The Guide to Living in Fethiye for Expats

In Fethiye, you will have a life like a beach holiday under the sun as an ex-pat because this Mediterranean paradise promises such an experience. In this blog, we have provided you with plenty of general information about the region and advice throughout the text to help you make the best property investment in Fethiye!

Why Do Expats Like to Live in Fethiye?

The Best Places to Visit in FethiyeIt is because being in Fethiye all year long is like being on vacation. Sea, sand, sun, and various people from all over the country and the world will quickly become indispensable elements of your life once you move here.

It will allow you lots of perfect opportunities to explore the surroundings by providing easy access to neighboring cities. Yet, if you ask us, you will not want to leave this location for a minute.

We have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions about Fethiye. Enjoy your reading!

The Best Places to Visit in Fethiye

Let's start by discussing Fethiye's scenic magnificence and what it offers the residents in terms of social activities. Although Fethiye is popular as a summer getaway, its natural beauty is on display throughout the entire year. As a result, neither its residents nor visitors ever go missing. That's why this is one of the best places to live in Turkey for ex-pats.

Due to significant investment in the service sector, particularly in tourism, it has a very diverse range of social options, such as cafes, restaurants, and tourism agencies that organize activities, such as walking and excursions.

Its sea and beaches, which present a variety of social options, are at the forefront of famous places in Fethiye. The most popular ones are Butterfly Valley and Ölüdeniz, both of which draw millions of tourists each year. Calis Beach, Saklikent Canyon, Kabak Bay, and Cennet Bay are additional popular destinations.

When you get hungry, we suggest you give a chance to Fethiye Central Fish Market, where you can taste the local cuisine. You can taste fresh fish and appetizers in this market, which consists of a round fish counter in the middle and restaurants around it.

You can stop by the ancient Paspatur Bazaar, the oldest residential area of Fethiye, to buy gifts for yourself and your loved ones and to shop for local products. There are a wide variety of shops, cafes, and bars in the bazaar, such as carpets, rugs, Turkish delight, leather, and jewelers.

In addition, we recommend you take a look at historical places to see in Fethiye, such as Lycian Tombs, Amyntas Rock Tombs, Fethiye Castle, Telmessos Antique Theater, and Fethiye Museum, which you can reach by walking from Fethiye Marina.

Cost of Living in Fethiye

Cost of Living in FethiyeThe living cost in Fethiye depends on the type of lifestyle you like. For instance, the region is home to both functional and modest flats as well as several luxurious homes. Naturally, it will cost more to live in a house with a private garden, a pool, and an unobstructed sea view.

The cost of groceries and market shopping is otherwise relatively affordable. When compared to Istanbul, the costs of fruits and veggies are about 27.6% less expensive. Once more, dining out is 28.3% cheaper than in Istanbul.

Istanbul is a metropolitan city with many options, but Fethiye is also a region that attracts both domestic and international visitors year-round since it provides all the facilities and a nice, tranquil life by the sea. Fethiye could be fairly costly considering its advantages as a tourist destination and its high return on investment.

In other words, you have an option between living a high-end, expensive life or a comfortable, low-cost one. To add another parenthesis, house prices in Fethiye are lower than in other places with similar characteristics.

Jobs in Fethiye, Turkey for Foreigners

Fethiye is one of the places where tourism is the most intense in Turkey. Therefore, you can already find a job based on tourism or make a commercial investment in Fethiye by opening a cafe, restaurant, hotel, or store.

The rest of the year is also highly bustling in the area, in addition to the busy summer months. Thus, our real estate experts say that Fethiye is perfect for year-round residence. So, you will not run into any financial issues if you conduct business or work in Fethiye.

What are the Profitable Investment Instruments in Fethiye?

What are the Profitable Investment Instruments in Fethiye?We mentioned the commercial investing concept that will generate revenue fast in the previous topic. Also, buying land in Fethiye is a great way to make a wise investment. For example, you may use the land to construct your own home, complete with the home features you choose. This will be pretty affordable and fast especially if you have the savings.

Or, you may develop a residential building with multiple flats and rent out the ones you do not use to generate a regular rental income. Relisting your land after some time is an alternative choice. As there is always a demand for Fethiye, its investment value will rise over time.

You might invest in villas and flats for sale in Fethiye if you prefer the traditional route. You will live in tranquility and, as we already mentioned, you will have an investment whose value is continuously rising. When not in use, you can generate income from renting it out utilizing the services, such as the property management system or Airbnb.

How to Find Your Local Property Advisor in Fethiye?

Antalya Homes ®, a sub-brand of Turkey's leading real estate company Tekce Overseas, has been providing comprehensive real estate services in more than 20 languages with more than 100 experts since 2004 to find the dream home of both domestic and foreign buyers and investors.

We listen to you, take note of your wishes, and finally, we meet you with the property of your dreams. Within our services, we assist you in all your official transactions, even helping you with your mortgage application.

If you are thinking of making a real estate investment in Fethiye, one of the best areas to live in Turkey, you can contact us now.

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