Turkish Embassies Becomes Land Registry Directorate Offices

Turkey is growing to become a popular place: both as a tourist destination and as an economical hub. Statistics show there are now over a hundred thousand foreigners who own large amounts of land in Turkey. Populations of German, British, Russian, and Dutch citizens have bought the majority of this percentage and now have registered property in Turkey. This has raised many concerns about how these foreigners will manage their property from their home countries and how will they have any of their concerns addressed while they are away from their property.

Tapu Conveyancing will be Available at Turkish Embassies in Your Country

Turkish Embassies Becomes Land Registry Directorate OfficesAs a solution to this problem, the Turkish Land Registry Directorate ( Tapu ve Kadastro Genel Müdürlüğü ), in collaboration with the Foreign Affairs Ministry, has decided to open offices at foreign embassies. This will not only answer the problems regarding foreigners owning land, apartment, and villa in Turkey, but will also make life easier for the millions of Turks living in other European countries.

In which countries will people be able to complete their tapu transactions?

There will be eight countries included in the pilot test. These countries were chosen because they had the highest demands for such a service. These countries host the greatest number of Turkish citizens and the countries whose citizens own the majority of the foreigners' property in Turkey. Germany, one of the pilot test countries, alone houses more than three million Turks, so this service was urgently required. If the test were successful in these countries, TKGM would soon expand its offices to embassies of other countries as well.

The purpose of TKGM offices in embassies is to facilitate the Turks living abroad by making it easier for them to manage their transactions regarding property within Turkey without traveling back to Turkey. This will also facilitate foreign businesses who want to invest in Turkish property by making the documents and papers available to them without them traveling back and forth from Turkey to their home country. These offices will also sideline the bureaucratic procedures that are a hassle to deal with and are also time-consuming. Thus, business transactions and property sales and purchases within Turkey can be done with ease and without wasting valuable time as property prices can fluctuate in a matter of weeks.

This is a great initiative by TKGM to help not only Turkish citizens but also foreign nationals. This can promote greater business opportunities in the country, and thus help the economy of the country.

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Created: 04.12.2011, 00.00Updated: 16.01.2023, 11.33
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