish Property Market After COVID-19

Table of Contents
  1. Covid-19: Turkish Real Estate Implications
  2. New Trends in Real Estate Sector During Covid-19
  3. 1. Virtual Property Tours
  4. 2. Tendency to Private Houses
  5. Buying a Property in Turkey by Antalya Homes ®

As we progress further into this global pandemic and prohibitions on public places are slowly being lifted, many people are planning big life changes to keep themselves and their families safe. And those changes are certainly having a lasting effect on real estate in Turkey.

Covid-19: Turkish Real Estate Implications

Turkey ranks 14th among the world's most advantageous real estate markets for foreigners. According to the Turkish Statistical Institute data, the number of properties sold to foreigners jumped 11% and reached 11,068 in the January-March period of this year despite a short-term stagnation in the real estate market due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Virtual Tours

New Trends in Real Estate Sector During Covid-19

1. Virtual Property Tours

It’s clear that the way people experience buying properties on the market is already influenced by the COVID-19-related restrictions. But also, it’s possible that the experience of spending so much time at home will change the way people feel about houses in general. Hence, home buyer preferences have changed during these times, with more virtual tours and face masks and fewer open house viewings. The method for looking for properties is also changing under the effects of COVID-19. Some buyers still make home purchases without ever having stepped foot in a house!

It may sound a little strange to buy a property in a foreign country over the phone for most people. However, if you are dealing with a professional real estate company, it will turn out to be an advantage in some cases. At this exact point, Antalya Homes offers buyers a smooth and transparent process of buying over the phone. If you are unable to travel to Turkey due to the circumstances, then Teleproperty is the solution for you. TeleProperty is an Antalya Homes service where buyers can buy their dream home even without visiting it. As the inventors of TeleProperty, we have completed property sales by phone every month 2-3 times with zero failure since 2008. Learn more about TeleProperty.

Tendency to Private Houses

2. Tendency to Private Houses

The coronavirus pandemic has increased the demand for villas and detached houses in Turkey. The demand has increased rapidly and buyers who live in central districts, complexes, and apartments are now looking to move out of those areas. Buyers are looking more closely at small towns over urban epicenters to enable them to practice social distancing more effectively. Many people now want a small-town place where they can feel they are in a less dense area for safety and privacy purposes due to the current pandemic crisis.

During COVID-19, families that have been isolated together and spending more time under one roof have come to appreciate the ability to find private space inside their homes. People are having difficulty managing home and work life in their small houses. Therefore, buyers are now seeking homes with extra rooms and private spaces.

Some buyers believe that the situation will continue through summer and thus want a pool and want to plant fruits or vegetables in their gardens, wanting more outdoor space. Homeowners may value private backyard space more than ever after COVID-19. Entertaining outside has also become more popular while people practice social distancing, so houses with large gardens may be on home buyers' list of priorities in the months to come.

Buying a Property in Turkey by Antalya Homes ®

As a leading Turkish real estate company with offices all over Turkey, we can answer your questions, show example payment plans, select properties for you to view, and highlight areas that suit your lifestyle and what you want to achieve from this real estate investment.

Whatever your situation, rest assured Antalya Homes cover your needs and provide a variety of properties with conditions suitable to your preferences at this time. See our extensive portfolio of private houses and villas for sale in Turkey and fill in the inquiry form or use the chat messaging feature to find out more information.

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