Antalya Set New Record on Tourism in 2023

In 2023, Antalya was visited by more than 2 million tourists. It is higher than the all-time record in 2019. In short, Antalya broke a new starting record for tourism in 2023.

people walking front of the antalya airportWorldwide Famous Antalya Set New Record with 2 Million Tourists

The Antalya tourism records broken according to the newly announced statistics. Between the 1 January - 7 May period, 2 million 110 thousand tourists visited Antalya. This tourist number is the all-time highest.

The statistic is shared by Antalya Governorship Provincial Culture and Tourism Directorate. Shared statistics show that more than 2 million tourists visited Antalya by airway.

The tourist number of this period is %45 more than in 2022. It is also %10 higher than in 2019, the previous all-time record year of Antalya tourism. Antalya is not alone in the tourism arena. Turkey has many cities that host millions of tourists each year. As a country, Turkey is among the best places for both living and holidays.

This year also has an interesting fact. After long years, German tourists got the first place in front of the Russians. The number of German tourists has passed the number of Russian tourists.

Why Tourists Choose Antalya for Holiday?

Most of the tourists choose Antalya for the summer holidays in all-inclusive hotels. Antalya tourism trends have high diversity. So, there is more that Antalya offers. Antalya has many places even suitable for winter holidays.

aerial view of hotels and beachThese tourist facilities and the incredible natural beauty of the area contributed to the tourism growth of Antalya. In addition, Antalya has positive fame among international tourists. It also comes from the highest quality holiday services at affordable prices. Affordable prices also make Antalya the best city for retirement for Germans.

As can be easily seen, the best time to visit Antalya is summer. But while the Antalya tourism industry is more based on summer tourism, there are numerous year-long active facilities. But in the end, Antalya tourism arrivals always multiply during the other seasons in summer.

The Antalya tourism development rates are booming year by year. Each year, there are more tourism facilities are getting developed in Antalya and in its tourist resort districts.

The top tourist attraction in Antalya is clearly the unique sandy beaches. There are many beaches along the coastline of Antalya. While the most popular beaches in Antalya are Lara and Konyaalti in the center, Cleopatra Beach in Alanya is also worldwide famous. These beaches are why Russians choose Antalya for holidays that much.

Things to do in Antalya are not only limited to the sun, sea, and sand trio. Antalya is home to numerous historical landmarks from various civilizations. The top historical landmark in Antalya is clearly Perge Antique City. It is a well-preserved historical site near the city center of Antalya.

What Is the Antalya Tourism Market Forecast for Late 2023?

woman looking at city from a balconyMany Antalya tourism analysis shows that 2023 will be a record-breaking year for Antalya. The current best years for Antalya tourism statistics were 2019 and 2021. In 2023, Antalya is expected to surpass these years.

New entertainment centers including the Land of Legends contribute to Antalya tourism numbers. It is adding more supply to fun activities to do in Antalya. That’s why Antalya tourism growth started with a record in 2023’s first 4 months.

According to Antalya tourism 2019 vs 2021 comparison, there are many more 5-star hotels completed in this beautiful tourist city. Some of the top-rated hotels in Antalya are Regnum Carya, Delphin, Titanic, and Swandor Hotels. These hotels host more than hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

The weather in Antalya is always ideal for those who like the sun. Therefore, Antalya always offers the best activities to never get bored. After these, you may taste tasty local Antalya food, including ‘piyaz’ and citrus.

You may easily get the best version of the Mediterranean lifestyle in Antalya. If it is your first trip, then you should go to a beautiful hotel. If you have visited before and want more, you are ready to buy your own property in Antalya. Check out our listings consisting of a wide variety of properties for sale in Antalya!

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Created: 12.05.2023, 15.00Updated: 22.05.2023, 08.02
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