Popular Destinations for Digital Nomads in Turkey

Turkey is a popular country in many aspects. Recently, it also became a preferred location for digital nomads. In our blog, we listed the best cities in Turkey for digital nomads.

If you are new to the topic and want to learn what is a digital nomad, it is a new lifestyle. People live in various countries while working there remotely.

Now, let’s take a look at why Turkey is one of the best places in the world for digital nomads.

Why Turkey is Ideal for Digital Nomads?

woman sits on street alone with laptopTurkey is ideal for people working remotely because of its cosmopolitan structure, low cost of living, and countless co-working spaces. In addition, Turkey has many things to offer foreign workers.

Turkey is an international waypoint between Europe and Asia. While working remotely, it is good to locate at a better timezone. As Turkey has a key location between the two countries, it is a suitable timezone for both continents.

In the country also there are various places for remote workers. Turkey digital nomad cities can be found in many parts of the country. Next, we will look at the best digital nomads destinations in Turkey.

Best Cities for Digital Nomads in Turkey

The most popular destinations in Turkey are famously Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, and İzmir. In our list, we will mention these absolutely with some extra and unknown cities.

Antalya for Digital Nomads Who Love Sun and Vibrancy

Even in the worldwide lists, Antalya always has a place in the top ranks. Cosmopolitan structure, magnificent climate, ideal cost of living, and many more. Antalya clearly has what remote workers would need in a beautiful coastal city.

In addition to being one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey, Antalya has a developed infrastructure. For both living and transportation, the city always provides easiness.

The cost of living in Turkey is relatively lower than in nearly all European countries. Antalya also boosts this advantage by being an agriculturally rich city. Antalya is not only a popular tourist city but also one of the best places to live in Turkey.

Istanbul for Remote Work in Turkey with Best Experience

For a digital nomad Turkey has one of the best cities in the whole world, Istanbul. Being located right on the meeting point of two continents. Mixing the modern lifestyle of the West with the mystic atmosphere of the East. And absolutely, the great infrastructure.

Istanbul is the economical capital city of Turkey. In addition to many local business opportunities, it is a worldwide famous city. So, there will be vast amenities for both working and social life.lots of people on beach with flowers around

In addition, Istanbul offers rich accommodation options. While there are numerous properties that digital nomads rent, also there are many real estate opportunities. In conclusion, Istanbul is ideal for independent workers for both short and long-term stays.

Ankara for Digital Nomads Looking for More Formality

While Istanbul is the economical center, Ankara is the real capital city of Turkey. All governmental organizations’ headquarters are located in this city. So, for example for a digital nomad working as a news editor or similar, Ankara is ideal.

Ankara is located right center of Turkey. So, people who live in Ankara can easily travel to other cities. Also, all amenities are available in the city. So, they don’t have something to worry about living in Ankara.

Fethiye and Bodrum for Digital Nomads Searching for Tranquility

Fethiye and Bodrum are beautiful tourist resorts in the westernmost part of Turkey. These resorts are located near Greece and the Aegean Sea. So, there obviously will be an ideal climate, azure sea, quality beaches, and a relaxed lifestyle.

There are many more places that can be suitable for digital nomads in Turkey. Foreigners who have longer plans in Turkey should look at where and how to buy cheap property in Turkey.

What Aspects of Turkey Are Suitable for Digital Nomads?

Rich accommodation options, a relaxed lifestyle, and a developed infrastructure are Turkey’s features suitable for working from home. It is not a surprise Turkey to become one of the best countries for independent workers.

For a digital nomad Turkey tax advantages are amazing. While there is any digital nomad visa Turkey, there are various options. In Turkey, all foreigners can get long-term tourist visas and work visas.

As there are no this type of visa, there also no Turkey digital nomad visa requirements. Requirements will be tourist visas’. In addition, Turkey visa fee is relatively lower than in other countries.aerial view of a bridge and city

A residence permit in Turkey is easy to get. Filling out the required Turkey visa application form is the biggest step in this process. There will be formalities, but they are not challenging. So, the answer to how to apply for a Turkey residence permit is also easy.

But according to the Turkish residence permit new rules, foreigners can’t get residence permits through a rental agreement. For both investment and living, foreigners can look at where to buy cheap property in Turkey for a better cost of living or investment option.

The next big question is what’s the cost of living in Turkey. The average cost of living in Turkey per month is lower than in most developed countries. The cost of living in Turkey in US dollars will be only about 600 $.

In conclusion, Turkey and its beautiful cities are ideal for digital nomad lifestyle, as it is ideal for holidays, permanent living, and working. If you are a digital nomad with long-term plans in Turkey and have enough budget, it is advantageous to purchase a property.

Contact us now to start to benefit from living in Turkey as a digital nomad, in your own home!

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Created: 15.04.2023, 15.00Updated: 26.04.2023, 08.08
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