Winter Holiday Destinations of Turkey

Turkey is one of the unique places where 4 seasons can be experienceable. Lively and vibrant springs, hot and entertaining summers, and romantic and picturesque autumns are all available in Turkey. In this blog, our topic will be the amazing and enjoyable winters of Turkey.

Is it Worth Visiting Turkey in Winter?

Absolutely yes. The four corners of Turkey hide amazing places to discover, especially in the winter seasons. Some of these places are popular in 4 seasons. But, some of them are unique and hidden treasures for the winter.

Turkey is among the best places for both living and holidays. And, it can be a little bit more crowded during the summer. Therefore, you will have a more tranquil experience, in addition to being more affordable.

Turkey in the winter started to become popular and even in some areas, there are winter houses. Next to summer, winters are also another reason for everyone who is looking to live and buy a holiday home in Turkey.

Best Things to Do in Turkey in Winter

The list of best things to do will be long; skiing, hiking, sightseeing, and endlessly more. In some parts of Turkey, you may even swim in the winter seasons. Various ski centers will be welcoming you. They offer exclusive services to make you feel cozy on cold winter days.

Instead of using hotels or other accommodations, the current trend is to buy house in Turkey, for holidays in summer and winter. A long trip of travel to Turkey is getting more enjoyable by living in your own house.

There are various places for both having a great winter holiday in a unique setting, or buying a holiday home in Turkey to enjoy the cool days of winter in your own house.

Best Winter Holiday Destinations in Turkey

Although all parts of Turkey offer unique winter holidays, we have listed some of the best cities. The best cities to visit in Turkey to have a great winter holiday are;

The Best Activities and Places for Winter Holidays in Turkey1. Istanbul

As always, Istanbul is the best city to get an amazing winter holiday. It has nearly the all most beautiful places in Turkey. Historical places, cultural activities, vibrant shopping areas, amazing entertainment life, and an endless list of opportunities to discover.

Istanbul has a climate that can offer both sunny and snowy days during winter. So, there are no long snowy or no long dry days in winter. In winter in Istanbul, you may have Turkish street food near the Bosphorus, you may go sightseeing in historical districts, or just walk in the beautiful parks of the city.

Istanbul has so many things to discover that can be not enough for short trips. Also, if you visited Istanbul and loved it too much, you have one more option. You may buy property in Istanbul to get more days to discover the city and end every day in your own house.

2. Antalya

The Best Activities and Places for Winter Holidays in TurkeyAntalya is one of the best cities in Turkey for holiday. But, generally preferred in summer. So, you will know the hidden truth now. Antalya is clearly better in winter.

If you visit Antalya in winter, you will get these. Antalya in winter is less crowded, does not have amazing hot weather, and has more affordable prices.

A short visit, maybe a 7 days winter holiday in Antalya can be very enjoyable. But you will need more days to discover all beauty of the city. Also, because there will be fewer tourists, you will have more room to walk in the beautiful streets of Antalya.

If you are asking how many tourists visit Turkey each year, it is between 40 and 50 million. It was 42 million in the 2022 January - November period. And you should know that a high percent of foreigners visiting Turkey are choosing Antalya in summer.

So what you will get in winter in Antalya? You will have an opportunity to ski and swim at the same time.

Antalya has a beautiful skiing center called Saklikent. It is located only 50 km from the city center. So, on a sunny day, you may swim and later go skiing.

You may walk down the historical streets of the Old Town, Kaleici. But, a thing to remind you, there won’t be snow falling in most areas of Antalya.

With the low tourist population, there will be more affordable prices for both daily costs and real estate in Antalya. Antalya is one of the perfect choices for winter.

3. Yalova

The third city to consider is Yalova, to get a relaxing winter. Yalova is a beautiful city with amazing natural areas. But, the main highlight of the city is thermal water. Yalova is one of the cities with the most thermal sources. Even the city has a district called ‘Termal’.

In Yalova in winter, you will be relaxing in a thermal bath, while the outside is freezing cold. It will give you both relaxation and healthcare with its medicine-like thermal water.

You must also note that some residential properties in Yalova have the opportunity to have thermal water from the tap or as a bath.

4. Bursa

The city of Bursa is definitely suitable for winter. The city has the most famous skiing center in Turkey. You may do every type of winter sport in beautiful Uludag. You may also have delicious Turkish food in various restaurants in Bursa.

The city is also known city for its amazing ski center, historical texture, natural beauty, and profitable investment opportunities for real estate in Bursa.

Also, the unique location of Bursa allows you to travel easily to major cities Istanbul and Ankara. You may extend your winter trip to Turkey with these cities also.

5. Trabzon

The Best Activities and Places for Winter Holidays in TurkeyIf you like winter with lots of rainy days, Trabzon is the perfect place for you. The city of Trabzon has a very wet climate during the winter. It makes one of the top winter holiday destinations in Turkey. So, you may watch the magnificent forests during the rain, with your cup of coffee.

Trabzon has great cuisine. The traditional cuisine of the city is generally suitable for winter days. So, you may get a picturesque and delicious experience at the same time.

The city of various cultures calls everybody. The Sumela Monastery, St. Anne’s Church, Haghia Sophia and more waiting to be discovered in Trabzon. It is strongly advised to take a look at properties for sale in Trabzon to have an investment or second home on the northern coast of Turkey.

Reasons to Pass Winters in Turkey

For most, the best time to visit Turkey is summer. Especially in the best tourist places to visit in Turkey, such as Antalya, Mugla, and Alanya. These cities are getting tourists from all over the world. So, they are getting more crowded in summer.

With huge tourist demand and population, prices are also increasing. But, the prices in all seasons are low in comparison to the European cities. The low cost of living in Turkey started to draw more foreigners.

Also, in the past months, the German newspaper Bild advised Germans to pass winters in Turkey to avoid high energy prices in Germany. To do this, a long hotel holiday can be very expensive. So, foreigners started to look for real estate options in Turkey. For both investment and living.

Being an owner of a property in Turkey will not only give you the opportunity of visiting the best holiday cities in Turkey in winter, but also it will provide more time to stay in Turkey. You can stay longer in Turkey by owning property.

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