Indian Weddings in Antalya Turkey are Becoming More Popular

Two similar countries India and Turkey. They both have a rich cultural and traditional heritage, delicious cuisine, and high tourism capacity. And in both countries, the wedding has an important role.

India is one of the two countries with more than 1 billion population. The total amount spend for weddings every year is about 40-50 billion dollars in India. Also, some of the most luxurious weddings generally take place abroad.

And obviously, if you are looking for a place for a luxury wedding, Turkey welcomes you. The southern coastline of Turkey is home to numerous luxury hotels and event centers. From elegant 5-star hotels to organization centers with various concepts hosts thousands of events every year.

a wedding party with colorful lightsTurkey and Antalya are Getting More Preferred by Indian Couples

In 2022, more than 100 Indian weddings were held in Turkey. Each of these Indian weddings in Turkey hosted more than 200 guests. Part of them even converted this great opportunity into a future plan. Some Indian couples chose to invest in Turkish properties for having a holiday home.

The most important locations for an Indian wedding in Turkey are Antalya and Bodrum. The super famous tourist resorts of Turkey are the main center of Indian weddings. In the past years, million-worth weddings have been mentioned in Turkish and international media.

One big Indian wedding in Turkey in 2019 was worth more than 2 million dollars. The Indian wedding was held in Bodrum and had famous Bollywood stars as guests. While the cost of Indian wedding in Turkey can depend on desires, generally most of them are luxurious.

Visa conveniences and the relations between India and Turkey are also making Turkey a popular location for Indians. Indian visitors can have an e-visa on the official website, with only a few clicks. The e-visa grants 1-month of travel to Turkey, which is ideal for weddings and other events.

How Indian Weddings in Turkey Will Affect the Future?

indian couple holding hands in weddingFirst, India - Turkey relations will be affected positively. And, India - Turkey trade relations will be more vibrant due to economical flow. It will affect both sides. Turkish companies will be investing in India to reach more people to promote Turkey.

The number of Indian weddings in Turkey in 2023 will be expected to increase. The number already increasing every year. Also, there are various companies working as an Indian wedding planner in Turkey.

Furthermore, the professionals in this tourism field are suggesting that Turkey - India relations regarding visa and residence permits should be easier. With this, the tourist flow between the two countries can increase.

The highlights of Turkey are not only luxury and entertainment. The number of Indians investing in Turkish properties is also increasing. The demand for all fields coming from Indians will get higher in the following years.

Lastly, let's look at some of the most popular questions about Turkey by Indians.

Q: Is Turkey allowing Indian tourists?
A: Yes, they can travel to Turkey for any purpose.

Q: Do Indian passport holders need visa for Turkey?
A: Ordinary, Special, and Service passport-holder Indians should get a visa to travel to Turkey. They can get an e-visa on the official website.

Q: Can Indians buy property in Turkey?
A: Yes, they can. Any Indian can buy property in Turkey.

Q: Is Turkey suitable for Indians for a both permanent and temporary living?
A: Yes, Turkey is suitable for Indians. As mentioned in the blog, there are many things similar between Indians and Turks.

Q: What are the best Turkish cities for Indians?
A: Indians generally choose the southern coastline of Turkey. Starting from Mersin, Alanya, Antalya, and to Muğla, İstanbul, and Ankara, all parts of Türkiye are suitable for Indian people.

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Created: 04.02.2023, 18.00Updated: 13.02.2023, 12.21
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