Working and Finding Job in Turkey as a Foreigner

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There is a continuing requirement for qualified, English-speaking people throughout the country. Besides that, many multi-national corporations have positions in management, marketing, sales, translation, and various other professional and technical positions that require a foreign worker, or which are difficult to fill with a Turkish citizen. Some hotels and travel-related companies even have summer positions for foreign workers.

Preferred Job Search Engines and Classifieds

LinkedIn: Business groups on LinkedIn and other networking websites also have local meetings and events where you can meet other Turkish and foreign people.
Kariyer: is currently the largest job search website in Turkey. You definitely need to know Turkish to have success with this website as this is the platform the locals use.
Indeed: Indeed, the big job website in the United States has a bunch of opportunities in Turkey.
Craigslist: Craigslist which has a Turkish page is the most well-known classifieds site on the web.

Other websites:, Learn4Good,, Totaljobs and etc.

After finding a job, your employer must apply for a work permit for you. You cannot work in Turkey without a work permit.

Work Permits for Foreigners

Once you have found a job, you and your employer can apply for a work permit. There are three types. Employed workers are eligible for a definite or indefinite term permit and must have a residence permit, at least 60 days validity on their passport, and a legal contract with the employer.

The employer will fill in all necessary applications form and collect supporting documents before sending them to the Labour and Social Security Ministry. People living outside of Turkey can apply to the consulate in their home country.

When the application is approved, you can start work. The employer is responsible for arranging social security and tax payments. The permit is company-specific, so if you quit your job at any time, it becomes invalid.

You may find more information about visas for Turkey from the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Regulations may change in time so check the website or get in contact with a Turkish Consulate for accurate info before you travel here.

Working and Finding Job in Turkey as a ForeignerWorking and Finding Job in Turkey as a Foreigner

What is the Maximum Time of the Work Permit Granted to a Foreigner?

Working permission for a definite period of time is given to be valid for at most one year, taking into consideration the situation in the business market, developments in the labor life, sectorial and economic conjuncture changes regarding employment, according to the duration of the residence permit of the foreigner and the duration of the service contract or the work, to work in a certain workplace or enterprise and in a certain job.

Starting Your Own Business or Working Independently

If you have lived in Turkey for at least five years, self-employed workers can also apply for an independent permit. To be approved, you will need to submit a business plan and also show how your entrepreneur's work will benefit the Turkish economy.

Alternatively, in 2017, an amendment to the International Labour Force Law introduced the Turquoise System for highly skilled workers. The point-based system is hugely advantageous because holders are issued with indefinite permits.

Note: There are many exceptions to rules about working in Turkey as a foreigner, and laws are constantly updated so always seek up-to-date advice from the Ministry of Labour and Social Security. Also, be aware that anyone working illegally, will be fined, and, in some cases, deported if caught.

Joining in a Partnership

Joining a business partnership is a serious decision and must be well - thought - through. First of all, you should know your partner well enough to go into a partnership. You should know your partner’s abilities, potential contributions to the business, personality, and aims. Remember that; Business partnership is somewhat of a marriage!

Another important point is that you should know about the sector you are going in. If you have experience in a sector in your home country, it would be better for you to go with the same industry in Turkey. Because you already know the business in detail, you will know what to do and what not to do. However, you should still learn about the market, buying and selling procedures, and the operational area.

You have a trustable partner and have chosen the industry you want to go into. The next step is to draw up a detailed partnership agreement that defines all kinds of terms of the agreement between the parties. If the agreement includes a detailed explanation for all possible scenarios, it will avoid any dispute and court cases from the beginning. A good partnership agreement will save you, your partner, and the personal relationship between the two.

Last but not least, you should always work with professionals. Your partners, your employees, and the people in your business network should be professionals. Professionals around you will save you money while ordinary people will not.

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