Turkey is Among the Best Places for Both Living and Holidays

Turkey is a long-time popular tourist destination in the very unique place, where the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea meet. It has famous beaches, tourist attractions, ideal climate for being a central attraction point. For the last ten years, statistics show that Turkey also became an important real estate investment and relocation center.

Turkey is One of the Most Visited Countries This Year

Girl holding hand in front of mosqueTurkey is a country with various vibrant airports that host tens of millions of travelers every year. While some of these travelers are going to another country by connecting flights in Turkey, a large amount of them are regular tourists visiting Turkey each year.

The latest statistics show that more than 40 million tourists travel to Turkey in the January - October period of 2022. This number is nearly two times from 2021, which was 21 million in the previous year.

These huge numbers of visitors have their own favorite place to arrive in Turkey. According to the latest data, more than 13 million tourists entered Turkey via Istanbul and more than 12 million via Antalya. As Istanbul is a general hub for surrounding cities, the data of Istanbul may be lower than Antalya in de facto.

Antalya has %30 percent of foreigners visiting Turkey in total. Also, the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism updated its year-end expectations from 45 million tourists to 50 million. These best tourist places to visit in Turkey are followed by the cities of Edirne and Mugla.

Also, the answer for how many tourists visit Turkey each year is between 40 million on average and 50 million at peak. In addition to being a wonderful tourist resort, past years made Turkey a paradise for foreign real estate buyers. The latest data shows that foreign real estate sales are in increase according to the latest years.

Property Sales to Foreigners in Turkey are Increased

luxury house with wide windowsAccording to the latest data from TUIK (Turkish Statistical Institute), the sales of properties in Turkey to foreigners increased 26,9% than the recent year and it became 55 thousand 21 in the January - October period of 2022. The Russian buyers are in first place with 11 thousand 334 sales. They are followed by Iranians with 7 thousand 38 and Iraqis with 5 thousand 565 sales.

Antalya is in first place for foreign property sales with 5 thousand 548 sales. Antalya is followed by Istanbul with 2 thousand 447 sales and Aydin with 1 thousand 112 sales. The statistics show that demand for Turkish properties is in increase just like in tourism.

The increase in Turkish tourism data is easily explainable. Magnificent beaches, well-developed tourist resorts, and affordable holiday prices are enough to choose Turkey from other countries. But the real estate market increase can be understood with a deeper look.

Why are Foreigners Choosing Turkey to Live in?

As the data shows, Turkey is becoming a popular investment and relocation destination. The recent news underlining the energy crisis in Europe and the idea of living where is vibrant and tranquil at the same time, and living in a modern country with human rights are affecting foreign buyers’ choices and boosting Turkish property sales to foreigners.

The reasonable energy prices and extensive options for amenities are answering the question of reasons to invest in Turkey. As these are the main reasons why foreigners buy property in Turkey, there are more benefits that living in Turkey offers.

beautiful view of cleopatra beach with blue sea and sky and boatsLiving in a holiday country always draw people to have a life intertwined with holiday-like living 12 months. Turkey is famous for its vibrant lifestyle with 4 seasons of outdoor activities, delicious cuisine, and cultural richness.

These are permanent aspects of a country. The latest news coming from Europe shows that this winter will be hard due to increasing energy prices in European countries. Some of the countries advise their people to spend winter in Turkey for lower costs.

The continuing issue led a large number of European retirees to buy a second home in Turkey to avoid the energy crisis in Europe. It also shows that this issue will remain, if the conflict between Ukraine and one of the biggest natural gas sellers, Russia continues.

Antalya, Istanbul, Bursa, and Ankara - are the best cities to visit in Turkey. If you are one of those who did not get enough by visiting these cities once in a hotel, Antalya Homes welcomes you by offering modern services for getting a house in Turkey or making a profitable investment. Contact us to buy your house, under the sun!

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Created: 28.11.2022, 11.40Updated: 19.12.2022, 07.34
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